Ranking The Most Powerful Avengers In The MCU

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False. Ant man is the strongest because when he turned into the size of the theorized size of string theory, which is the substance smaller than an atom. He would’ve destroyed the whole world. Watch matpat’s video about it
A Person
Iron man should have been higher
Perfectly arranged
Achintya Manoj
Doctor strange is the most powerful
Alldayanyday1 On The PS4
This list is pretty bad tbh lol
Amit Thiranh
this rating sucks
Ankit Raj 01
Watch out Infinity war Stark is more powerful than both scarlet and Black Panther and I can say he's more powerful than Dr.strange thou but it's not fair ok Dr. Strange is more powerful
Archel Aguinaldo
hulk is not powerful he's strongest
Ashley SMR
YOU DON'T SMACK TALK QuickSilver!!! HE SAVED PEOPLES! But yeah well.. I guess I'll be happy Hawkeye is dead (with his son because I'm dead inside about kids, I don't like 'em) and let QuickSilver live. I'll be like \
Asura Kurama
Thor should have been first the only reason hulk won was because Thor gave him chances and Thor also got electrocuted and Hulk did not so that’s unfair
Audrey Huang
What about Loki? Someone that amazing deserved a place way above Thor. In the comics and mythology, Loki stood for clever planning and extremely powerful persuasion. He is always the winner. Force can only carry one this far, the rest of the journey needed to be completed by someone with the power of changing others' minds. Loki and Scarlet Witch should be at the top of the list. They both manage to defeat others by destroying them from their mind. Especially Scarlet Witch, who basically destroyed everyone, even Thor and Hulk. The mind is the weakest, and the most necessary\u200b part of one, including one with superpowers. The one with the power of the mind controls all.
Vision: Look, I sawed this boat in half!
Call of Origin
Thor is the strongest \nWith his new hammer and potential strength
Cecilia Spence
Ranking The Most Powerful Avengers In The MCU
After infinity war, Thor became the strongest marvel character.\nMCU* I thought it was obvious I was talking about the movies, but yeah, there are a handful of more powerful comic characters.
I updated this list after infinity war: \n\n1) Thor\n2) Doctor Strange\n3) Scarlet Witch \n4) Vision\n5) Hulk \n6) Iron man\n7) War machine\n8) Black Panther\n9) Spiderman (Iron spider)\n10) Captain America\n11) Winter Soldier \n12) Ant man\n13) Falcon\n14) Hawkeye and Black Widow
DeadPool kid
1:Thor \n2: Scarlet Whitch \n3.Hulk \n4:doctor strange\nEdit:5 vision
Divo Galindra
Talking about strongest Thor should be the #1, and follow up by Scarlet Witch she could easily lift the whole city and throw it out of space
FBI Agent
In the movies hulk is most definitely top 4 but in the comics he's #1 so it's pretty confusing what your measuring off of and comparing
Famous SONGS
1:Thor\n2:Dr Strange
Felix Herland
But Dr strange is more powerful than thor, technically becuse of the time stone
Frederick Hightower
MAJOR CORRECTION!!!. I would think Thor is overall more powerful than the Hulk and the recent Ragnorok shows his power with lightening is evolving, AND THE HULK CAN'T HANDLE HIS LIGHTENING PUNCH. Now that he has an insane new hammer that can potentially even kill Thanos he is the indeed the undisputed most powerful Avenger. Also, once he realizes that he can move at the speed of light seeing he controls lightening an all, he will surpass even DC's Superman; and Thor will without a doubt be the strongest one there is bar none. That is unless \
Frederike Berns
Iron Man hat gegen den Hulk gewonnen genauso wie Thor
Hulk is the best
Gabriel Östemar
thor won the fight against hulk in thor ragnarok
Hulk number one?\n\nTell that to Thanos...\n\nEdit: Some don’t get it. I know Thanos isn’t an Avenger, but what I am saying is that Hulk isn’t truly the strongest. In Infinity War, he was easily beaten by Thanos, but Thor was able to almost take him down. So technically Thor is truly the strongest Avenger.\n\nEdit 2: Also, Scarlet Witch is at the same level as Thor. She was able to hold back Thanos, and destroy an Infinity Stone. But the only reason she was able to hold back Thanos was because he had an uncompleted Gauntlet. Thor on the other hand, was able to overpower a fully completed Thanos wearing a completed Gauntlet. If only he aimed for the head...\nBut yes, I know this list was before Infinity War
GamingDD GT
How can Dr.Strange is not here?😅
Gitte Gittesen
1. Thanos car
Harish Barrett
Thor is the strongest
Hollywood Starcast
Dr. Strange ????
