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A Player 69
Stairs are one of the Nerd's biggest enemies. I wonder what he would think of ladders in 3D games. Those are even worse because you can fall off and die.
Abraham Gamino
Robocop was a good movie
I wish I could have met you at astronomocon
Alex Fraser
0:59 The vision inside that Robonerd helmet must be terrible...
Alvaro Lopez
Holy Nerdyfects batman!
Anubis T
Apollo Fox
That Robocop 2 death screen freaks me out!
Arc Yeo
Robocop 2 end screen: \
Austin Knaus
Why the hell are there Mario P blocks in Robocop 3????
Good episode, good episode. I feel the games needed to step up the shittiness, though. They looked on the \
Captain Jurgh
Thank you for your cooperation, RoboNerd. Justice well served to those shitty games!
Chevere Hugprack
Christian Roberts
I just realized that he still has a pocket on his chest...
Crown of Leaves / Savukettu Official
Dirty Harry is here now : )
Wait this wasn't made by LJN?!
Daniel Newton
R O *B O N E R* D
Derp Gerpenstein
You should do the Robocop vs Terminator games, too
Dominick Damato
RoboCop is the best movie, ever.
Edwin Zell
why watch the dvds when you can watch them on youtube?
Enraged Mosin Nagant
I saw that mad max cartridge when are you gonna get to that one huh nerd
Fire Guy
Robocop 1 is AWSOME! Robocop 2 is alright, with a few it picks and Robocop 3, one of the WORST MOVIES EVER!
Franscisco S
Gabe O'Neill
You can't spell ROBONERD without boner
Gaming Nerd In Session
can you please play Rocket Ranger AVGN
Guts Puck
Henriko Magnifico
*This is the best kind of YouTube content*
You can tell homeboy is all old and married now. He sounds so relaxed
He deserves more subs
Jason Edward
I remember playing these as a kid lol.
June Langley
Why does Robocop 3 for the NES look so much worse? It looks like something you'd get on the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64! And I'm pretty certain, from the colours, that the machine gun next to girl on the title screen is in RoboCop's other arm.
Jungle Jacob
I actually like this episode better than polybius because of the helmet made me burst. But polybius is great as well. One of your best.
Just Another Youtube Channel
You should cover some of the British home computer RoboCop games. The C64 version made by Ocean Software, for example, has some incredibly famous title screen music, so even you have probably heard it before.
K Pervanidis
One of the reason that I watch youtube every day....
Kaneda Mikami
I love the Intro sooo much, it's so damn good.
Caine? You mean looks exactly like HEISENBERG!
Robert cop
Kimmo Laine
The controls are so slippery, it's like someone covered Detroit in oil!
Leonel moya
When he said \
Little Birdie
Luke James when do the RoboNerd costumes go up for sale?
Let's play a game I want you all to see if you can find the word boner in the thumbnail of this video
MC Squawkbox
My vid froze when he said “Turn the video off right now!”\nNo joke XD
Please do Dirty Harry and Platoon!!!
This really feels like a classic review, if it wasn't for the Polybius bits I would have assumed this was like, a lost episode from 7 years ago.
i only saw the one game robocop 2 but i'm pretty sure all 3 robocop games are made by data east they made the joe and mac line of games (three of them) i'm pretty impressed
Marc Biagtan
Been following you since '07 AVGN!! You were still Nintendo Video Game Nerd back then!! You''re a classic and still going!! Keep it up!!!
Master icer
Clain in the second game looks like the nostalgia critic
Matt Hatfield
as a reluctant Ocean fan, i can't help but notice that Robocop 2 uses the exact same game engine as the NES Darkman, with all of the same quirks and bugs and weird controls.\n\nMusic is killer, though.
I have this game and I was able to beat it when I was like 13 years old. This is a hard game.
What's this? 2 nerd episodes in under a month? What is this madness????
Nolls Nook
AVGN is a classic that will never get old.
Pander TV
You do your duty to protect us from this doodie
Gotta love that costume tho!! How did they make it so detailed?! :)
Pretty sure Robonerd is the best costume yet
Protector 101
Thank you for using some of my music for your video, AVGN. It's quite an honor! Especially since it's about Robocop, one of my favorite movies!\n\nBest,\n-P101
I'd buy that for a dollar too
R.J.J. O
He is a Robert\nHe is a cop\nHe is the Robert Cop
Ravenheart xtreme
Richard Fukuda
\u003esees thumbnail\n\u003eclicks immediately
Ryan G17
Oh, I get it he compared ED-209 to the T-Rex from \
lol I read that as \
Shark fan of the sea
Anyone agree that the Nerd should review the games based off Bionicle? some of them are pretty bad
I live for AVGN
Is it just me, or does the Kane boss in Robocop 2 look like a 8-bit version of Nostalgia Critic?
Stefan Sharak
What’s with the scope on the NES blaster?
Stone Bowser2904
I'm glad ur still doing what you love doing for 13 years. Keep it up James, I'll be with u till the end!!
i miss the nintoaster :(
Super Awesome Mario Bros
Thanks for protecting the innocent Robonerd 😁
You have 20 seconds to comply.
The Glitch Gremlin
glitch, GLITCH
Theodore Knott
You should totally try ark survival evolved on playstation 4 well or pc
So, did the nerd die in the Polybius review and they built the robonerd to replace him?
The father of rage games xD
No Arcade games or the Xbox Robocop game?
Xlen Omega
Objective 1. Watch AVGN play shitty games.\n\nObjective 2. Watch Board James.\n\nObjective 3. Watch James & mike Monday's.\n\nObjective 4. Collect all blue ray episode's.
chan benyamin
Big fan from singapore here! Your NES helmet made me lose it
eminel cuevas
I prefer Robocop 2 the arcade game which is better than the nes games
He is a Robert\nAnd he's a Cop\nHe is a RobertCop
I like how Robonerd has boner in it's name.
kirby march Barcena
Dead or alive you're playing with me
maina Highway
진짜 전체적으로는 로보캅 3가 가장 수작이였다는 평가가 생기죠. 다른 로보캅 하다가 3편 하면 진짜 띵작이였다는 게 느껴질 정도. 물론, 처음하면 그 묵직함 때문에 조작이 불편하다는 건 모두가 동의하죠. 가장 좋은 장점은 로보캅 3의 음악이 정말 좋아서 여러 유튜브 영상에서 찾을 수 있을 정도로 인기 OST중 하나라고 평가하기도 합니다.
Well, I think Robocop 3 had a rocking soundtrack because I think it was composed by one of the big c64 composer. *check* Ah, it was Jeroen Tel.
I love seeing how after so many years and so many episodes the show remains so funny and in such a good quality. Congrats James!!
You didn't mentioned how creepy the game over screen of robo2 is nightmare fuel! Specially for a kid
that girl from Robocop 3 is probably like 52 now
no mercy for you
robocop 1 is better than 2 and 3
2 things: 1) that frown has to hurt your face holding it like that; hilarious though and 2) I love the pocket protector tape on the robocop chest! nice touch!
peter lunde
you forgot robocop cartoon too nerd^^
the guy who makes videos
*I AM THE LAA*\n -sylvestor Stallone
I'd love to own all your media items! \
A ROBONERD?! I'd buy that for a dollar!
Ęÿūį Æßñ
I love the continuity with the last episode.
Александър/Alex. Дaлчев/Dalcheff
You're one crazy madafaka :-))\nLove your vids dude..keep with good awesome &funny cool stuff.
Dirty harry!