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I can still remember - vaguely - when Final Fantasy games had a story you actually cared about... I feel like not giving a fuck about the story and the world building started with 10 - I mean, I at least cared about the characters in 10... but after that it just didn't seem to matter.
I seriously thought \
A wonderful Life19
Wow, I'm definitely getting this game! Also, after watching this, I kinda want some noddles now for some reason...
Abood Alshawaf
Ajax All Purpose Cleaner
It was like eating cake with no icing then as your finishing up they give you the icing to eat separate.
Compared to previous installments, the story was lacking quite a bit which was a disappointment. I did enjoy the battle system though.\n\nThe biggest problem with the game though, is how the prince's car, broke down not even a mile away from the city you just left. Did they not get that thing checked and tuned beforehand?
Anna Hájková
# DADDY makes me feel called out
Anthony Hodges
The ending chapter destroyed any replay value the game had for me. Soo depressing. Like, why bother doing anything if it turns out the main character dies in the end no matter what you do? The whole \
Arceus Lord of Creation
I got an ad for FF XV before this
Say: \
Bilbo Stabbins
Ultimate Bros before hoes
Brandon Youngblood
C Vox
you wasted the perfect chance for a \
Classy Catz
Just started playing FFXV recently after watching Kingsglaive and I actually enjoy it. Granted I got the game at half the full price (dlc and such included) because of a sale so maybe that's why I'm less demanding with it. Sure, the game is not perfect, but it doesn't deserve that much hate. I really enjoy spending time with my chocobros and actually living in that world and actually traveling with them. Sure it feels weird at first to see both fantasy and modern elements in it, but I kind of got used to it and it makes the universe of the game more relatable to me. I love doing hunts, it gives me a chance to actually spend some time in that world. And I don't get the \
Claudius Seraph
#Daddy? One-Winged Asshole? omg i'm ded XD
Cosplay Corps
Honestly, Gladio is Noct's Daddy, Ignis is Noct's Mummy and Prompto is Noctis's husband. xD
Craig Harrison
Final Fantasy XV, aka Loading Screen Simulator.
Cryo Phobica
I think they started to pull the B from bromance.
There's only one word to describe this game.. \
Dalton K
That soup alone is making me want to play this game.
Derva Kommt von hinten
where exactly was the fantasy in this game? i want a game like ffx again :(
Please say \
Dominic Campbell
Am I the only one who preferred practically every other female in the game over Lunafreya?
Eric Mojica
Loved this game! This video had me rolling 😭😂😂😂
This was very good
Exactly turn to chaos if more than 3 enemies
Fitness Cookie
Where is the World of final fantasy honest trailer?
George Thomas
You know... I agree this game would have been a million times better if they finished it. The last few hours felt so tacked on it was criminal.
Ghulam Falah
starring: sasuke
Gina Christopher
#daddy , damn straight
Gustavo Vasconcelos
Do Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor before the sequel!
Mmmm lovingly-rendered fantasy soup. I'd play this game just because FF stories can be amazing and the characters are worth investing in.
Henrique, o otário
Bought it yesterday already played 12 hours. \n🎶I want to ride my chocobo all day 🎶
Isaac Tamayo
Say \
Ivy C
Lmao #daddy
Jackson Teague
Why don't they use guns
Jose Roberto
Joseph Garfield
Say \
Joshua Channell
Final Fantasy XV really isn't as bad as everyone says it is. It's disappointing but it is still a good game.
Julian Danma
ff15 sucks.\nis not a ff game.\nis just a crappy open world rpg with bad fighting mechanics.\nsucks
Even though this game has some flaws here and there I still love it
Sasuke's Fantasy XV...
Kyle Rust
Lisa J
that one dude from lost :'D LOL
Little Duncan
#daddy is right
Manu Scythe
Mathew McNamara
can anyone actually tell me something good about this game besides graphics (which arnt even that good) this and phantom pain are the most over ratted peices of trash
Miss SinJaye Wonderfro
Surprisingly you guys have not done Bayonetta, Catherine, or Devil May Cry ^-^
1080 in 480p quality
Nikolai Brown
Oki Walker
Patrick Bujko
Oh. Did you guys know that the Nissin Cup noodles company is located pretty close to the Square Enix building? Furthermore Nissin would actually deliver cup noodles to the exhausted game makers of Square occasionally. So... it made perfect sense to give Nissin a little bit of advertising, you know?