James Wingfield
Lmao can black panther suit fly?
Jimmy Welch
This list was bullshit. Meaning most of us knows more about comics then said person, and before you ask I've been collecting comic books for 40 years.
Jonny Harper
Ed Sheeran should be on the list.
Joseph Uyemura
#1 = spiderman with instant kill mode
Kentrell Martin
Quick silvers just a human looper
1: Thor\n2: Dr. Strange\n3: Scarlet Witch \n4: The Vision\n5: Iron Man with the Hulk-Buster suit\n6: The Hulk\n7: Iron Man\n8: Captain America\n9: Black Panther\n10: Spider Man\n11: Ant Man\n12: The rest, lol
Kyle Games
Post infinity war scarlet witch should be higher because she was able to destroy an infinity stone
Iron man is stronger than black panther in infinity war he got stabbed in his belly did he die NO\n\nBut black panther died yes he did
LaMe UnDeAd
X-men quicksliver is way better
Lemi Asiata-faaiu
Thors the strongest, hulks weak
Thor is the most powerful physically but Doctor Strange in the terms of \
Should Thor be higher than Hulk because of their Ragnarok fight? Should Ant-Man be higher than Falcon? Let us know how'd you rank the current Avengers in the MCU.
Luna Louise
he may look like a teen exploring his identity at hot topic
MAD Views
Dr.Strange was a god if u camper him :D
*thor defeated thanos with 6 infinity stone..*
1) Thor (beat Thanos)\n2) Doc Strange (controls time)\n3) Scarlet Witch (can do virtually anything with her hexes)\n4) Hulk (smash)\n5) Iron Man (he's more than just his suite)\n6) The Vision\n7) Spider-Man\n8) Quicksilver (sorry his speed is just too much, most of the other heroes can't even touch him. How can you place him lower than normal humans like Falcon and Black Widow??)\n9) War Machine\n10) Black Panther (even boosted in the movies, just super strength is not enough to rank him higher)\n11) Captain America\n12) Winter Soldier\n13) Falcon\n14) Ant-Man\n15) Black Widow\n16) Hawkeye (at least the list got something right)
Marlon Chambers
Master sev
Is there opinion but I’ll put iron man more powerful then black panther
Meme Dude
If Thor is the god of thunder, why did he faint when he was shocked?
Mia Avocado Lee
i'd love to se iron man vs black panter. He has a point saying black panter has the strongest metal in the world as his suit, fight skills, unhuman power and zuri's tech but iron man has also his own technology, lots of power and suits everywhere with tons of weapons
Mic D
Technically Thor is a lil stronger than any Hulk we’ve seen. True Hulk does get stronger but until then, Thor is top. Don’t forget Thor will continue to get stronger the longer he lives if he doesn’t have offspring especially. Spiderman is also right under them but I forgave that because according to the title this is based off what we’ve seen so far from the mcu.
Michael Caboose
How is Falcon higher than Ant Man when he lost in a fight with him
Mike Tallway
1. Thor\n2. Doctor Strange\n3. Hulk
Thor with his new axe id stronger than Hulk
Ned R
Thor should be the on the #1 place because he is obviously stronger than Hulk in their Ragnarok fight. The only reason he got defeated because the grandmaster cheated and tased him. Plus, Thor survived a lot of fatalities, like, when Thanos threw him into space and got hit by a spaceship, or when he survived the force of a star, and many more.
Nilesh Sunsara
Actually thor should be no. 1
OhI Did
Thor is a G he would destory all
Thor #1\nHulk #2
Rafael Alódio
Doctor Strange should be somewhere in the list.
Raul Izaguirre
Iron man shoudve ranked higher than black panther
Rozy D'costa
This list is incomplete without Doctors Stephen Strange, in fact he is a key element and one of the most important and powerful Avenger...... , I mean to say your content in this video is incomplete......
