Ranking The Most Powerful Avengers In The MCU

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* TwelveGageHuntr *
#1 Thor\n#2 Doctor Strange \n#3 Scarlet Witch\n#4 Hulk\n#5 Vision\n#6 Black Panther\n#7 Iron-Man\n#8 Captain America \n#9 Spider-Man\n#10 Quiksilver\nEdit: Also did u make fun of Hawkeye using a bow and arrow? Have u seen Arrow? Just saying.
Aayan Gupta
Captain america deserves better position as he could move Thor's hammer whereas all others couldn't..... Like=agree
Alldayanyday1 On The PS4
This list is pretty bad tbh lol
Allen Thula
that list was basically all wrong looper
Aminata Bilal
They are all strong in different situations. If you put a fish in land, do not expect it to do well. Their powers suit them in different situations.
Anne Zhang
captain marvel?
Apex _xtrixstr
1. Captain marvel\n2. Thor\n3. Dr. Strange\n4. Scarlet witch\n5. Vision\n6. Hulk\n7. Spider-man (iron spider)\n8. Black panther\n9. Iron man\n10. Captain America \n\n\n\nSpider-man is basically captain America with web shooters, spider senses, and all other spider abilities like being able to climb on walls. Also has tony stark technology suits.
Arvind Srinivasan
I thought captain marvel would be first place lol!
Thor beat the sh*t out of Hulk in Ragnarok. He is the strongest avenger!!!!!!!!!!!
Bash 123
Btw black panther is 42 years old.....
Bearded Cain
1.Thor with stormbreaker.\n2. Dr Strange\n3. Scarlett Wtich\n4. Vision\n5. Bleeding Edge Iron Man \n6. Black Panther (Hulk can't beat his vibranium and kinetic energy defense?\n7. Hulk\n8. Spider Man in Iron Spider suit
Bilal Farid
Black panther is by far the best
Bobby Northrup
After Infinity War Thor is by far the strongest Avenger
Natasha can control the Hulk more than ANYONE. She deserves a higher score. Also, Scarlet Witch can take down Vision, who is almost unbeatable. The Hulk can't always control his strength, so is it really strength?
Bordeaux Man
Looper is looking at their actions not their powers, this list is BS. Antman is way stronger than falcon, wintersoldier and cap in a one on one
After infinity war, Thor became the strongest marvel character.\nMCU* I thought it was obvious I was talking about the movies, but yeah, there are a handful of more powerful comic characters.
I updated this list after infinity war: \n\n1) Thor\n2) Doctor Strange\n3) Scarlet Witch \n4) Vision\n5) Hulk \n6) Iron man\n7) War machine\n8) Black Panther\n9) Spiderman (Iron spider)\n10) Captain America\n11) Winter Soldier \n12) Ant man\n13) Falcon\n14) Hawkeye and Black Widow
Daniel Cielak (Student)
In civil,war if it would only have cap Ironman would have won, or if Ironman would have had a sidekick like bucky
Darian Sarm
Even Thor does not have a weapon he can still beat the hulk if you do not believe me, watch the fight in Thor Ragnarok
Dark gamer
How a bout stan lee
Derek Palo
Black panther that high?! He lost to killmonger!!!! Yer crazy
Dillon Hill
I really enjoy the vid . But hulk beat the tar out of Thor ?? That’s the exact opposite of what happened actually. Thor was dominating and than the grandmaster stopped him with a disobedience disk . So Thor is no doubt the strongest
Hulk is the strongest avenger but Thor is the most powerful avenger.
Divo Galindra
Talking about strongest Thor should be the #1, and follow up by Scarlet Witch she could easily lift the whole city and throw it out of space
Edward José Torres
I HATE IRON MAN BRO!!\nAnd I think that Thor should've been first then Hulk,And then maybe Black Panther or Captain America.
Efrain Garcia Garcia
Thor should be higher than hulk because of his stormbreaker it can now just destroy hulk in one hit
Elliebean T.V.
Thor is stronger then hulk
FranklinTheSmartScientist Quizon
Ummmm...Hulk didn't beat Thor. 😂😂😂\n\nHow are you putting him at the top? Thor would have destroyed Hulk if it weren't for the shock. Even then, he stopped Hulk's attack after, which is why he was alive.
Gabriel Östemar
thor won the fight against hulk in thor ragnarok
Since when is Captain America more powerful than Spider-Man???
