Sia - Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf Maddie Ziegler (Official Video)

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Alicia Lewis
Sia\n\n\n\n\nS-still\nI-inspires \nA-all of us\n\n(Even In 2019)
Alx James
3:03 He totally could of gotten out of the cage lmao............ But Damn Maddie can dance..
Aninha Silva
Brasil 2019 🇧🇷🎶💕
Anna Chaudhari
Maddie was so small😭😭i can't believe how grown up she is now
Aubree D
This reminds me of the relationship I have with my older brother. The cage our mother had him grow up in of her making him think he was perfect. He then outgrew the ability to walk out of. I didn't run away. I lived. \
Ava Williams
Aziezah Zaini
S -She\nI -Is\nA - A Lion ,haha just kidding ,I mean A -Amazingggggg
Bhav Mittal
Woah, what a video O_O My interpretation was a child being able to escape the mindset that their parent was locked inside, and not being able to help them out of it.   Fascinating how many different directions people can take it.
Bryan Navarro
so much love for this song \u003c3
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Charlotte Sky
Sia came out and said both maddie and Shia are supposed to represent different parts of the the same person (her). They are two very different parts of the same person, which is why one is represented by a little girl and the other is a full grown man. Its about a battle within, it is not of any sexual nature at all.
Why am I crying!!!!
Colleen Ballinger
my eyes filled with tears during the silent moment at the end and I have no idea why.  I love this.
Don DigiDon
Conflict father and daughter
Drew Iced
Literally you can interpret this in hundreds of ways
Dulce Maria
Alguém do Brasil?
1:04 nana l'asticot 😂 seul les fr comprendront 😂😂
Eunitha Onwuchekwa
Why .......💛👋😜😘WAR
Fire Wolfie
Este video me da un poco de risa pq el tipo PASABA por entre las rejas onda SI PODIA y no lo hizo jsjsjsjsjs
Gabo Vidal
Let's go 1,000,000,000
Gabriel N.
This song turned 4 today!!
Geda Noronha
Anyone here in 2019? 😍 NO ONE CARES 👏🏻👏🏻
Gonzalo Tejera
2019 listening ???
I know that Sia has her own interpretation of this music video but the beauty in being a different person is that I see it so differently to fit my mind as an individual. To me Maddie represents sadness (or even depression) in a way. Demanding, controlling, and always either controlling you or holding you back somehow. Shia is, in my interpretation, me (or any other human) who is constantly battling this sadness and carrying the weight of the sadness around half the time, or battling against it. There's a lot more to interpret, but that's just how I see it. The cage can be something that the sadness locks you in, holding you back from completely living your life.
Guilherme- kun
Minha pica
Hazel Faith
Okay, my take on it. First there was the girl (Sia) and her father. They were both trapped in this cage (represents something that makes you feel trapped. May be a mental sickness, or a bad family dynamic) and they DID NOT get along. They fight all the time, are scared of each other, and even hurt each other because they're trapped in that cage. Then the father decides to take the higher road, try to be better. So when Sia calms down, the father tries to reconnect with her. Start off fresh, and be a better father. But Sia would have none of that because she doesn't trust him anymore, perhaps has been hurt too many times. That hurts the father so much that he regresses and goes back to his old ways but Sia finds a way out. She could finally see the thing that trapped her and what it's doing to her father. She became enlightened and she went back in to save her dad. But it was too late for him. He was too big now, too set in his ways. Hard as Sia may try to love him, open his eyes, tell him he can get out...he can't. In the end, he gives up, realizing it's hopeless and accepting that he can't use his strength through this. But Sia doesn't stop trying. Will never stop trying.
Hey Nadine
The more you watch the more sad/beautiful it becomes. Art, emotion and expression. Pure. A battle we can all relate in some form or another.
Hogwarts School
Isaac G.
Can we talk about how badass it was when Shia climbed the cage at 1:32?
It's me Sunshine
My interpretation is how our past (young Sia because she is young) and our present (Shia because he is older and mature) can conflict, and fight for it’s supremacy. I love how the present tries to make peace with the past, but the past seems to be the one who always comes out, one way or another. Even when they make peace, the present can’t let go. The past is done and complete but the present it’s fighting for freedom and deliverance! \n\n“You did not break me\nI'm still fighting for peace”
JJ Bee
I found my fav song now ❤
Jason Terry
Video explains my struggle with mental illness
Jav Mol
2019 still love it?
Jeanpier Llanos
Jessie Starkweather
I can't even imagine how emotional this was to film
Johnny Depp Emma Watson
Every time I watch this I think they are me and my father fighting eachother .. and I wish we were close .. but I know bad memories *NEVER* go away.
