NERF Rainbow Six Siege - DEFEND THE HOUSE!

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Sam so dumb
Alex Clark-Thompson
But you didn't say go loud or go quiet at every door.
American Wolverine
Question is spawn peaking allowed
Andy Daubner
BuT tHeRe Is No AcOg
Anna Akana
Thanks for having me guys! My new enemy: stairs
Anthony Brault
Sam is a little kid trapped in a adults body
Arno Avsec
he got Gopro hero session 4 i got it too 0:04
Biggie Cheese
Lol Samos gonna get banned by BattleEye for cheating.
Canadian Gold
I want to do this but I'm afraid I'll look as dorky as you guys
Carson Shaver
Sam is a cheater
Sam is the exact opposite person you wanna play against lmao
Not really a win if Brandon was shot by Sam when he was already dead...
Wow Sam is so cheating
Dee Lavish
I would have went full Jäger tryhard on you guys and spawn peaked all of you 😂😂😂😂
Doggo Ben
I’m playing Rainbow 6 as you speak\nHaha
Spawn kill everyone
Drake Coonce
Defenders should win every time haha they're gadgets or anything
sam is like that one kid in class that no one ever likes and always plays unfair.
The camera man is giving away the positions
Foxtrot Pipe
lol sam is such a tryhard
Friend Man
You should’ve used thin paper as barricades so just like in the game you could shoot through it.
This looks like Chalet
Grave Digger
There should have been a “drone”.
Hunter Fasnacht
Annas hot af and has a nice set
Sam be cheating 😂
Iestyn Williams
Sam Was Shot Loads
Inquisitor Shu
i get that sam really couldnt have felt the first, but the second he wasnt wearing the hoodie and d called it clearly, then sam killed brandon when he was dead... i hope sam reads these comments
The shot that hit Sam and he didn't call it because it like hit his scarf not skin contact
Sam legitimately reacted to his hit at 12:11, yet he kept playing lol
It's Not Dean
No rapling ;; lol
They could’ve spawnpeeked if tHeRe AcOgS wErE’nT tAkEn AwAy
Jackson Reed372
So cringeyyy
Jaymz Terlouw
Lol warhammer T-shirt!
Jessie Shaw
Remember when they used to post airsoft videos😕
Justin Joseph
Sams cheatin ass smh😂☠️
freeze frame sam got hit in the hood, totally understandable that he didnt notice
Kohana Lumiere
I wish I could play with you guys. I have a nerf gun, but I have no one to play with.
Kyle B
There should be 5 in both teams not 4
Lethu M
Adding a time limit for the attackers would've been more exciting.
Lightt Strike
Sam was being so stupid.
Maarten Peterse
Thus is to sirius
Wut!!! No Tachanka! No Jager! No Doc! No Ela! No Lesion!!!!
Are they playing for fun or competition? Because Sam kinda needs to chill out and follow the rules like everybody else, its just going to cause issues...If somebody that Sam killed after he died decided to give themselves an extra life since Sam was already dead it could have been a massacre, lol.
Moldy Bread
5:12 Shaun: “skills bro skills.” Instantly shoots wall
Nathan Binder
Neil C
I just love how Brandon randomly stick the middle finger at blue team 😊😂😂😂😂
Nicholas Purcell
If you ever feel useless... just know a group of adults made a real life R6S video
Nicky h225
Its nothing or nerf
Sam Elsenheimer
My mom: Wanna go see Black Panther? Me: No I'm watching perfectly put together action movie. My mom: What are you watching? Me:... Adults playing with nerf guns
Sam Schiffman
You don’t lose drones lol
Saturnino Casillas
I’m jello xD good video keep up the work 👍
6:14 I Guesse Brandon is ash \n\n\n\n\n\nGOT TO GO FAST
Scott M
So... Sam is that guy in every game that gets shot but never admits defeat... I give 'em two more matches before someone loses their shit over it,
Sam is such a cry baby omg
If I did this with my friends one of them would pick the fastest rate of fire gun and spawn peek us
Sky Smith
Sam is becoming the player that everyone hates xD
Hey why don't the attackers have drones?
This is A bad name
You know it's not real r6 cause there's no toxic ash is her mains
Thomas Chu
Sam killed Brandon even though Sam was already dead and we can clearly hear D saying that he got Sam earlier...
Rainbow Nerf Siege.
Looks like so much fun!
Vex Cryptiic
No tachanka :(
Vidal Cuevas
why is the paul's dad there
Wiggaz Smoke
Not sige because there's no spwan peeks
Wildest Apple
Damn Sam can't seem to play with others
eZ spawnpeak lmao
sam should have not died cuz that would not be apart of the hitbox in the game
Sam cheated every round.
[CC] Tofu
13:00 Sam is such a freaking cheater
basil B
black guy
nothing like the game, where is the people trying to spawnpeak and instantly die?
Sam is that one player who is always I WASNT SHOT I DIDN'T FEEL IT
it kinda ruins it without the walls, rappling and abilites
diamond crew Rose
D plays Glenn on the walking dead
dmitri margolis
Sam needs to call his hits
Everyone selected Recruit, but Sam selected Doc XD
eric sothard
I am gay
firemaster 2233
2 people left, toxic game
i call all ray's fake
Where is my boi fuze?
At least nobody spawnpeeked like a dirty pre-nerf Jaeger main.
Sam is a poor sport. He never calls hits and throws a fit when he gets proven wrong.
why not airsoft guns
mr muffins games
kapkan the napkin
Why lie about it sam LOL
nick peter im good
oscar hulm
as a rainbow six siege player this is really cringey
pixies hart
Men playing with kids toys \nYoutube in a nutshell hahaha great vid guys
10:15 dat ass!
Doesn’t Sam looks like iron fist???
the dark ghost 151
Reds should have won round 2 Sam was dead so the kill he got up stairs wouldn't have been a kill and Sam why you cheating in round 1 and 2 come on man
this account isn't real
Its very important to not clip things like radios or flashlights on your back in line with your spine when youre running around like this.\nIf you slip or fall down the stairs or something its a really easy way to injure your spine
Sam made this video really cringey
yeet yeet
Why are they all roaming? You need some anchors
بطل ببسي
الي عربي لايك❤❤🔥🌹