Super Virtual Hydlide - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 161)

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Super Hydlide & Virtual Hydlide - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 161)Twitter James ✜

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Alesander Cieślak
Arnold szwarcendger 16:56
Amber_pops133 Lee
Games that really need a HD remaster for the PS4 and Xbox one \nBully\nWWE HCTP\nTomb Raider
AudioCultSG Official
oh god... why does the intro music sound so weird...
AxZelJibanyan Anims
I guess AVGN is playing Castlevania. \nShiitake ( no really when I see shiitake I always remember AVGN 😂 )
Thank you for coming to FPF last weekend! It was great finally getting to meet you. Thanks for signing my Simon’s Quest box! I hope you had fun, I know these things can probably be exhausting, especially with all your fans wanting 5-10 minute interviews on the fly😐
Beezow Doo Doo Zoppitybop Bop Bop
*H Y D L I D E*
Big Smoke
i have something for you . play EXPERT . on ps1
Blazing Coal
The hell? That shitty Virtual Hydlide game was published by ATLUS of all people?!\n\n\nWell, I never saw that coming.
Bobby Peru
This is shaping up to be one of James' most quotable videos to date. Hey, the part's comin' up where he says \
I haven't thought of god dang muzy in who knows how long.
Boomstick Gaming
Virtual Hydlide, The Dark Souls before Demon's Souls... not gonna lie though, it actually looks kinda cool.
Cesc C.
I love this new wave of avgn episodes :)
The nerd is a Tool fan!? Mind=Blown
Connor Gray
Classic return to form, damn son
DJ Nurse Annabella
This is one of the funniest episodes of the Nerd! After watching this I thought about one of the jokes and couldn't help but laugh really hard. \
Daniel Staples
These games are true mASSSSSSSSterpeices
David Bowie
love the tool song references
Wait... the Genesis port was called SUPER Hydlide? You'd think that would be the SNES port, while the Genesis version would be called MEGA Hydlide!
Dimitri NerdRocks BR
pls make fallout 1, 2, tactics and brotherhood of steel
Dirty Dan
The nerd has still got it.
Dr Shaym
You die after not eating for only two hours? Is the player character hypoglycemic?
Dr. Izzt Frizl PHD
You're a hadouken.
Gabriel Fransiozi
Henriko Magnifico
Please play Takeshi's Challenge!
How to properly clean your metal computer
Wait... this sounds familiar, just like Hydlide’s theme.
Hwah TV
as a cashier, watching the AVGN slam the bell at a till labelled 'please use next checkout' is anxiety-inducing
Little do people know about virtual hydle is that it was the original skyrim before Todd stole it to make skyrim.
JD Harding
A game with SUPER in the title on Genesis? I know Sega had SNES envy after a while but... wow.
Jared Samples
*nerd telling \
JoePTP Faze
get dangerous
João Lisboa
Virtual Hydlide is like Dark Souls v0.0000000001, which, despite the enormous technical limitations that make it such a shitty game, is pretty impressive considering it came out as early as 95. At its very core, below hundreds of layers of awfulness, it's quite visionary to be honest.
I know this video is about what I’m going to explain, but I wanted to say it anyway.\n\nRemember when he did a video talking about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and he criticized it partially over the fact that random people would be walking by and just randomly attack you? Okay, so basically I downloaded a ROM, and started observing the NPC behavior, and I actually found out why random people that aren’t mentioned in the manual attack you sometimes. They actually do it when that Mad Bomber shows up. They actually are trying to run away from him, and a lot times, run into you in the process. This is why their speed increases. So there actually is a reason for them attacking you.
Lloyd Stang
Virtual Hydlide didn’t seem too bad. Randomized worlds and it looked like a OG dark souls
Luna Valentine
Thank you for the munky cheez reference. It did not go unappreciated
13:49\n\nLove how he's ringing the bell, when the sign on the counter says \
How did James make the “s” sound when he said “ass”? The lip movements don’t match the words he’s saying at 3:07 XD
Max Gamez
Virtual hydlide looks pretty fun actually id play it if I had a saturn
I shall create Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hydelide and destroy the world!
Michael Balfour
Anyone disappointed that Virtual Hydlide wasn't on Virtual Boy?
Mr. J
James. Mr. Nerd, sir. Please don't ever stop.