Jonny li Lili
Who else can’t wait till this is 1 billon views 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Josue Sagastizado
Dude with Transformers
Kimberly Tetreault
S: She \nI: Is\nA: Amazing
Kitten Fan
Korey Luthor
So many people calling him a pedophile because of this video but all I see is. \n\nA girl who has been stuck in a cage for so long and finally someone is there with her and she's scared because she doesn't know what he's gonna do but all he's doing is trying to help her and she keeps hurting him and eventually she escapes but is sad she left him behind and goes back for him but can't get him out
I don’t know about you but I adore Shia in this video
Lefkothea Salma
Leopoldo Astudillo
To me the CAGE represents a mental illness which the \
Luke greenaway
why is Chris Pratt in this
Madilyn Bailey
Sia is the queen :) Ahhhhhhhhhhh I just LOVe this!!! \u003c3
Maham Hameed
December 2017....😍😍😍
Manos Michailidis
Everyone's complaining about how clearly Shia could had passed thought the cells, may that's the point people, maybe he didn't wanted to\n\nEdit: Considering always that Shia is pretending Ziegler's feather, even thought Ziegler said that she is pretending a wolf...???😂 😂 😂
Maria Lane
I interpreted this song as the little girl being captured, abused, etc... and the man is trying to save her but she's scared and doesn't trust him, and at the end she escapes, and he takes her place. What are your thoughts?
Mariana Vitoria
Como vc é muito boaaaa eu te amoooooooo SIA
Marissa Wolter
This isn't a music video...... it's art.❤
Melissa Malagon
In my opinion i think that this is Sia and her father's history :/
Melvin Dan
Okay lets be hinest, Shia LaBeouf's acting is much better in this than in the Transformer series. :P
Mohamed Amar
2019 ??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 \n🤗😎👍👍👍👍👍👍
Natalie GG
I am not ready for the “anyone here in 2019” comments
This is such an interesting music video. I remember when it first came out, there was a lot of debate over its meaning, and a lot of silly untrue scandals.
Noey Black Official
I won't give up I won't give up.....😍
Olivia McDonald
People's interpretation of this video speaks on their mindset. I am a victim of abuse and never once felt like this has undertones of pedophilia. This was a father daughter struggle in my mind. This video is absolutely beautiful.
Oof Snoof
Lmao he could have easily fit through the bars
I just realized its not SIA😒....IT'S SHIA!!!😂
Pasu Denisu
This is so confusing
Patel Gia
Yes Maddie Ziegler \n\n\n\n\n\n\nYaasssssss I love her
Phil heath
He looks leonidas from 300
Do it just do it!!! ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ
Renata Gonçalves
LYRICS:\n\n(I, I won't give up, I won't give up\nI won't give up, I won't give up.)\n\nAnd another one bites the dust\nOh, why can I not conquer love?\nAnd I might have thought that we were one\nWanted to fight this war without weapons\nAnd I want it and I wanted it bad\nBut there were so many red flags\nNow another one bites the dust\nYeah, let's be clear, I trust no one\n\nYou did not break me\nI'm still fighting for peace\n\nWell I've got thick skin and an elastic heart\nBut your blade it might be too sharp\nI'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard\nBut I may snap when I move close\nBut you won't see me fall apart\n'Cause I've got an elastic heart\nI've got an elastic heart\nYeah, I've got an elastic heart\n\nAnd I will stay up through the night\nLet's be clear, won't close my eyes\nAnd I know that I can survive\nI walked through fire to save my life\nAnd I want it, I want my life so bad\nI'm doing everything I can\nThen another one bites the dust\nIt's hard to lose a chosen one\n\nYou did not break me (You did not break me, no, no)\nI'm still fighting for peace\n\nWell I've got thick skin and an elastic heart\nBut your blade it might be too sharp\nI'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard\nBut I may snap when I move close\nBut you won't see me fall apart\n'Cause I've got an elastic heart\n\nWell I've got thick skin and an elastic heart\nBut your blade it might be too sharp\nI'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard\nBut I may snap when I move close\nBut you won't see me fall apart\n'Cause I've got an elastic heart\n\nWell I've got thick skin and an elastic heart\nBut your blade it might be too sharp\nI'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard\nBut I may snap when I move close\nBut you won't see me fall apart\n'Cause I've got an elastic heart
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2019 still here??
Ricardo Pires
The girl represents love itself. The man tries to conquer it and that's why love fights back, it's a free force. As soon as the man lowers his guard and tries to understand love as it is, there's a brief moment of understading and love tries to show him that if he wants to love he has to get out of his cage, which represents the fear of loving and letting go. But he can't, after all.
