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-YoloSwager-Otaku- Geometry Dash-Creator
Where is Minecraft and Halo?
Dude I know it before I enter this video I know you will put soul of cinder soundtrack
Ahmad Husaini
at min 5:00 .... damn overwatch killed me xD
I like civilization's soundtrack, really good and ofc Witcher's soundtrack cuz it's freaking amazing.
Ammar Sohail
man The Witcher music brings tears in my eyes..the game was so good.
Tracklist for mobile users:\n\n00:00 World of Warcraft - Neal Acree - Nightsong (feat. Laurie Ann Haus)\n02:36 Witcher 3 - Hunt or be hunted\n04:54 Overwatch - Victory Theme\n06:45 League of Legends - Demacia Rising\n10:47 Dark Souls III - Main Menu\n13:25 Assassins Creed II - Jesper Kyd - Venice Rooftops\n16:35 Civilization VI Main Theme - Christopher Tin - Sogno di Volare ( The Dream of Flight )\n20:23 Mass Effect 2 - Suicide Mission\n25:04 Dark Souls III - Soul of Cinder\n30:48 Layers Of Fear - Main Theme (feat. Penelopa Wilmann-Szynalik)\n32:50 Witcher 3 - The Fields of Ard Skellig\n35:55 World of Warcraft - Neal Acree - Grommash Hellscream/Times Change (Pandora edit)\n39:54 Assassin's Creed 2 Soundtrack - Ezio's Family \n43:46 Diablo 3 OST - I Am Justice \n45:41 Guild Wars 2 - Fear Not This Night (ft. Asja Kadrić)\n50:32 Dragon Age Inquisition - Trevor Morris - Main Theme \n54:08 World of Warcraft - Invincible\n57:12 StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Ending - Neal Acree - Ascension
AntiSøcial Øfficial Music
Mass effect 2
Gwyn theme is imo the best theme of all time.
guild wars 2 has an epic soundtrack. A part that makes up a great video game or movie or ETC, is having fantastic music! Thank for this video.
I never play wow but i love so much his music
I love this gw2 music :)
Blue Farron
Where is Lost Odyssey? That game had some bomb ass tracks haha this is a pretty good lineup but add lost odyssey and final fantasy in it and it’ll be golden.
Bob Ross
I prefer soundtracks of games and movies over a lot of other music.
I kinda miss NieR Automata
Cicero Benesse
I love GW2 music ;D
Conrad Powell
Haven't seen this one suggested yet; Darksiders 2-Guardian Theme
Corn Diggity Doggo
rip ysera :(
Assassin's Creed II... Best by far!
Dennis Otto
I See The Witcher 3 i press like
Diego Ochoa
Wow, It's actually quite surprising that almost %50 of the list comes from blizzard! \n\nYAY!
Dillon Nolan
Metro 2033/Last Light guitar soundtracks are easily the best I've ever heard.
Personal favorites list. Keep scrolling.\n\n20:23 Mass Effect 2 - Suicide Mission\n30:48 Layers Of Fear - Main Theme (feat. Penelopa Wilmann-Szynalik)\n32:50 Witcher 3 - The Fields of Ard Skellig\n35:55 World of Warcraft - Neal Acree - Grommash Hellscream/Times Change (Pandora edit)\n39:54 Assassin's Creed 2 Soundtrack - Ezio's Family\n50:32 Dragon Age Inquisition - Trevor Morris - Main Theme
Dolce Gusto
Ohhh i'm loving the soundtrack \
Elizabeth Friday
I'm disappointed they didn't put a Bloodborne song in here. Bloodborne music = 10/10
Epic Music Movie
1-Hour Pleasure
No Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls lll? I'm disappointed(jk). Great track, really enjoying your work!
Conclusion: Dark Souls has the best soundtrack and the hardest game play experience.
Fateh Erriri
MY God that dark souls III soo mush emotions going on :\nStress... Fear ... Revenge ... Power \ntoo beautiful\nAnd the assasin's greed also a bomb.
Flo -
DarkSouls 3... You died
Florian C
Mass effect 2 !!
Halo UP
where is the halo ?!
Like most of them a lot (witcher + dark souls =\u003c3) but i really feel like the overwatch victory son ruins this epic playlist
Hardcore Panda
Quit WoW a long time ago but still feels awesome to hear its music :) so many memories.
Where is From past to present - Skyrim ?
singing at 46:30
John Stone
Soon as I heard ACII... that was great... great game.
That first Darksouls track gave meter long goosebumps.
King of Conundrums
King of Poliwhirls
That moment when you have this video playing on a different tab and then you recognize a song from your favorite game and your head pops up like a meerkat.
