Lightspan Adventures (PS1) Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 155)

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Merry Christmas! The Nerd looks at some obscure educational PlayStation games called Lightspan Adventures! Angry Video Game Nerd episode 155Merch

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AJ assassin
I missed the AVGN Christmas jingle. Oh, the memories!
Adorenu アドレーヌ
it has been a month..\nyou better make some new episodes nerd..
Do Lord of the Rings on SNES!
I found this episode to be quite entertaining.\nThe ignorance of the titular angry nerd in the beginning contrasted with his comparatively large vocabulary, intellect, and general knowledge of the world around him showed remarkable character development. I would call him a prime example of the modern electronic entertainment erudite. I find that the coalescence of the two in the end, and his eventual reversion to his more primitive mindset, really exemplified just what a fatal hero, like those of the ancient greek tragedies, the nerd really is. Overall I would say that this work is quite exemplary. \nIt good show, make more.
Alexander Kim
*AaAaAaAhH!!! LeTs GeT sWiNgInG*
Alonso Daniel Coronado Jo
9:45 Was S&$t Pickle There?
Alpha Devil
Don't tell me he stopped making avgn videos o_O
Antonio Navarrete
You're funny af xD
Asinine Design
you need to do a video on a game called \
Austin Nix
Santa sounds more like a possible muppet character than Santa.
Ave Satana
The tiny little Santa middle finger being flipped is seriously my favorite new-age Nerd moment. Fucking legendary. The writing on this episode is also amazing as well. Keep it up James!
B Dilla810
Can you please do Little Nemo’s Dream Master. Not a terrible game but it’s hard as hell!
Backload 53
More AVGN please.
Is the AVGN series dead? Will there be any AVGN episodes in 2018?
Bingo Kazooie
Black Anderson
Жалко что русские этот канал полностью не переводят,я русский но ржу с этого ппц,но английский я не очень понимаю\nМолодец создатель канала,респект тебе )
Blake Mallard
So these games actually teach you smart stuff, if you’re dumb enough to play them?
Yes, AVGN loves chicken and rice
Canada ball
its been more than 2 months, where r u nerd????
LMFAO new fan here, i love the nerd, now im binge watching! :D
Da Z Man
I keep thinking Santa is calling him a nerd like a primary school bully
Daniel Pindell
@ 3:25, puts PS1 game in and pushes power button....... Not even plugged in 😂😂😂
Devan Shouse
Review Ride to Hell: Retribution!
2:23-2:33-Swearing Santa X,D
Dingle Barry
The Lightspan Adventure games were actually statistically proven to increase kids ability to learn by 150-200%. After just a week of two, half hour sessions per day they found that kids wanted to do the actual work. rather than have to endure the shitty games just to try and learn something. The trauma of the shitty games made what would have otherwise been tedious work seem like a summer vacation to the kids and school work was suddenly appreciated. Thank you Lightspan Adventure Games.
Who else wants the Nerd as their teacher?
Dr Shaym
There exist photos of Calamity Jane. She wasn't that hot.
Elbryan 242
I think the best part of the video is santa fliping off the nerd
Ethan Buxton
Guys, look at these patterns. \nAVGN Episode 55: Battletoads includes Kyle.\nAVGN Episode 110: Ikari Warriors includes Kyle.\n55 + 55 = 110\n55 + 55 + 55 = 165\n\nDoes this mean Kyle is coming back for episode 165?!?!?!
For Kids By Kids
Game Taco
You've been pumping these out like crazy!
Gamey Cactus
I just realized today that I have been watching Angry Video Game Nerd since 2007. 10 years of having the Nerd in my life. Thanks for the amazing Christmas present as always James and Mike. I love you both with all my heart. May your holidays be filled with happiness, laughter, joy and love. Thanks for all that you do for us, the fans. \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Gaundernox Lox Knox
It's the... Exasperated Electronic Amusement Connoisseur!!!
Still waiting on a new AVGN in 2018 D:\u003c
Time to rewatch all of the Bible games episodes.
Haru Okumra
Lets Learn some MotherFuckin Math.... ON THE MOVE
Omg I actually got one of these in second grade I could never remember what the games were called. Probably because I never played them right after bringing it home I asked my mom to take me to the local movie rental place and rented some Crash Bandicoot :) but thanks to this program I fell in love with the ps1 and decided to get it over the n64 since I love rpgs I made the right decision
Hunter Basile
Indie Denise
Santa r u ok?
JKZEROkenji Mb
Please do dmc2.
I bet you wore out your Thesaurus for this one.
Jack Green
hopefully the next episode is raid 2020 on nes.
Jesus Reyes
Could someone tell if the angry nerd show is over or is it still going?
