Super Pitfall - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 76

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Maybe the frogs are cousins of the Mexican staring frog of Southern Sri Lanka.\nThat must be what makes 'em so deadly.
7:34 that is Harry's niece, so you just committed incest in a video game O_o
AV Steve
What if pitfall Larry and Gary are the angel and devil that have died and wants Harrys body so they can be alive again.
Ace of Glades
This is one of the early AVGN episodes I watched. And it's just as funny today. In fact it's the funniest single game video of his that I've seen. Out of all the videos he's done only Tiger handheld games is a bit funnier. Show them both to everyone you know.
Akash Johnson
Amber_pops133 Lee
This game reminds of Silver Surfer
Archer Gilgamesh
Man it's kind of crazy coming back to some of his older videos circa 2007-2012 and seeing just how fucking sloppy his dress is. These videos are still gems.
Astin D
I love how Screw Attack put that trap in 1:40 to 2:01 in the recent AVGN Game .
AxiL GiesE
A head run amuck from easter island XD
Bethany Folsom The wolf
I prefer this new electric guitar theme song than the old one.
Blue= Pitfall Larry\nRed= Pitfall Berry\nGreen= Pitfall Garry
Actually a lot of frogs are extremely dangerous as they're very poisonous such as the Poison Dart Frog the #2 most poisonous animal in the world
This is one of those games that I played a lot as a kid. I don't know why, I guess back then you just played what you had. I think I only made it to the 2nd stage once. What a piece of crap!
Gosh, Pit Fall Larry sure was different than Pit Fall Gary.\n& Pit Fall Gary & Larry were real different than, Pit Fall Jerry.
Ceaser Madrazo
I see typical stuff going on in the comment section here. A bunch of angry YouTube viewers, probably between the ages of 16 and 45, getting trolled endlessly by a 10 year old kid. Instead of walking away, they choose to continue to angrily wage war on this pre-teen child, as if they have nothing better to do with their time.\n\nProof that age alone does not give you wisdom, nor does it entitle you to respect.
IN FACT, in--in fa--in fact, some jungle frogs are so poisonous that just touching them can kill you.
Elsa Debroglie
One of my favorite episodes.
Enker Zan
3:02 Poison dart frogs and target practice for fun
I seriously don't get it... my ex wife (who truly is everything BUT a game-guru) played this game to death back then, and yes, she finished the game, without any help whatsoever.
Looks like Spellunky
Pitfall- The Mayan Adventure on the SNES is a great game.
How is this NOT made by LJN?!?
Giulio Testoni
4:51 I need some creepypasta about this
Graham Ambrose
Why does the angel have a skull face?
Hollis Pierman
Who thinks the Nerd should review Takeshi's Challenge?
Internet Anarchist™
AVGN RULEZ!!! \\m/ (-_-) \\m/
Ironic Luigi.v1
Pitfall Gary and Pitfall Larry are real different than Pitfall Jerry.
Ironic Star
My favorite AVGN video so far. :3
2:52 - 2:59 Some species of tree frogs are poisonous.
Jack Kadien
The briefly appearing pitfall Larry reminds me of Fight Club when Tyler Durden appears for a brief moment a couple times
John Groves
Avgn adventures 3 should have a boss fight where you have to defeat pitfall Harry and his brothers pitfall Larry and pitfall Gary
Johnathan Powers
0:47 best part
Super Shitfall
Maybe the frogs have poison glands on their skin?
ok, how many of you came back to this review because of avgn adventures/ his review of the game?
Lexx Alolia
One might say to play the game again you would have to be a Cinemasochist...
Many a hour I spent on this game, many a time I threw my controller.
Luna Smith
According to Wikipedia, the \
0:43 Best Part LOL! xD
Madness Unleashed
Super Pitfall, huh? Oh that reminds me, I need to get Mario Kart Double Dash for my N64
Magic Tech Review
who is watching this in 2017???
Mama_Pokema Otaku Undertale Uchiha
Someone should seriously keep track of how many times James references Simon's Quest in each episode. x3
Marco Franciosi
I don't know if i said this before, anyway if you are interested in upside down volcanoes try Parodius.
Mason Anglin
I've already seen this, why am i watching it again
Mr. Varhansen
Hahahaha that was hilarious. One of my favorite episodes
Nate Wild
That ending is actually really sad, if you think about it.
Some frogs are realy dangerous =D
This game must take place in Australia, everything is trying to kill you xD (joke borrowed from the SGB)
Plumbo Jumbo
4:51 - It's Pinhead Larry!!!
Frogs have poisonous venom you know.