Is it sad that Virtual Hydlide made me think of a SUPER early Dark Souls-esque game...
The original Hydlide review was one of my favorite episodes.\nNice to see a sequel to it!
I actually unironically like the Super Hydlide music. Fight me
¿Ya no bebes alcohol? ...los esponsores son muy concretos a la hora de soltar pasta sobre lo que puedes hacer en el canal y que no perjudique su imagen.\nlo triste es que hayas cedido..
Otter Empire
IDK besides graphics Virtual Hydlide doesn't look terrible
Oxy Moron
Lol the Poochie reference killed me
Peridot47 Dexter How
Do genesis accessories
Did... did I see that right?\n\n*ATLUS* ???
RZI Productions
Jim doesn't sound like a nerd's name, it sounds like the name of a paper salesman
Rafael Ulloa
There was more than one?
*All the bosses grunts are reversed Japanese!*
Retro Warlord
Who wants him to review Takeshi's Challenge.
19:13 - What is he saying? Bonjour?
what a wonderful gift from avgn blessing us with so many new episodes lately
Seven Proxies
Virtual Hydelide: let's you touch balls.
Sikka Bleeat
11:58\nJames almost breaks character and laughs.
Suika Ibuki
virtual hydlide doesnt even look that bad tbh lol
The G Podcast PSVR/PS4 Reviews
I can't believe that \
There's a starman waiting in the sky
Another AVGN episode to make my day.
Tim Slagle II
Did he ever do whomp'em
Travis Lindberg
AVGN many thanks to you and crew, dare ya to do comix zone for Sega,...AAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Unlimited Bits Gaming
I applaud Virtual Hydlide for being such an ambitious game for it's time. It looks like what a lot of massive, dungeon-crawling, open-world fantasy games from today would've probably looked like if they had been made during those decades gone by. I think it's impressive. Now if only it was a good game, haha!
What did we do to deserve so much AVGN lately?
Victor Damázio
Nerd, I have an idea for an episode, and you could even make a multi-part series of many episodes: \
Vinchenzo marinostyle
Avgn throw back!
Where's the Freedom?
2:26 i think it sounds pretty good
I was hoping he would get sick and throw up the textures from the game.
That 2nd version of Hydlide actually looks sweet lol
Wait, a game starting with Super that isn't on the Super Nintendo but the Sega Genesis instead? 😂
There's a reason \
TBH the Sega Saturn version looked really good for its time. The gameplay needs to be improved though. A hidden classic.
A Muzzy reference. God blessed me.
i Bandar
Engirsho gamero Hydlido 🤩analo 🤓
You and Joe should collab and make a vid on a game so bad... something happens. But u probably already reviewed that sh!tty game.
Still the best internet commentator theme song ever.
Wish I had a scroll of herbs to turn everything to weed.
le old ClainBill
Please say you still do yhese
Hydlide sounds like a cleaning product, not a wondrous fantasy realm.
mio mia
After 10 years of AVGN and *never* has he asked for a like or subscribe. \nThat’s admirable, what a humble guy. \n❤️
Was this just a really long \
panayiotis konstantos
You are one of the best reviewers i have see on youtube. Really you are very cool , you speak clear and funny . You have good quality videos, even your 2006 videos are very good quality videos. What else we need for a good game review video. Also i like your explenation i can understand everything because you speak very clear. What else we need, oh i forgot the music of angry video game nerd is very cool i hear it every time, also the funny videos you add inside the videos with these effects are also very cool. Please keep make these videos you doing perfect. We need people like you in youtube and in the world.
pixel girl
I remember buying a copy of Super Hydlide in a second hand store when I was maybe 12 because it looked vaguely like Zelda on the back of the box... I was incredibly disappointed. Luckily, the game couldn't even display the dialogue text correctly half of the time so I got to exchange it as \
Thank you for the Tool reference. I didn't think you could get any cooler!
For extra entertainment, turn the closed captions on. You'll know why when you see it.
the taco
I want to know how AVGN feels about the Sonic Adventure games
wall9r Main
warrior of time
The Knight is Jim....JIM PICKENS
Кейти Тамира
Dies after not eating for 2 hours? Ohh, it's not that bad.\nIn Adventure Island, you die after not eating for 20 SECONDS.
Before the vid even starts, thank you so much for bringing back the theme we all love!