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DeRo Deniz & Roman Gay couples Gay love

Hanane Madhupal
Please, Please, where can I find the serial I searched a lot and did not find him and I want to watch it strongly😣😢😢😢❤❤❤
\u003c3 So beautiful!
Rosa Mara
I'm soo in Love omg 💗🙌🏻
Sisi Kitty
da war awz noch richtig gut
Tereza F
author please, can you write me which episodes you used?
anwar abdulbasheer
carol neal
Where can I watch the beginning of them
Danke für dieses Viedeo, immer noch schön anzusehen;.))))
lalelu tag
ich liebe euch für immer deniz und roman 💛💕💜💙💚so traurig
oscar foster
hermosa y dolorosa historia de amor,roman und deniz for ever.
Bitte sehr :)
sashalee griffiths
The DeRo storyline is the best ever.... Way better than Chrolli and all the others
sempai adictaalyaoii
donde puedo ver todos los capítulos de esta serie