StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops - All Cinematics and Cutscenes

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Последовательность фильмов всех девяти миссий DLC Nova Covert Ops.Другое Starcraft Cinematics:Wings of Liberty:

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Adam gao
Bet Starcraft mobile is coming in the near future!
Eduardo Cezar
She was my favorite chick of the whole of Blizzard's worlds. Untill she betrayed The Highlord.\nI could forgive her if she gave herself in to Alarak and became his lapdog... breferably on a skimpy sexy slave suit.
Elvin Mateo
mmm, I love me some skin tight space suits nova ;)
So Hillary Clinton was the evil general? I knew it!
They did soon much better on overwatch
half of the comments are about her body, sick people
Luciano Guerra
You too. Yes, I like myself a strong woman. Someone to really be an equal with. Bad thing is they are all strong but not compatible with just anyone. An the challenge before us is harder who do we show our weakness to without accidently showing the wrong person. Thank You Loader.
Mogul DaMongrel
a facility to hold cloaks but not one missile turret around
how about a suite that just cloaks her clothing but not the butt
Rainer Kannemann
Is this Star Craft Ghost?
Robert Peters
goed verhaal leuk komen er nog een ,meerdere delen. word tijd van starcraft
I can understand why people would want to think that the uniform should be more of a military standard but you got to think. The Ghosts are their own form of Special Operations. They don't have a set dress code. The uniform is tight fitting for flexibility and not because it looks good. If we take a step back and look at Sarah Kerrigan's uniform (SC 1) it was of the same design and material as Novas outfit. The only difference is Kerrigan's outfit had shoulder pads and thigh and knee armor. Plus, think of the military they fight for. The Terran Dominions army is comprised mainly of convicts forced into military duty with the promise of freedom (Sounds similar to the poor D Class in the SCP verse). I doubt the Dominion actually cares about the rights of their troops. Arcturus Mengsk got into power by killing his own people and we all know how he ended up. Plus the outfit does give a slight advantage if you want to play the good looking side of things. If an enemy sees a Ghost come out of cloak they'll end up hesitating to check the Ghost out before trying to kill it. That's an advantage that I believe helps in the long run.
The Smiling Man
Id pay 20 euros for a 15 hour movie with everything from starcraft 2.Thank you Blizzard for making one of the many childhood memories
bare nekid
Awww right Sexy Cartoons for the Mums' Basement Brigade to Wank to.
jigga jaw
Ugh... blizzard has really fallen off, haven't they? They're really selling the same kind of thing they were selling in 1999. Guess they don't really know how to change with the times. Of course everything looks better, but that's about the only improvement I see.
What is the breakout scene? \n\