Tony Hawk’s Project 8 on SICK! - School (PS3 Gameplay)

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-Andrew- هيمنة
I love you tbh 💕
Al Pacino
You're a god at TH games bro
Alex Hardline
Looks like a fun game. I might pick it up for Xbox 360. Would you recommend it to a THPS player ?
Cesaralo 1
Is this game good?
Clay Soggyfries
I want to see you get #1 in the Top 8
hell yeah!
Greenday Fan
Hey man! Nice job on these videos! Keep doing what you're doing best! It's nice to see someone in today's world going back and playing these games. Nice job my dude :D
Greg Burgner
Wow you got rank 20 super quick thought u were still in the 50s. Nice job. You did awesome
Grizz C
Yo you make this look so easy
Hawwian punch show
Well here we go again but hey you doing it sick and everything and like I say ty so much for the memories and everything and like I said Im not going no were so I'm going be here until the end ty man for everything and hope to hear from you your biggest fan
Henry Witherspoon
Something told me you was gonna post today 👍🏾
Could u do skate 2
Irfan Soeparno
Keep up the good work!
JW Vlogs
After project 8 could you do tony hawks proving ground on sick 👍
Jason Rainey
Man, being really good at Tony Hawk is just like playing a musical instrument. Get in the flow and let the riffs go.
I've got to ask, you plan to go on any other game series in the future? Though I will say I'm still enjoying TH videos.
Jerot Chartrand
Hey Benedict what your future plans are for the channel? eventually you’re going to run out of tony hawk games and I was wondering what you plan on doing next? If you want my two cents I say play through the hitman games as those are pretty cool but of course it’s your channel and you should do whatever interests you!
Jonathan Alnas
fun fact: the twin girls were a reference from a movie called the shining
Juan Gómezxd
Can someone get me this game for ps3 lol you made me miss this game
King Hiperon
Are you doing the old-gen version of project 8 too?
KingChad 1988
the last challenge in the capital is the animal chin it's no wonder why he's saving that for the last final one
Lil Chuchu
Nyjah Huston really grew up lmao
Meelow Avila
When i was a kid i only got to play this on ps2 lol i can tell theres already a big difference between each gen
Neghan Stance
Great vid! So happy to see all these games i recently got into torn to pieces
Orlando Carlock
I'm playing this game too. Wish i could be as good as you
Pauly Da Conceicao
they need to make this backwards compatible on xbox..
Fave level right here
They should let you skateboard in the next GTA
VidEffects HD
Is that a reference to the shinning?
I remember those demon twins
At no time like the better time at School. I guess the twins wants you to fix the mess someone made.
I watched the entire thing and looked at the upload date and it confused me dearly that this was uploaded yesterday, this game started my interest in skateboarding!
basketball jordan
Tony hawk need another American wasteland bikes and a point to the store all around best tTH game hands down agrue
blue cheese cult
This game feels so sterile compared to the ones that came before, especially THPS2-3, THUG1-2, and THAW
free chicken
Reminds me of bully