Joshua Bowlin
I don't understand why nerd videos arent done more often. As its the bread and butter of Cinemassacre. Im sure no other series they do here brings in as many view and in turn... more Money.
At this point, AVGN has reviewed/commented on 761 games.
When will we see a new AVGN video? Been dying for some new nerd
LaVey Charkus Veros
♪ _He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard_ ♪\n♪ _He's the Angry Nintendo Nerd_ ♪\n♪ _He's the Angry Atari Sega Nerd_ ♪\n♪ _He's the _*_Exasperated Electronic Amusement Connoisseur_* ♪
Lars Claes
Investigation welcome internal besides ridiculous adventure dramatic neck turkey architecture.
Laughing Joking Numbnuts
Logan Page
We need a new AVGN episode. Pleeease 😊
Logan Salinas
Oh my god, I remember the Lightspan games! We had them at my elementary school, I had to play them on a PSone (a PS1 with a screen) and it’s shitty as hell.
Please make a new video! It's been 2 months already!!
MJ Chroma
It's been over a decade and the Nerd has never reviewed Rayman. Odd.
Magic Nathan 65
Did Scott Cawthon make these games? I'm just kidding. I'm not referring to FNaF, I'm referring to his past games, that inspired FNaF.
Where's AVGN 2018?
Are we officially in the Angry Sony Game Nerd Saga.
Mark Mckenna
Who voiced the Santa puppet?
Wow as if you didn't supply us with ENOUGH AVGN presents already this year... and then you go and do this! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!
Matthew Eargle - AirborneSurfer
Fox Kids represent! The Nerd's still got it.
Max Lawless
I'm 46 and I just learned what a noun is, thanks Nerd.
The part with PK was like a shitty creepypasta. \
Professor Kuhtoons
Wow, when you said that you were on the clock with these AVGN episodes, you weren't kidding.
One of the most OG Youtubers ever, inspired me to do Youtube. AVGN is a LEGEND!
So let me get this straight. Calamity Jane, from the past, gets a time machine from a really bored French Guy and needs somebody from the future to fix it. So out of all the people you could've obtained to fix the device, you choose two teenages from 1998 (assuming) that are in the middle of a Baseball game. Who by the way are still in Public School. Not Einstein or Stephen Hawking or anybody further down the line that has perfected time travel. Just two random teenages?\n\nYeah. I see nothing wrong with this scenario...
Rainbow Mustachio
Play Bokosuka Wars For The Famicom. It's Worse Than Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde!!!
Riko J. Amado
Robbie Rotten
Where are the new avgn episodes?
Robert Topham
It's march we need more nerd!!!!
SEO Toy Review
Glad you played this instead of us! Great episode. Enjoy the Lightspan, Nerd! Happy Holidays!
Sarah Briggs
When is the next episode
Skylar Nguyen
Sorry Nerd But Math Stands for:\nMental\nAbuse\nTo\nHumans
SnSang Gooner
what happened? no new episode since last year?
Spartan Ninja
That sad moment when there’s been two AVGN episodes all year
SpeedDS DemonStar
I know this will probably never get read, but please do a review of \
Sprinkles The Tunic
Please make a video about crappy Nintendo EShop games.
Stick Person
Second time watching this and the only thing that came to my mind when he started talking about the games were. \
Ted Jones
This was a very classic feeling avgn
These games make Half Life and Portal looks like a lecture on theoretical physics and neurology
just set it up at home and buy actual games for it
i'm prity shure this is a uploeded
Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh!
When is the Nerd FINALLY gonna play IM Meen? I'm sure we've all been waiting for that review for god knows how many years now!
Zuri the Jackal
The reason the argument of \
a. c.
play 50 cents bulletproof chest
The dinosaur was there because Jurassic Park had just been released in theaters.
jamie fernekees
jason ruth
When is episode 156 coming out
The nerd needs to review pepsiman!
johnny zavala
There’s Sonic bootlegs and rom hacks in the background.\n\nSonic.exe\nMega mix\nMetal sonic hyper drive\nSonic jam6\nTwo other I couldn’t find what games they are.
jose uribe
It has been weeks ever since his Christmas episode of avgn, that it has been for 2 months and I like his episodes that I'm a fan of him, because I watched his episodes even his lost episodes. I'm an star wars fan and geek, power rangers fan and watch all episodes throughout there series, old gaming fan.
Come back to us, Nerd! You're the hero we deserve
I swear, this is nothing compared to Animal Soccer World for the PS2, and the rest of the \
minecraft boss
You always cheer up when I am sad
pajeet singh
please do Ride to Hell : Retribution
do starwars dark forces for the original playstation, its like doom but crap
terrence kelly
That Dr. Robotnik game is horrible, It's the worst game i ever played please review it now!
under the red hood
This game makes desert bus look fun
So...when is next episode