Ghost Adventures Season 15 Special- Zozo Demon(Latest Episode)

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Adventures Demon(Latest Episode) Ghost Season Special- Zozo

Aditya uzumaki
Zack trying ask a question
Alen Abazovski
its all set up,this guys are good actors.
Anmol Yadav
Seriously not to play with ouija
Annee Sippinen
he or she? Wandet to see &%/HOE?
Anne’s Vlogs
It’s like it said “I did not do it kill nick” or something
Appooz z
Its says \
Arch Angel645
“I did not do it, you’re wrong” is what it sounds like to me
Aymée Middendorp
It doesn't really help that I'm watching this at 3AM the time of the devil...
Big Tuna
I saw that episode a year ago or something 🤷 but I'm not complaining 😂
Carley Quesnel
This episode is super disturbing especially when Kathleen came back into the house...her voice sound different, she was acting strange... everything felt off when she returned... ugh... very disturbing and a perfect example why conjuring demons on a Ouija board is no joke and not recommended.... i suggest those who watched this video, watch the follow up episode... alot happened to Kathleen & Darren since!
Cedric Smetsers
In know kill oll
Cory Jamieson
Those dogs howling is one of the strangest things to ever happen on\nGhost Adventures.
Daryll Robertson
I think it's talking about Nick leaving GA, also it's said i did not do it Nick Groff at the end. The reason i think it was talking about Nick leaving was because they asked if it had any messages and that was it's answer then Nick left soon after.
Death Scythe357
in ancient greek zozo means to despair and to follow an ending agony.
Declan Beresford
It sounds like \
Din Dina
is this shOw fake?
Emily Hales
its sounds like \
This is foolish on so many levels, you just don't play with the board, at all. Trying to show bravado against these things is like a pigeon challenging a tiger. Stay away, period. This is extremely dangerous.
Fresh Powder
40:23 it sounds like it’s saying... “I did not do it!.... your wrong!”
God Of Pepper
40:33 it sounds like it says \
Han Bouwhuis
Lest bit _i die not do IT every wan_
Holly Rose
When my brother was 6, he had an imaginary friend called Zozo. He said he was the little boy who lived in his I’m deeply disturbed
Honey Debbie Baydid
i did not do it she/he was wrong. final evp
Jay baanders
I dit not do it. GET OUT
It sounded like: I did not do it at all
Katie Dickson
Lol poor T.J 😂
At the end I think it says I did not do it let go
Mr Sloth
I didn’t do it i didn’t 😂😂
Musical Charlie
When it started saying zozo, they took their hands off without saying goodbye which is a bit risky ngl. Always so goodbye kids
Satwat Singh
Iam gone last line
Seraphoftheend Yt 14
Season 15 nick wasn’t there but nice upload
Shadowstep Gamer
At the end it says \
Tenzin Dawa
It’s sounds like “ I did not do it Nick Froth”
sounded to me like it said \
I think in the last EVP at the very end, I'm hearing \
Whiterun Guard
Praying won’t help, zozo is very real.
Willie Billie
Zozo huh?..We have Jojo Siwa\n\n*for some reason i hate myself for making this joke*
amit tiwari
There is two sprites in that house one of zozo n second one who says in end I did not do it.....all
dylan kagely
this isn't a new episode. nick's still in this one and he isn't in the latest episodes. sorry havanda you're wrong
heloviper 5
i already has zozo in body
onkar nikam
Old episode of zozo demon
ryan the weeb
It aint set up its a show and all of its real
zavier white
This is kinda stupid to be honest you don't mess with the board my sister played it with her friends and she was traumatised she wouldnt eat for a whole week yous are gonna get hurt playing with it
At the 29:00 mark.. it says 'Zak is the Living. Zozos' coming'