Ruin King
i think hulk =4\nthor =1\ndr.strange =2\nScarlett witch= 3\niron man=5
STAR Labs Coffee
This list is crap because Doctor Strange, Vision, and Star-Lord are the only ones to be able to wield the infinity stones which makes them stronger than anyone else and if you want to argue about Thanos he can't wield the stones unless he has the gauntlet
SaNi's PlAygrOUnd
feeling sad for hawkeye
Santanu Saha
Really Hulk stronger than Thor, after Infinity War and Ragnarok?
Shouldn’t scarlet witch be higher then vision after all she beats him no problem in Civil War
Science Doctor
3 unbreakable things in MCU\n3rd: Captain America's shield\n2nd: Wolverine's Claws\n1st: HULK's Pants
Shachaf Goldenberg
hawkeye\nquicksilver\nblackwidow \nant man\nfalcon\nwinter soldeir\niron man\ncaptain america\nblack panther\nhulk\nthor\nvision
Sonet Van Der Mewe
Looper just want to say Thir is NOT a God as stated by Odin in MCU
Tarkan Mermer
Hulk is so not strong
The Ace
Where Is SENTRY??
The Halo Channel
1)Thor.\n2)Dr.Strange\n3)Scarlett.\n4)Hulk.\n5)Vision.\n6)Iron Man.\n7)Iron Spider.\n8)War Machine.\n9)Captain America.\n10)Black Panther.
The Shyest Ant
Dr Strange????
The Vigilante
Waiting for avengers 4\n⏱️⌚⏰🕰️⏳⏳⌛
Tåårïq & Ñåtë
Literally everything you said is incorrect.
Umairs Realm
Haha, watch Avengers Infinity War, and you will truly see what a GOD thor is.
William Flores
Vision is one of the weakest
William Hough
1. Doctor Strange\n2. Thor\n3. Scarlet Witch\n4. Vision\n5. Iron Man\n6. Hulk\n7. Spider-Man\n8. Black Panther\n9. Captain America\n10. Quicksilver\n\nDoctor Strange could have killed Thanos with the time stone single-handedly\nThor could have killed Thanos with Stormbreaker (his axe)
Xyler Manecla
Hawkeye is not a loser
Yimkong Amen
From my point of view Thor is the strongest avenger there's\u200b no doubt bout it n he was very close in killing Thanos if he had gone 4 the head.....
Zoey Potatote
Technically Thor would’ve beaten Hulk if they didn’t intervene
a bts army
Personally I think dr strange is the most powerful cos he can control TIME!!!\n\nSorry I diddnt realise that that was in capitals \n\n\nPlz like if u think the same
alfe adrika
Thor\nDr. Strange\nWanda
all counties
Has anyone seen black panther as if not don't bother just crap
anagh BG db
Cap is better than everyone except vision and wanda bucky and falcon are way better than war machine
bala vijay
thor is most powerful
ben kenobi
Scarlett which is stronger than vision boi
Nope, I don't agree with this list at all, especially not after the events of the Infinity War. \n\n#1 Thor. This one is easy, with the new Stormbreaker he nearly killed Thanos with a full gauntlet, something no other Avenger (or Guardian) even came close to achieving.\n#2 Hulk. Still absurdly strong, at least enough to fight the pet of a goddess to a stand still. However he did get decisively smacked around by an \
kisum 0120
Y it seem Avenger infinity and Thor ragnarok proof u wrong??
manoj ojha
Iron man with new suit is the most powerful avengers and also he is the smartest one
Spider-Man is should be a lot higher on the list, or at least above Captain America. Sure Cap has the experience and knows how to beat him, but we're talking most powerful, not most skilled. In straight strength Spider-Man is A LOT stronger than some people that were put above him.
What is this garbage. Black Widow in front of the guy with super speed? xD
sayantan ghosh
I can never accept the fact that Captain America is more powerful than Spiderman. Captain America doesn't have more strength than Spiderman. Captain America has good ground fighting skills but Spidey has speed, agility, crwaling ability, sixth sense, fast healing, webs etc.etc etc. No way Cap is more powerful than Spidey.
ta hg
After watching infinity war... I think thor is the most powerfull
Falcon is garbage. Ant man cam crawl into someone’s ear and then expand. Brains everywhere.
zane the h bomb 2
Nah nah nah u know what's more powerful than them\n\n\n\n\nHulks pants xD