Grand Theft Auto V (Honest Game Trailers)

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GTA V has become one of the most boring games to play in my opinion... but don't get me wrong. The campaign is a 10/10 with how fun and entertaining that was! Although it was way too short compared to GTA IV. I was soo looking forward to a GTA Zombie Mode similar to how Rockstar did with Red Dead Redemption. But that idea is dead now...\n\nWhat do we get with GTA V online? Well apart from all the annoying loading screens as this Honest game trailer shows; it gets really repetitive. I really wish there was a bot mode so you could do racing, steal the coke/drug etc mode with bots because it gets annoying waiting for people to join a lobby if you don't have a group of friends who play this, and WHEN your group of friends are on GTA V they of course don't wanna do the game modes that you wanna do! The amount of cutscenes, driving for the Heist mode on multiplayer. Just go and play Battlefield Hardline if you wanna immediately get into the action rather than waiting in game lobbys over and over when playing this game (the rescue the hostage is one of the funnest multiplayer modes ever; reminds me of good old Counter Strike!).\n\nI really wish they would focus on more solo campaign DLC's like a Zombie free roam apocalypse. Why would I waste my money to re-buy this for the next gen when all they have inserted in is a first person mode.
Glorifying Ping-Pong... now I KNOW Rockstar is hardcore, dawg :o
900 P
There's a radio in submarine, i swear..
A Human
Parents complain about games being inappropriate for their children and they had been misinformed about the content of the game and I'm over here like HENCE THE RATING MATE, WELL DONE
ARC-77 Fordo
Is it sad I still haven't played this game?
Abdullah Sobh
Andrew Rosenberg
There was a radio in the sub
Ankl Brekr
Trevor's personality do match with the most gamers🤣🤣🤣
Asura Lord
They forgot the strip club
Atom Storm
0:45 video makers have never played the game. I can't even walk slowly neat gta v cops without getting a two star level.
GTA IV also plz!
Aw Naw
Ah GTA the most overrated game ever
Az-zaahir Muhammad
Bob Semos
It's funny because the guy that voices Franklin in real life actually beat up ice cube and stole his chain
Caeden Regester
Do Pokemon Go. Seriously, it has to be done
Captain Vulcan
'Trevor, the very personification of kids on Xbox Live.'\n\nFix'd\n\nDamn I love this game.
Chinmay grover
do prince of persia !!!!
Crash Bandicoot
I'd like to see Silent Hill series. I wonder, why didn't any of them show up! Pleeeeeease!
Duke Nukem, please?!
Daniel Schutz
Do Red Dead Redemption please!!!!
David Castillo
I wish they would do one of gta 4
Say: I accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savoir.
Derek Pratt
Derek Zoolander
I'm still sad Trevor killed that biker guy from the DLC.
Dessin Animée congolais
the most funniest part was when he say that Franklin drops the n bomb more than Django Unchained. 😂😂😂😂
Dio Dio
Gta iv is better
Emily Carrolyn
DEAD ISLAND RIPTIDE honest gametrailer plllssss
Ethan Mota Lopes
When is the trailer for GTA IV coming out?
Fadel Darmawan
0:58 \
Flying Endeavor
An Honest Trailer for GTA 5 but no honest trailer yet for GTA San Andreas... O_o\n\nMay you please do an Honest Trailer of GTA San Andreas :)
Franco F
i want my max payne trilogy trailer
G Scarlatti
Would have been awesome if for Jimmy it said starring Pete and Pete since the younger Pete is the voice actor.
Gabriel Leung
0:43 had me dying. A black dude holding a RPG and the cop doesn't say a thing.
Hannah McBride
Best character by far was Chop. Completely underrated.
Harsh Ohri
Do GTA IV please!
Do Honest Game Trailers: Honest Game Trailers
IdkkPugLover Creepypasta
Do a honest game trailer on goat simulator
Ilias Mirallas
Do GTA San Andreas !!!
You're the best game guy in the world
I've never played GTA V before ever.
Did I just see you shout a dog
James Mann
I knew I wasn't the only one who thought Jimmy looked like Jonah Hill!
Jen Bro
who else thinks Trevor is kinda like Merle from the walking dead tv show
Do GTA San Andreas. Im pretty sure you'll get a huge response))
Jero Briggs
Thanks Obamacare.
2:45 Is there really a Smosh shirt in the real game?
Jordan Fire Star
Grand Theft Auto is a very bad influence to kids, if a kid is mature enough to play it (Which no offence a lot of kids who thinks they are mature aren't) it may be ok for them to play it but I'm still against it.
Jose Garnica
Do Dying Light & The Following
Josh Blade
Say \
you should make a Yandere Simulator trailers :D\nplz Senpai
Koala playz
please say \
Lab Matt
I still wish they had replaced Michael, Franklin and Trevor with Tommy, CJ and Niko...
Lord Chilled
At least they put a radio in the submarine in the Xbox one
Omg when he said the day it comes everyone called in sick 😂😂😂😂
Marko Stevanovic
Do San Andreas or GTA IV!!!!
MatchMan9000 is what you should do
Mathew Godfrey
Trevor has like 200 or 300 insults, and I don't think a single one of them are racial or derogatory statements.
say : nice personality now show me your bewwwbs
Michal Peňáz
When I saw the title I was so excited. \nThan I saw Smosh games. \
Thanks Obamacare :)
Nadeem Abdul
do red dead redemption!!
Nadežda Mirković
Make a yandere simulator trailer
Orange Juicy Ice
My Girl friend was 16 and she died in a car accident and It was her birthday that day. Like dis if you cri every time
PP_For You
actually there is a radio on the submarine
Raven reyes
do a gta san andreas :)
Riki Kage
I called in sick when this came out
Rusty Old Dog
Say: \
Sai Teja
Please do GTA 4
You guys should do the DBZ Budokai's 1-3, one of the most EPIC gaming trilogies EVER!
Shohan Tutorial
2:04\nMichele doesn't want to get caught again explaining why he prepares so hard for heists.
Sid Bhaduri
0.55 As much as I love this game, I couldn't agree more with that statement.
Soldier Flex
Steve Le
Can u do World of Tanks please
Steven Wall
The silly man forgets to breathe
They must have seen this trailer because in the next gen version the submarine had a radio XD
The Helghan Empire
The funniest part of this was \
The LMMC Program
Tommy Vercetti
Victoria LeClaire-Christie
he shot the dog!
Vuludo AJ
don't forget the doggie mating in the near beginning!
Wanda Leblanc
Do the cool games ever
Winter Now
What would be gaming's most overwhelming submarine?
I'm dying when he said grand theft auto Vuh
Yung Dreski
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Say: Do you wanna build a snowman?
GTA: San Andreas
these vids make me laugh so hard that I forget to like everytime.
eduard karpoev
Only 1990 kids remember Obamacare
exhaustedbean #33
I died at \
Forgot to mention spending hours in the strip club.
Do San Andreas
Do an Honest Trailer for The Classic GTA series from PS2/Xbox/PC
sonicasis100 (Now abandoned)
Before, there was Trevor...\nThere was Catalina.\n\nDo GTA San Andreas!
Games to review Grand Turismo 3, Forza Motorsports, conflict Desert Storm 2, heretic.
do Goat Simulator Honest Trailer! Plz