Olli and Jo - Verbotene Liebe 04.11.2014, English subtitles (Episode 4599)

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Olli's scenes with Jo, Sascha and Tim from episode 4599 of Verbotene Liebe, originally broadcast on 04.11.2014.The opportunity Sascha had was sleeping with Tim's ex.Re: Comments -If you post anything containing homophobic slurs (or racist/sexist/transphobic/ableist/etc ones, but you've all managed to contain yourselves on that front, so far) then your comment will be deleted without warning.Also, this channel is for people who are interested in Olli's current storyline. None of the videos here feature Christian or Chrolli, so if that was your primary reason for liking Verbotene Liebe this may not be the place for you. I am biasedly and unobjectively an Olli-fan and have zero interest in reading negativity directed at him in the comments. This is not a blanket ban on criticism, discussion or debate. But if your criticism can be essentially summarised as "Olli is so irritating now that Christian is gone.", then it is not particularly welcome here. Sorry. This is my Youtube channel, not America, you do not have absolute freedom of speech here.In general, discussion and debate about the show, especially at length, probably would be better suited to a discussion forum such as The Gays Of Daytime - Verbotene Liebe board:(Apologies for any errors due to my mishearing/misunderstanding/mistranslating/missubbing - German is not my first language (or even my second). If you have any corrections or feedback, please comment.)

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Ahmed Ali
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful\n👬😍😍
Allana Thomas
That elevator scene is one of my favourite moments with them...
Angel Starfire
I just love Sascha!
Angeles Jazmin
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Aniso Hussein
I am forever Olli and Christian....😑
Aniss Anissarabe
I am gay.
Jo hat Stimmungsschwankungen :D\n\
Bone Die
Damn!!! Olli you sexy son of a b!+€h...how the hell do you get more handsome as you get older? The f#€k?! This guy's just gorgeous. He's better with Christian...period.
Bryan Molinar
hola wapo penes grande
CJay Sylve
I really hoped they would make a go with Olli and Sascha. (Rumor was the actor didn't feel comfortable playing a gay character). The whole Jo storyline was kind of boring.
Camron Cordell
Ooouuu Ollie is 💕💕💕
Cristina Cavs
que paso con christian?
Deutsch ist Liebe
Sind Christian und Olli wirklich vorbei?
Dinesh Poojary
Donald Cheng
May i know is there only 2 episodes a week? Cant wait see them get together :D
Elisa Roveri
Ok maybe it's Just me, but i always hope in olli and sascha...
Elizabeth queen
nice one please can you tell me the name of the 🎥 please?
Endir Guzman
muiaburido pero agalo con drama
Fatima Zahra Hajaoui
is it normal for a straight girl to love watching this
Fred C. L Mann III
I just binged on most of these episodes. I am in Love with Olli!
Hamada Gay Jordan
Hans Theobald
Ijal Cuy
I like old man
Jenny Dobrev
I'm happy for Olli to finally have someone to love but i'm a little scared and sad first i'm scared for Olii i don't trust Jo he's Moody not stable he can leave Olli at anytime and sad because i don't like seeing Olii is kissed by another man who is not Chris .
Johanna Null
Wie kann man so unsexy reden?
Juan Luna
Sacsha is jealous?
Juan Maidana
No me gusto
Justin Pullin
Kevin story with Scott brown
Kurdis Green
Ugggh not fair. I want a boyfriend.
LeeAnn Pratt
I love seeing Olli happy again. He hasn't been since Christian. Hopefully Jo won't turn out to be a total idiot.
Leoo Silva
sascha and olli need to stay together and be boyfriend's
Leyla N
Really bad acting. \nDas ist RTL-Niveau
Lhyre Novie Ortega
Lola Milano
I love your description 😂🤘🏼
Lucia Contreras
Sam looks familiar but don't know from where....... Thank u for uploading !!!
Mackenzie Holder
I dont know what they r saying but i do think that i can comprehend that the roommate of that one guy is super nosey
Manuel Retamal
Thanks for the videos :) I like Jo ...
