Battlefield 1 - Random Funny Moments #23 (Crazy Horses, Sleeping Soldiers)

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40's Gaming
I wish there were more TNtl or funny moments that had these meme effects, those are what make me laugh
Andres Pokryshkin
Andrew 7
I tried reviving a guy once on Devils Anvil and it was on a pile of bodies. I ended up killing the flame trooper I didn’t know was there.
András Simon
idk why dice isnt fixing these bugs these are ruining the gameplay
Anna Mellström
Bruuuuuh hahaha
Artur Tuber Craft
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6:24 funny! I've had that same problem! I recorded a clip and sent it TO GAMESPROUT SEVERAL WEEKS AGO!!
2:58 that aimbot tho
Carnage Talks
sooooo happy i got featured in this 6:40
Chicken Alfredo
Just woke happy cuz gamesprout uploaded
Chris Williams
The sec part was funny
Corruption Masta
DUDE WTF AT 5:45 THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME AT THE EXACT SAME MAP, AS THE BRITISH AND I WAS CAVALRY AS WELL.... It was the same place as well..... When I first saw this I thought that it was one of my old clips that I haven't uploaded and I was like wut? XD
Daan Sikkema
Was I the only one who thought that the clips were kinda poor this time?
Danielo 320
3:56 witcher horse
Daniil Kuzoyatov
Darth Star Killer
5:54 hollow earth confirmed?
David Howsare
EDSZ The Cannel
1:13 Ne bántsd a Magyart!
i usually enjoy these videos but this was just diaspaointing
Gizmo -_- 1
The deadlest, bloody and violent conflict in the story of humanity had never been so funny.
HD Simplicityy
Best one this year. Absolutely amazing.\nJust like Wonder Woman.
Hapк Invisiblе
6:32 этот человек убивал меня когда я тоже пытался залезть на снайперскую позицию
Henrique Arguelho
na 1 Guerra Mundial,existiam soldados ''trolls'' como esse ai será?! kkkk 3:30
Jason Jennings
I waited 5 long months for my videos to be in this!! -jasjenni133
Jerryf 2015
amazing xD
really should just compile all of these falling body clips into one \
Justin Bieber Official
as as as
1:24 that aint no minigun
Knorbie _
insta clicked
Legit Gaming
atleast i still can enjoy bf1 without premium
BF4? ;_;
In 4:11 what is that weapon?? I have all of weapons for support class, but I don't remember i sow this before 🤔
5:55 Battlefield 1 space dlc confirmed.
Manu Sia
Better than COD
Marius Kusch
I miss Bf4
Matthew Bridenthal
Max Maybrun
7:54 I can't tell if that was edited in or a sound they actually make?
Max Mei
Do BF4!!!!!!!
Minister Owl
I have a dream, that one day I will see one of my submited videos in a GameSprout video.\nWell for now I have to make Videos by my own
Mr. Smiley
Where's My VideoClip GameSprout
No Other xD
why people from other countries always say \
Obiet Alif
Soundtrack 1.08,1.48 pliss
Orca Madonna
like se anche tu hai sentito clip di gente italiana 😂
Music of 8:04 pleas??
Patryk Ważny
7:48 chair flip challenge
1:25 what every mobile shooter looks like
Piano Gamer01
Hey how do I submit videos?? On my channel I uploaded 2 funny battlefield 1 videos. I would love it if they could be in one of these compilations
RaYze dark
Random Guy
10:03 ewww 😤🤢😭😨
Real Latimer
Don't you love it when you hear people laugh in different languages
Robert L
3:57 horse.exe has stopped
Ruan Santos
4:30 potato aim level 10000
Ryan Wayne
2:14 DEAD! =D
Schwarzes Gehirn
4:40 lol trible collect
Serpiente007 Snake 007
can i send you some videos
Face reveal at 10:25
The funniest thing that happened to me on Battlefield 1 was when I played Monte Grappa. I was flying a plane and killed an enemy plane, however once I destroyed the enemy plane it bounced and went directly at me. Of course, we both crashed into each other's and I died :D
Steini HD
Story Time
Gamesprout can you make an Xbox account just to send clips to that would be awesome and a lot easier
At 5:58 it appears that the Earth (or planet) is in an underground chamber. I don't know if it is just a glitch or anything alike, but it might be an easter egg?
T-NOX Gaming
Damn, this game has a lot of bugs.
9:30 the beginning of apocalypse
Talisman RP
8:25 крик на русском \
That boring guy
can you quit show console plebs trolling snipers
First!!!!!! I'm\u200b first
Could you make another rainbow six siege random moments
Unusual Gaming
First\n\n\n\n\nPerson shooters are awesome
La manche commence, tu arrives à plonger dans un avion pensant exterminer les types qui court prendre leur premier point de capture, et là, le chargement, chargement de l'infini... HOP d'un coup tu débarques sur la map et ton avion est en face d'un mur, d'un arbre, d'une putain de falaise, tu es mort... Oui tu es mort parce que le jeu est long à la détente le chargement pour prendre l'avion en début de partie est fréquemment pourri d'un lag sorti d'on ne sais où et c'est le drame... Mais bon, pas grave j'adore ce jeu de merde :)
I did not skipped the ad, im a good person?\n\nThe ad time was 2:31 mimutes...
Włodek 1410
2:39 hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa players are awesome
Xantorant Corthin
yes, everyone knows the earth is hidden beneath the ground
soo funny
Your Daddy
Battlefield 4 random moments?\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nRIP
[Edgy Name]
8:03 This Is The Story Of John.\nJohn Was A Soldier, Who Cared About People, He Once Almost Lost His Life While Saving A Puppy From The Battlefield.\nJohn Was Happy, Because He Would Come Back With His Sister 2 Nights After The One That Ended His Life.\nJohn's Underground Base, Where All Of His Friends And Him Used To Sleep, Was Attacked, All Of John's Friends Run From A Flash From The First Door, But John's Bed Was Way Far Away To Even Catch The Light.\nHis Friends, Tried To Help Him, But The Bombs Were Already Coming.\n\nJohn Didn't Survive.\n\nGeneral Joey Went To Give His Sister His Ashes, And Told Her \
6:48 -6:55 😂
my birthday is on 6 of june
drover jpg
puto el que lea
eye wombat
Today a shot down a bomber when I was in the artillery in a festroyer
Anyone know the song at 8:47?
2:40 My second video that got selected😍😘😂😂🙈🙈😂😊😊😌😅😅😂😂😂
mongo 20
can you do this again with the music at the end please😅😅😅😆😆
shuha sait
Мы завовоюем этот канал?
I love your channel! It's my sanctuary, no politics, no bullshit. Just good fun, thank you so much for your work guys.
I love you guys ❤ keep up the hilarious content
yes zaa
The sounds like hoopla
i once shot train with field gun and i was literally 1 cm away from the train so when i shot i died too.. it said accident 💁 idk i just didnt expect it to happen lol
•Nans L’huillier•
5:28 I’m literally dying 😂 🐴