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Kayla and Tyler tried the twin telepathy slime challenge. They did really well! This was so funny! Subscribe

Connie Kayla Shawn Tyler We Are The Davises challenge funny slime slime challenge twin telepathy

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Abby Nowlan
Yay! Early. You probs won’t see this cmnt but Kayla is my idol.. ily all so much...
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This is Addison\n👧🏻\nShe is zero \n1 like equals 1 year\nHow old can Addison get.
Aecon Madlangbayan
I love you we are the davises
Al Vlog
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Alana Keily
Ha id have to pull an all-nighter everyday to be able to watch ur videos on time I aint well more like CANT wake up at 6 am lol
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Alyssa Is cool
9 minutes late sorry davises
Amara Marsk
My laugh: ha ha hehe ha\nKayla’s laugh: hehahahe HEHEHAHAHOOOOO
Angela Tomassetti
Kayla is so pretty like if you agree😘
Brielle Gregory
i would call kaylas slime winter wonderland
CJ swart
1 like =1 time making slime
Cakes Andtoys
Kayla with the clear glue 😂\nLove your videos! ✨
Chloe's life Love you
I love use guys ❤️
Christopher Herman
I have never made floam or cloud slime 😣 1 like= 1 new slime
Cookieswirlc Fan
Roses are red ,\nViolets are blue,\nWe came here today,\nBecause we don't have any glue
Cutiepie Coco
Omg I love this
Dance For life
Pin this if you love your fans from the UK love you guys❤️
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Like if they're the best💕💕💕
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Slime can be red\nSlime can be blue\nKayla makes slime\nI do to
Gloria Ashkar
I love your slime video they are so fun love you 😘 I
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Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nDo you like slime?\nI do too😀.
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Who loves we are the davises
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Hania Hadia shiny girls mir
You should do a Q and A
Hi People
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10th comment i love this video
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I love you guys soooo much your the best
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Hahahahahahah they use to post at 8.00 pm for me every night but now because it is day light saving they post at 9.00 pm because I live in Australia like if that happens to u
ItzMeJulia _
Hi!WE ARE THE DAVISES!i love you guys so so so MUCH❤️❤️❤️
Itz_Me_ Katrina
Can u do spin the wheel slime challenge
JKhloie Romales
Helllooooo pls give me a shoutouttt i love u guys especially Kaylaaa😍😍
Kenadie Wright
i love you so much
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Can I please get a shot out and I love you Guys
LOL in real life
I love slame challenge also i love your family💖💖💖
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Videos, and I love your videos
Lia V
love this video😍😍
Linda Pape
Who thought when they first saw there channel and thought they were twins?🦄💜💜🤗🤗❤️❤️💙💙💚😁😀😀😆😆😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Love you guys you are the best!
Lucy Raynard
I wish I could meet you
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52 views and 398 likes? What is going on youtube?
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Love you soooo much one of my favorite YouTubers in the world 🌎 love 💕 you
Madison MacClure
Can I please have a shout out your ausome
Madison Parker
Yall should so the siri picks my slime ingredients
Mady Anderson
This glue is screaming my mind \n- Tyler
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I love you guys so much can I have a shoutout
Marisa Barnard
i love slime
Martyna Grubba
Max Blatchford
First like
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Lysm its 3 a.m here in California but I woke up for this
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You guys are one of the best channels on YouTube. I love you guys. Like if you think this is a amazing channel.
Michelle Zhou
You have so many comments in like two minute!
Molly and Riley
Hey guys I lov your slime vids
Norah Dailey
OMG tyler u put to many foam beads at 5:29 he said im just gana add a bit
Poppy Harrison
I love you 🤟
I love u guys sooo much I wish this got noticed and I subscribed and turned on the bell 🙂😃😃
Riah and Aaron
Who else scrolls down the comments while they’re watching? 😀🙂
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I like your both slime's 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀your slime's are realy cool
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Hi tyler and kayla ❤❤
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OMG I love you guys
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Do asmr plssss
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hi guyz I really love ya😊😊
Si Si Knows
Where do you get those tiny floam beads from are there any shops in Australia I'm American but I'm on holidays in Australia for this and next year I love those tiny ones so I need to get them!!! Lol 😂
Sofia ALI
Love you guys keep it up like if you agree
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Hey i love your channel and i wish i could meet u in real life xxxxxxx💗💗💗💗💗😘
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Talyn Marquez
I love your vids can you do a 24 hours in ty's room plz ❤❤❤😁
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I luv u guys please do the patato chip challenge
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Lotion makes clear pearl like! Try it
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This is Bob one like makes Bob one year older ⛹
This is my account
Kinda not really early squad where u at?
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You guys should do part 2 like if you agree
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I love u guys am plz notice me 💖💖😘😘😭😭
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And amazing video
amazing grace Love mom and dad
They post every time at 6:00am bc I live in illonoce
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I LOVE We Are The Davises❤❤❤
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I love your content and I have been subbed for 2 Years!
Roses are red violets are blue and gold banquet and slime too!!!I love you so much Kayla and Tyler 😍😍😍😍😍
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