Hulk number one?\n\nTell that to Thanos...\n\nEdit: Some don’t get it. I know Thanos isn’t an Avenger, but what I am saying is that Hulk isn’t truly the strongest. In Infinity War, he was easily beaten by Thanos, but Thor was able to almost take him down. So technically Thor is truly the strongest Avenger.\n\nEdit 2: Also, Scarlet Witch is at the same level as Thor. She was able to hold back Thanos, and destroy an Infinity Stone. But the only reason she was able to hold back Thanos was because he had an uncompleted Gauntlet. Thor on the other hand, was able to overpower a fully completed Thanos wearing a completed Gauntlet. If only he aimed for the head...\nBut yes, I know this list was before Infinity War
Ghost Rider
I have one friend who asks:what happen if an immortal powerful spirit who beat Satan eat their souls?
Goel Brothers
Rank 1 : Thor
Hemant Sharma
Thor is the most powerful superhero, which also showed infinity war
Hollywood Starcast
Dr. Strange ????
Doctor strange my favorite thor my second spiderman, black panther,
Imagineit Ryan Productions
Nope, SUPERMAN was the one that made people believe a man could fly back in the 70's.
Jack Scharff
Personally I think Thor should be higher now that is a King And HAS STORMBREALER
James Escamilla
How is iron man in that place this is a pretty dumb list
Jeremy Reice Azazel Gallagher
Looper You obviously have no idea even in the mcu how powerful Spider-Man really is. His placement on your list is completely laughable. He should be just under scarlet witch. Steve Rodgers can only lift 800lbs where as Peter Parker can lift and throw 15-20 tons
John Smith
Falcon, Hawkeye, and Black Widow should not even be on this list.
Jon Dunn
Ant man should be way higher. Giant man needed pretty much all of Team Ironman to take him down and knocked out Spiderman just from his backhand hitting him while he was falling. Even with turning Giant he has all the force of a full grown man focused into the size of an ant.
Kahlil Herrera
1.thor\n2.iron man (bc he took out hulk)\n3.hulk\n4. Scarlet witch \n5. Spider-Man
Kaiser Servo
Not true
Katrina Thering
Hawkeye is the reason the avengers lost in Infinity War
Kicknowledge Smith
Thor is the most powerful, hulk is the strongest!! and I think scarlet witch more powerful than vision, but it can go either way, like a tie!!
Kirmet the Giraffe
Thor won in the ragnorok fight but then they electrified him\n\n\n\nHe is the god of thunder how does he get electrified?
Let’s draw
Every problem Ironman has fast was fixed by himself
Thor is the most powerful physically but Doctor Strange in the terms of \
Should Thor be higher than Hulk because of their Ragnarok fight? Should Ant-Man be higher than Falcon? Let us know how'd you rank the current Avengers in the MCU.
Mail Me
Mark Stolte
Thor should be higher than hulk and iron man should be second or third considering he bloodied Thanos. I think it goes \n1.) Thor\n2.) Scarlet Witch\n3.) Doctor Strange\n4.) Iron Man\n5.) Hulk
Mc Muffin _9_
Never never never say that hulk is stronger than thor
Mehmet Ozel
Messed-up Kid
Number 1 should be Hulk's pants
Mikah Z
Thor should be much higher after infinity war
Mike Tallway
1. Thor\n2. Doctor Strange\n3. Hulk
Miscellaneous Mind
Phil Coulson \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
Mr. Theater
How the heck is Black Widow stronger than Hawkeye and Quicksilver?
Ned R
Thor should be the on the #1 place because he is obviously stronger than Hulk in their Ragnarok fight. The only reason he got defeated because the grandmaster cheated and tased him. Plus, Thor survived a lot of fatalities, like, when Thanos threw him into space and got hit by a spaceship, or when he survived the force of a star, and many more.
Thor is a G he would destory all
Peytøn Aryñ
0:56 😂
Thor #1\nHulk #2
Rafael Alódio
Doctor Strange should be somewhere in the list.
Realvortrey 69
Technically Thor beat hulk
Rozy D'costa
This list is incomplete without Doctors Stephen Strange, in fact he is a key element and one of the most important and powerful Avenger...... , I mean to say your content in this video is incomplete......