Laura Prior
Next video, Skyrim - dragonborn
Lautrec Of Carim
Look at my playlist if you want others!
Assassin's Creed 2 the best for me! 😻😻
I was so surprised and glad to hear Fear not this Night from GW2. Music from that game rarely make it into lists like this which is so sad really since most of GW2's music is so beautiful and amazing :D
Literally Edgy
wat? no LoZ!?
*Witcher 3* = *Art*
Wtf where's NieR: Automata?
Mamaly Mahani
witcher 3 is the best for any element u can imagine
Master Of Potato
Mateus Galon
like for Dark Souls III...
May Jensen
I love the soundtracks from The Witcher 3! Especially the one that plays when you arrive in Skellige❤️ Makes me want to play the game again.
Meghan Yeo
GW2: Fear not this night \u003c3
Michael O Callaghan
Man, I remember when video-game soundtracks were barely that - soundtracks - they were merely tones, bleeping and blooping like R2-D2 on coke. Nowadays, they're masterpieces. Orchestras, bands, harmonics, beautiful voices and amazing breakdowns. I'd honestly play this music all day, nothing mainstream or relevant. Just this. I love it 👌
Mighty Lock
I like undertale better
Mike Smith
Witcher 3 has the best game soundtrack ive heard in a while
Molly Wood
I love video game music like this! I personally haven't played any of the games you took music from, but I really enjoyed it! Another game I really like the music from lately is Street Fighter lol!
Musa Khan
Max Payne should be here. 100%
Nawaf bin Abdulaziz
The last of Us 😭💔
nier automata could have a 1hour video complete hahahah
Oláh József
Dark Souls 3 ❤
Panda Paradise Gaming
This was amazing! I could picture a movie playing in my head from my imagination!
Pandora Journey
let me know what you think is the most outstanding video game soundtrack!
Potato Patriot
Love the music and the backgrounds, thanks for the hard work!
Purple & Black
The Overwatch tune gave me a nervous twitch, haven't played in a year.\n\nWith no bias [Dark Souls player] has to be Witcher 3 Hunt or be Hunted, for me.
Random Potato
Ori and the blind forest. :)
I am pleased that Sogno Di Volare is on this list.\nAnd you better believe I'm playing it on piano a year from now (and on organ next year, if I get the chance)
Reina Jazeh
Feels, feels everywhere
Rick Smit
world of warcraft soundtrack is just so amazing
Romondo Alexander
Female Vocals is a no... pretty good mix other wise.
So I was playing Warcraft and looking for some good mix, you started with warcraft song and also... the is so much awesome music at this list... I love it!
Roy Mustang
Mass Effect 2 ❤❤❤
why the mass effect 2 song. why. now ima go cry. 10/10 playlist tho
Sins Greed
I love all these games but mass effect 2 soundtrack really gives me goosebumps
No far cry 3?
Where is the Skyrim Soundtrack at?
Timbean 308
Came here for Mass Effect. Not dissapointed
UnderScore Music
Looking through the description and ooo this is gonna be good! Some great soundtracks in here
Unhappy Marshmellow
I HOPE MY NEIGHBORS LIKE THIS MIX!!!!!!!!!\n\nThx for 110 likes!
assassin creed II and '' times change '' of WOW WOD
Witcher 3😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Wasabi Polar Bear
Wendy Corduroy
of course warcraft is the best
Zenoud Rim
Assassins creed😻😻
Zoro Otaku
32:50 i have no words to describe this 💔💔
[Dunde souls] Hiro
Come here, because dark souls thumbnail \u003c3
billy joe
starts off with WoW? instant like
bloodhunger26 Krieg
Dark souls-soul of cinder+Mass effect- suicide mission+ witcher ^.^ big fan of those.
Im saddened by the lack of the original halo song
headlights go up
scrolling through the comments, no love for that civ 6 track? omgggg so good
ilyas abdi
How could you forget MW2 sound tracks by Hans ZImmer. The Campaign had many epic sound tracks
An excellent choice! But I hope there will be part 2. Because instead of 3 WoW songs, League of Legends or DS3 main theme, you could post something from these games: The Talos Principle, Life Is Strange, The Elder Scrolls, Ori and the Blind Forest, Child of Light, Planescape:Torment, Baldur´s Gate 2, Deus Ex 1, Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines and I could go on. All games with sublime OSTs.
of course guild wars 2 is the best
Mass Effect 2 - Such an amazing song.
thatguy 369
ur mom gay
Ummm.. Skyrim?
van drum ham
Assassin's Creed 2 nostálgico!!!
Witcher 3 and Dark Souls 3 have best soundracks in gaming history (based on complexity, variety and adapting to game moments)
· Vaysou ·
Amazing soundtrack