I want Pit Fall Larry for Smash. His obligatory clone would be Pit Fall Gary
Randall Mitchell
I love his walk and death impressions of Pitfall Harry as well. Freaking HILARIOUS
Ripper X
This game was another huge disappointment for me. I expected the original Pitfall, but better! I must had been really insane, because if I had any brains at all I would had just stuck to playing Legend of Zelda instead of going to the rental store, renting a game that made me feel like I couldn't play games, and end up playing Legend of Zelda anyway.
Ryan N
The common theme with these games seems to be \
Fortunately now a hack of the game was made which fixes a large number of these issues. Even approved by David Crane himself.
Sailor Sedna
One more thing, about the whole frogs thing, the manual actually says the frogs are poisonous (like some frogs are).
Sam Geuvenen
Play Marble Madness. Do it.
Sam Hamo
I bet the SNES version of Pitfall is called Pitfall64 before the N64.
Sam Hofman
Half of the comments are rage over poisonous frogs. The other half are people quoting James. Save your time.
Sanae Kochiya
Anyone kept rewinding to 0:43-0:52 xD?
Shinobi Wolf
Good grief, what a pile of garbage this game is. Did anyone ever beat this game in the 80s before the internet was accessible to the general public? It doesn't look fun at all. I don't think I'd even want to play it once, let alone 3 times to get all the endings. Jesus. I think my idea of hell would be being locked in a room and forced to play this for all eternity.
Waiting for the Pitfall Larry creepypasta.
Super Mario
1:19 I guess thats why they call Harry \
Supernintendo Chalmers
The girl is Pitfall Mary. Duh
Actuall, some of the most poisonous animals are frogs. They are not green, though.
From what I've heard, the girl is Harry's niece and the animal in cage is a lion cub, which I guess is his pet. Not sure if that's true, I'm just paraphrasing my sources.
Vault Dweller
Maybe pitfall Harry has serious medical issues, and when he gets touched by an enemy it triggers some kind of seizure?. Maybe he's trying to somersault away but can't because apparently his leg is broken? (which is why he limps everywhere) Or maybe the game developers were retarded and didn't know how to make a proper walking cycle.
-- SUPER PITFALL --\nCHARACTER CAST\n\nPifall Harry\nPitfall Larry\nThe Ghost of Pitfall Larry\nPitfall Gary\nPitfall Carrey
Vicious Servant
\u003esuper pitfall\n\u003enes\nyou know i can't wait for mario kart nx on the wii u
Ya Boi Yoshi
2:55 - Yep, I can think of a poisonous frog right off the bat that's killed hundreds of people and are still used by tribes to hunt game, even today.\n\nThe Poison Dart frog is known to have some of the most potent toxins, just a drop of it's poison can kill like 6 men.\n\nThere's also a TONNE of poisonous spiders that can easily kill a human. It depends on where Super Pitfall is set, if its in the amazon then there's a massive amount of spiders that are a threat.\n\nLove the episode and channel, just thought I'd point this out.
All I wanted was some sharks with freaking laser beams on them!
Am I seriously the only one who has ever questioned how he came back to life after bugs bunny killed him?
Ze _Jeff
I was eating chocolate during that intro...
I wonder if James has ever played Pitfall: The Lost Expedition for the Gamecube. It pretty good.
The SNES Pitfall is pretty good
chibi hungary
some frogs are poisonous and can actually kill you
Pitfall The Mayan Adventure was better than this
This game is just a very good advertisement for its own strategy guide.
lars lovelot
It was games like these that made me feel like a complete idiot when I was a kid. I thought it was just my fault that I couldn't figure this shit out. Thank you AVGN for making me feel better about the whole thing. It's just taken me years to realize I wasnt the only one.
Actually the end screen tells you to try \
Pitfall Harry is doing the Wayne's World \
moe raiden
there is a lot of dangerous poison frogs in jungle and you must avid them!
Frogs are actually hazards in jungles, well Central/South American and Madagascan to be exact, because in those jungles, there are frogs that have skin so posionous, it can kill you with one touch
So was there an SNES game called \
pignessman 7
pitfall gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary, gary?, gary!
There's a guy on the Internet seriously trying to hack this game to make it not suck.\nI can only imagine someone mailing James a copy if that gets finished.
The best Pitfall game was on the Playstation: Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle. One of my favorite games of all time, check it out.
toxic-ass poison dart frogs lol. to be fair tho i ain eva heard of sumone shooting em wit a gun lmao
I remembered that worst games like Super Pitfall, me and friends were played it. And didn't finished! Oh man..... Hey Activision, what were they thinking?! (#゚Д゚)\nI just remembered being have to dogeza position. lol
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who is watching this in 2019???