Marcio M. O
Sascha and Olli has got to be back together
Marie hunniebee
What happened between Christian an Ollie?
Mirian Letysia Ortiz
Me encanta este chico olli pero no entiendo nada puedes mandar en el idioma español mi opinión mirianletysiaortiz6395
Mitzi Acosta
Como cuando no hay subtítulos en español :'v
Monica Quiroga
Poorq. Thero y jo amorb
Monika Rokhade
Love this
Naomi Meme
jo is sexy but he looks like he used to be a girl,,, lol
Naveed Talib
Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, \
Nils Schöneberger
niedlich . . .
Noel Olaes
i love the story.. i thought the story's about christian and olli? i hope they'll be together.. i love their characters and both of them as partner and lovers.. i hope they'll get back together again... plsss... plsss..,
I haven't been on the Jo bandwagon. I haven't liked him at all, but now that I am seeing more of what makes him tick, I am becoming more sympathetic to him. I still would like to see Olli and Sascha together, but Jo may win me over yet...
Noony Adam
That is not an explanation😂😂😂
Nuria Díaz Asensio
Wie heisst diese Serie? Welche ist sein Titel?
muito bom
Patrick matthews
Micky Taylor
Prof Mel
Olli actually seems to be getting better looking as he gets older.\nWhy can't more men be like that?\nHmmm, more importantly, why can't i be like that?
Renato Prates
Lamentamos e compadecemos dos gays porque a prática da homossexualidade por eles demonstra que ainda não foram salvos por Jesus, e estão condenados ao inferno. \nLamentamos não porque uma pessoa é gay, mas porque ainda não foi salva por Jesus. \nA pessoa salva pode até pecar mas não gosta do pecado a ponto de lutar para legalizar o pecado que Deus abomina. “Quem comete o pecado é do diabo; porque o diabo peca desde o princípio. Para isto o Filho de Deus se manifestou: para desfazer as obras do diabo.\n\n Qualquer que é nascido de Deus não vive pecando; porque a sua semente permanece nele; e não pode pecar, porque é nascido de Deus. Nisto são manifestos os filhos de Deus, e os filhos do diabo. Qualquer que não pratica a justiça, e não ama a seu irmão, não é de Deus.” 1 João 3:8-10\n Digo isto porque existem falsos pastores gays que fundaram falsas igrejas para enganar e tentar legalizar a prostituição gay com a ajuda do Estado. \n\nAs leis de Deus foram escritas para nos mostrar que somos pecadores, mas elas por se só não podem nos livrar da condenação do inferno; as leis de Deus servem para nos mostrar se já somos salvos ou perdidos. Todos nós já nascemos pecadores mas não foi Deus que nos fez pecadores. Porque todos pecaram e destituídos estão da glória de Deus;Romanos 3:23 \nPortanto, como por um homem entrou o pecado no mundo, e pelo pecado a morte, assim também a morte passou a todos os homens por isso que todos pecaram. Romanos 5:12 \n\nEstá errado o gay dizer que Deus o fez assim e por isso vai permanecer assim, e dizer que o que está errado é a Bíblia nos versos que condenam a homossexualidade.\n Enquanto estiverem tentando legalizar o seu pecado nunca vão receber o perdão de Deus, mas só depois que se arrependerem da prática da homossexualidade. “E, quando ele vier,(O Espírito Santo) convencerá o mundo do pecado, e da justiça e do juízo. Do pecado, porque não crêem em mim; João 16:8,9 Jesus falando de um filho que se arrependeu e foi trabalhar na sua vinha disse: “...Em verdade vos digo que os publicanos e as meretrizes entram adiante de vós no reino de Deus.\n\n E ainda sobre os ninivitas que se arrependeram disse: “Os ninivitas ressurgirão no juízo com esta geração, e a condenarão, porque se arrependeram com a pregação de Jonas. \nE eis que está aqui quem é maior do que Jonas. Mateus12:41 Arrependei-vos, pois, e convertei-vos, para que sejam apagados os vossos pecados, e venham assim os tempos do refrigério pela presença do Senhor,” Atos 3:19
Rosario Pasculino
SAY 10
هل انت
Sandi Cross
I like this video sososososososososososoosososososososossoosoaosossoosossoossoos much
Sarah Stellmach
Ich vermisse Christian :(
Shaloo Pankrasio
Love Olli, hope Jo deserve him :) i love your work dear Taversham, i really appreciate it :D i've been watching the story from Christian and Olli until today :3 Thank u so much.\ufeff
Simren Singh
Sourabh Jadhav
Nice story.....