Ryan Cutin
1. Stan Lee\n2.Thor and Dr. Strange\r\n3. Scarlet witch\r\n4. Vision\r\n5. Iron Man\r\n6. Hulk\r\n7. Captain America\r\n8. Black Panther\r\n9. Spider Man\r\n10. Ant Man\r\n11. War Machine\r\n12. Falcon \r\n13. Bucky Barnes\r\n14. Black Widow\r\n15. Hawkeye\r\n\nThe creator must be the highest among all the Character.\nR.I.P Stan Lee
STAR Labs Coffee
This list is crap because Doctor Strange, Vision, and Star-Lord are the only ones to be able to wield the infinity stones which makes them stronger than anyone else and if you want to argue about Thanos he can't wield the stones unless he has the gauntlet
Hulk is man and thor the god of thunder
First off. Thank you for not putting Dr. Strange on this list. In the MCU he is NOT an Avenger. He simply fights along side them.\n\nSecondly, Thor is vastly more powerful than The Hulk. We see this in Thor Ragnarok when Thor pretty well beats The Hulk before being shut down by the Grandmaster. He then proceeds to unlock his true power which boosts his strength even more. And then in Infinity war (which I know wasn't out by the time this video was published) he gets Stormbreaker and becomes even more powerful.\n\nYou only put Hulk at number one for fan service, and that's extremely disappointing.\n\nEdit: You're also basing most of the early members off of their actions dictated by the script of the movies they were in, and not by their actual powers. Ant-man is VERY powerful. Imagine him shrinking down, entering your brain cavity and starts throwing haymakers into your brain. Or growing normal size again exploding you from the inside out. He has all the power of his normal self at his smallest size making him punch with the power of a 9mm bullet.\n\nWhen he goes big his strength increases dramatically. I really think you need to re-evaluate the list a little bit.\n\nI could go on about Quicksilver too, but I think you have enough new holes in your ass.
Sanskaar Sharma
Hulk's purple pants are the strongest
Santanu Saha
Really Hulk stronger than Thor, after Infinity War and Ragnarok?
Sarathak Nivangune
Wrong list becaus no one say about tony stark IRON MAN he only 1 ho beat thanos and bring the blud
Science Doctor
3 unbreakable things in MCU\n3rd: Captain America's shield\n2nd: Wolverine's Claws\n1st: HULK's Pants
Shivam Shastri
What if Captain America vs Wolverine????🤔🤔.
Stop Playing Your Tom and Jerry Games
But Iron Man didn't lose to the Hulk. The Mark 43 was made to be stronger than the Hulk before he turned angry and was made specifically to subdue/stop the Hulk. From that small clip where the Hulk was supposedly beating up Iron Man, that was taken out of context. The Hulk got knocked out after that by Iron Man.
Quick silver isn't as experienced as the flash I don't think he has the instincts to catch the bullets all he could think of was the act as a shield
Thor Odin
Screw Hulk ...Thor is a freaking GOD\n\nEdit: Why am I referring to myself in third person?
Timotius Antyanta
After watching infinity war... I think thor is the most powerfull
Valeska Deleon
How is the Hulk more more powerful then Thor??????
XxxLeonie xxX
1. Thor\n2. Dr Strange\n3. Scarlet Witch\n\nThis is just my opinion btw 👍
alka vishwakarma
Is there anyone who can beat the TIME intelligence of Doctor Strange?
anthony lofton
As a black Panther fan I like the list
I actually agree with this list
kaustubh sawant
I think by mentaly cap is strongest
proceon proceon
Mr. Looper looks like I might have to come up with a Channel of my own the channel looks great and all but there are several holes in your theory yeah the Hulk is powerful and all that we've seen it in the comic books and we seen it in the MCU but the thing of it is is this is there now with the event of Captain Marvel coming on the scene she seems to be more power than the Hulk and then not only that but other Avengers such a Senrty and blue Marvel I'm way more powerful than the whole blue Marvel bested the hope before and so did Senrty Sentry just touch the hope and absorb the gamma rays from his body turning back to Bruce Banner the problem is that the MCU doesn't do the actual stories from the comics much Justice at all I would suggest anybody really wanted to know who's the most powerful to do a little reading and research don't just let the MCU try to give you some flimsy shallow Viewpoint of what these characters are because if you go deep into the storylines you'll get a whole lot more interesting tidbits
quincy wright vlogs
Well I don't agree with this list.\nMY TOP FIVE : Thor,hulk,captain America, iron man,spider man.
sayantan ghosh
I can never accept the fact that Captain America is more powerful than Spiderman. Captain America doesn't have more strength than Spiderman. Captain America has good ground fighting skills but Spidey has speed, agility, crwaling ability, sixth sense, fast healing, webs etc.etc etc. No way Cap is more powerful than Spidey.
snow man8
Thor won though, thor should be 1st and i know the video was before infinity war but thor is the only one that could actually stand vs thanos
stefan sauvageon
5:34 Nope.
tech programmer
Tony stark is a boss of avenger
the crazy kid
Thor is stronger than hulk you fool!
treehouse gokuldham
Everyone is strong in there own way