Maddie has endless talent
SER emprendedor
Está canción me hace recordar de un enamoramiento que tuve cuando era chico de una mujer de alta estatura para su edad, pelo rubio con ojos acaramelados con una piel clara como la de la nieve con un tono especial rojizo está chica estaba enamorada pero yo estaba ciego al amor y no lo mire hasta el día que me dice que ir de ese lugar tan mágico y especial para mi desde ese día no he olvidado a esa mujer con un carcter tan especial y sonriente hacía o vida que no fue correspondida nunca la he vuelto a ver ni saber nada de ella y sólo me la pasó recordado lo que oudo haver sido una fantanstica mujer hacia mi lado explorando cada ser de enocionalidad de ella.
Salwa A
*someone said sia is called sia because you can’t sia*
Hace bastante no veía el vídeo :0 ya paso un vergo wey JAJAJAJA
Sara Reid
the tear drop at the end at 4:43 has me in my feels because I think he realizes there's no hope for himself anymore
Everyone still sleep on Shia, dude is an amazing actor who s conflicted with the evil he's seen in Hollywood.
Shiloh Reyes
2:04 THIS ILLEGAL 😤😤🤯😤😤😤
Skye Mochi
Inthi s video, Maddie is what I see in my sleep paralysis
A masterpiece! Still listening 2019 now! anymore good songs for my playlist pleasse? I also like Sky Parox-Time and Space, and Eauxby-93
Stephanie Sissons
When she tried to get him out the cage was the saddest part\n😭😰💙
Unbelievably just crap and pseudo art.
Tom S
from the video I see it as love and hurt. Love creates hurt which is what we hate so we push away love but without love all we have is hurt. once love leaves you all you have is pain and resentment.
Turn Back
Who is here before 1B ???
Tv hcel hsooy
Tyler Oakley
I Love you Sia
Valen V
I see a dad trying everything to help and raise his daughter kindly and it's not working. She just keeps fighting him. He even tries to get away by climbing the cage, (their toxic relationship). \nHer sleeping is her still being a child, and he interacts like she is one, but she wakes up and starts attacking again. \n\nHe loses it and starts attacking back. She wakes up and escapes the cage, sees what she turned her father into. She goes back into the cage, to show him she changed, he can hold her now when before couldn't even get close. \n\nShe tries to bring him out of the cage of their toxic relationship, she changed and can exit, but he can't and never will, the cage, (memories bad relationship) hold him there and they literally can't move on.
Absolutely amazing from +SiaVEVO, Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf! 
Who's watching in April 2018...
are you Shook yet?
Transformers 8 trailer
ben hardy rhapsody
the chemistry between Shia and Maddie is so intense, i have shivers
cheshire cat
This song always makes me feel and the video just lets it all out.
digital art
02:26 i thought someone is running on my stairs
*This video is shocking -- but it is not pedophilic.* It shocks you because it's *different.*  It shocks you because *a strong man shows weakness.*  It shocks you because *bodies are exposed without sexuality.*  It shocks you because it's *abnormal.*  It shocks you because *a little girl shows strength.* \n\nTo shock was it's purpose.  It's what opens the mind to interpretation.  With interpretation comes meaning and insight.  Among other explanations, in this video we could be observing the mind grappling with inner conflict, a father / daughter relationship, or the difficulties of letting go.  How you interpret it is intimately personal with your own state of mind.\n\n Calling this 'pedophilia' is a cop out -- a form of mental cognitive dissonance to condemn the unconventional.  It's a fallback for simple minds; people who want to think in a certain way, who want to only be exposed to what they are comfortable with seeing.
noor alawayshah
Hello friend happy 2019 ❤💥🎧
The ONLY thing id change is have the cage so Maddie can fit through and Shia can't. I mean actually cant. because its pretty obvious he could if he wanted too.
*OMG I THINK I GOT IT.* I'm thinking Maddie and Shia both represent two halves of Sia. Maddie represents innocence, purity, unawareness of the cruelty of the world. Shia represents adulthood, maturity, complete awareness of the cruelty of the world. The cage represents Sia's soul. Shia screaming near the middle of the video and him crying at the end while Maddie tries to pull him through the bars represents that, no matter what, there is no going back to the freedom and innocence of being a child. Shia not being able to leave the cage represents Sia not being able to forget the responsibility and knowledge she's acquired from becoming an adult. We all grow up to learn about beautiful things and horrible things, and it may be very stressful to take in at times. And although we wish we can go back to a time when things were simple, it'll never happen. Which is both frustrating and saddening. This isn't just about Sia, it's about all of us.\ufeff
shook eth
Maddies dancing skills are AMAZING! 🌹💞
sushank saxena
Let's hit this masterpiece to 1 billion.