TH. Aries
I knew Olli (Jo) personally. He comes from my home town „Fulda“ in Germany. He had sort of a casting in his house for acting. So he invited me through a friend of us. But I was a mess of an actor. Canˋt act at all 😂😂😂 It‘s about 13-15 years ago now. He is a goodlooking man, but arrogant as fuck. He was born with a golden spoon in this mouth. And everybody needed to know that.
Teorema Uno
a me viene il voltastomaco, eppure hanno diritto di votare pure loro. PPPPuuuuaaaacccchhh !!!
Thomas Abbott
Real enjoyed the short film.
Tokhid Tokhid
Krnapa loding lambat
Veronikah K.
Never thought it'd happen but Olli without Christian is still adorable and sexy with his anger. Hope this relationship will be as good. Thanks for the video and the subs
xD dieses Schauspielern, XD diese Stimmungsschwankungen schrecklich.
William M
What show is this again I haven’t seen them in a long time
2018 and im still single, sooo sad
Da merk ich mal wieder wie bescheuert sich deutsch anhört für mich😑
darna boss chic
Ollie,s funny face when he was almost fought looking at jo,s butt 😂😂😂😂 pretending like he saw nothing
Jo looks like a young Richard Chamberlin who is gay.Do you think a triangle of sacha and olllie and jo.Thats how these soap operas roll.I would be very happy!
I think Ollie shouldn't keep falling in love with every guy he sleeps with.
esto es casi como chrytian y olli es otra serie con el mismo actor q hace de olli aqui
hassan Sd
عراقي موجب جاد
jestony cañete pingol
johan day
yeah what happened to Christian ? have they finished ?
Will Jo finnaly be the ideal complement to Olli? Since Chrolli colapsed, he's been quite lonely. Chemistry they have a lot, and that can be a pretty source for confusions. Poor Bella.
life sucks
So between olli and jo... who is top and who is the bottom? I think jo is the bottom cause he's pretty
miguel amaya
ollies aging gracefully, as I did... I'm over 59 years old. I started using night creams that have calogen. it's done a huge difference, I have an identical twin brother. he looks his age, I look 35 years younger...
mr rezeki chaniago fortuna
nathali maya
que pasó con cristian !!
nathaly fuentes
niko ydx
Yo digo que esto está bn que lo suban a YOUTUBE porque nos enseña que a no todas las personas son iguales ...pero no por esa condición tenemos que discriminarlos. .! cada uno es como es y nadie lo puede cambiar...! AMI ME GUSTAN LOS HOMBRES\npero no a todas las mujeres les gustan los hombres..!
peri kalnazarova
Kafa yemiş Avrupa kay olup gidiyorlar
Jo's seriously need to get therapist
this feels really really wrong. they (the show) broke off and destroyed soul mates and it's great that Olli as a character is trying to move on but it's unjust to THE unity
sxndra xoxo
Ich wär niemals mit ner Affäre einverstanden LIKE WTF sowas verdient man nicht! Entweder man steht zu jemanden ODER NICHT BIITCH\n\nBin wieder weg byee XD
syakila haris
so there no more Christian role after their divorce??
I don't see the English subtitled
Oh dear, did Christian die or something? I haven't been following the show for a long time.
I haven't watch this show in awhile; did they ever find out what happened to Olivia?
Осман Губаханов
Как интересно
طارق العلي حداد
احلى شي البوس
عبدالله فرحان
where can I found the full episodes of this and with English subtitles please I want someone told me