Punk NeverDie
you guys should see Conan O'Brian's review on this game...\nand you won't think of playing it even if it was for free
Rain Light
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Dark cloud and sk8ter boy ohh my goosh
Rari Corretti
@4:14 Google Home activates when you said, \
Reaching Higher
Lovingly rendered fantasy soup.\n\nI'm so done XD
1:32 so true I care about Prompto way more than Noctis's fiancé Luna😂 #PromptisFtw
Rendel Parales
Rowan Atkinson
FF XV strikes me as a step in the right direction that got completely overshadowed in different areas by the likes of Breath of the Wild, NieR Automata and Persona 5
Rusty Jones
This video makes me want to play FFXV more, not less, lol.
Salty Sweet Ren
You should do a trailer for \
Scott Smith
please say \
Scrap Fish
We all know Noct is just saving the princess to look good for the real loves of his life, the male harem he travels around with.
Skyward Princess of Time
This is so perfectly accurate and exactly what I thought about the game. Final Fantasy XV has the potential to be one of the most amazing games with its exploration, lovable characters (dat bromace doe), world, and attention to detail. The story isn't even bad, it's just not finished. The first half slowly built for this epic - that was rushly paced in about 8 hours. I know this isn't a finished product, and if Square Enix ever decided to truly finish it, I'd gladly give them all of my money. Despite all of its flaws, it's still such a fun game to play.
Yo, no lie. The food textures were fucking amazing. If I had a quarter for every time this game made me stop paying and go get something to eat, I'd have at dollars.
Steward Norbert
The noctis character is look like Sasuke than look like noctis
Sunny Burrito
It's so true it hurts.
I swear that blonde guy gives me a Demyx vibe
How could you forget Stella...
Don't forget to say invisible walls. Since they're everywhere in this game... especially the bushes, they're the ultimate kind of invisible walls.
I'm surprised they called Noctis \
The Crimson Fucker
Why Dark Cloud? Sasuke would be way more fitting xD
The Slayer Kid
What do you mean the entire J-pop boy band doesn't marry each other at the the end of the game!?
Timothy Lok
The ending thou
Troll MeBro
Fucking Greenday simulator...
We all know Noctis and crew have insomnia\n\n\n\n\n and so do I from playing this game
Too old for this cid...XD I'm dead
litteraly everything that comes out of Prompto's mouth is pure cringe
Iris and Aranea \u003e Lunafreya
Do FF14 next!
Hey\nPlease say \
dusty rice
Sasuke & Friends
jayla marie
Funny thing is, while Noct looks like an emo, he's not. He's just a normal guy who can be happy, sad, angry, etc. who spends an hour every morning gelling his hair (no, that's not an exaggeration, they mention their hair gell several times) and gets teased by his mates by his lack of expressions on his face. \nAlso, his voice actor is pretty great when he does show emotion.
#Daddy made me laugh harder than necessary. 😂😂😂
Is it just me or was luna just there for a romance that was never really developed?
minus trpka
i think that first 2 or 3 chapters are ok. rest of it is rushed endgame
Make an Honest Trailer about Final Fantasy Type 0!!
scarlet night
Mental note: don't consider playing this, unless I'm really really bored
While I don't agree with half of it, the rest is spot on and hilarious. Do people really need to be told the age of the characters? Noct and Prompto talk about being in school together. You know Ignis and Gladiolus are much older. Two things that pissed me off. Noct just gets over killing/beating Leviathan and Lady Luna's death and that's when Gladio decides to give him attitude? Okay Ignis is blind but do you have to make it so realistic that I have to wait while he's walking into walls, going the wrong way and getting stuck two floors below? Then Gladio gives me more shite if I get to far ahead? Sheesh! Am I the only one who thought the guys names seemed very Shakespearean? At times it felt like Shakespeare's Final Fantasy. Lady Luna is not the focus of the story so her character isn't expounded upon. This isn't Tidus and Yuna. Noct and Luna were childhood friends. Luna seems almost ethereal as she becomes the oracle. Their marriage had been arranged.
Honestly I can't see how Square was so surprised people shipped Noctis with his friends way more than Luna when Luna was in the game for like 3 minutes. You gotta put effort into writing couples for people to LIKE the couples, guys.