Super Virtual Hydlide - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 161)

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Super Hydlide & Virtual Hydlide - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 161)Twitter James ✜

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Angel V
Now this is the nerd I remember. Fuckin ruthless. Love it lol
10:07 Minecraft probably got inspired by virtual hydlide
So happy these are in my notifications!
Little do people know about virtual hydle is that it was the original skyrim before Todd stole it to make skyrim.
AxZelJibanyan Anims
I guess AVGN is playing Castlevania. \nShiitake ( no really when I see shiitake I always remember AVGN 😂 )
Virtual Hydlide reminded me of Stonekeep - except Stonekeep was actually a great game. I should play it again sometime...
Thank you for coming to FPF last weekend! It was great finally getting to meet you. Thanks for signing my Simon’s Quest box! I hope you had fun, I know these things can probably be exhausting, especially with all your fans wanting 5-10 minute interviews on the fly😐
So many uploads lately! Killin it, James.
Big Smoke
i have something for you . play EXPERT . on ps1
Blackwood Drummer
This. This is the quality shit I signed up to YouTube for.
Blazing Coal
The hell? That shitty Virtual Hydlide game was published by ATLUS of all people?!\n\n\nWell, I never saw that coming.
Bobby Peru
This is shaping up to be one of James' most quotable videos to date. Hey, the part's comin' up where he says \
I haven't thought of god dang muzy in who knows how long.
Boomstick Gaming
Virtual Hydlide, The Dark Souls before Demon's Souls... not gonna lie though, it actually looks kinda cool.
Brandon Campbell
Wow. Muzzy. Haha
Cameron Dobson
what?! another Hydlide game?! this oughta be great!
Cesc C.
I love this new wave of avgn episodes :)
The nerd is a Tool fan!? Mind=Blown
Cody Alexander
love the tool song references
Cody Danny
Editing is even better than usual!!
Connor Gray
Classic return to form, damn son
11:52 LMAO wasn't expecting that joke.
Daniel Staples
These games are true mASSSSSSSSterpeices
Derik Roberts
So glad to hear the original, full intro song! Well done Sirs!
Dr Shaym
You die after not eating for only two hours? Is the player character hypoglycemic?
Super Hydlide wasn't that bad. Still bad, but not as bad as James makes it look.
WTF?! Atlus did Virtual Hydlide!
Virtual Hydlide seems like an early predecessor to Dark Souls.
Gnostic Of The Divine Esoteric Source
Please keep the old opening and title cards that's the best part
Henriko Magnifico
Please play Takeshi's Challenge!
How to properly clean your metal computer
Wait... this sounds familiar, just like Hydlide’s theme.
Jefferson Andrade
Virtual Hylide \u003e Dark Souls
João Lisboa
Virtual Hydlide is like Dark Souls v0.0000000001, which, despite the enormous technical limitations that make it such a shitty game, is pretty impressive considering it came out as early as 95. At its very core, below hundreds of layers of awfulness, it's quite visionary to be honest.
Yeah, this game better \
Luna Valentine
Thank you for the munky cheez reference. It did not go unappreciated
Super and Virtual AstroGlide.
13:49\n\nLove how he's ringing the bell, when the sign on the counter says \
Mattia Nichelatti
I disagree with Super hydlide: it is hard and not user friendly (I remember playing it when I was 11/12) but it is not soo bad. Virtual Hydlide is shit.
Mega Cat
Just saying the name gives you a gag reflex like you’re about to puke.
Michael Levitan
Far Cry 5 in 2018 SUCKS TOO MUCH (WHY)\nAngry Video Game Nerd (Episode 1610)
Mike Kidd
Mr. J
James. Mr. Nerd, sir. Please don't ever stop.
Mr. Robert
*Epic as always*
Otter Empire
IDK besides graphics Virtual Hydlide doesn't look terrible
Oxy Moron
Lol the Poochie reference killed me
Parker Downey
The store is backwards. Did he go shopping in mirror land?
_You got_ T O O L
The fact that this guy is still making videos shows there’s hope for This platform
Who the hell dislike Avgn !
Rafael Ulloa
There was more than one?
Reagan Dow
I have to “Shiitake” right away!
*All the bosses grunts are reversed Japanese!*
Robert Sand
That watch battery is also in the dreamcast but you have to open the whole console to replace it. That's how the clock saves. Stupid idea in both consoles
Rodolfo Oliveira
Virtual HydLide looks like ultra primitive Skyrim.
16:35 OMG is that Muzzy?!
Sejla Marinovic
Pretty sure the glich gremlin forgot to unglich Super Hydline.
Seven Proxies
Virtual Hydelide: let's you touch balls.
Sikka Bleeat
11:58\nJames almost breaks character and laughs.
Suika Ibuki
virtual hydlide doesnt even look that bad tbh lol
The G Podcast
I can't believe that \
The Reaping Hopkins
Can you review Rogue Warrior on the Xbox 360, it is literally one of the worst games on the system.\n\nIf not then please review Spirit of Speed 1937 on the Dreamcast. Why? Well it's very obvious from the cover of the holding case for the game that this gonna be bad because the cover has none other than the rainbow of death of Laughing Joking Numbnuts. But even if it wasn't on there, it still is a awful game
Colonoscopy well I thought it before you said it hahahahaha
Get down!!!!\n\nThought of Arnie when James did that instantly lol.
Keep the new AVGN coming at this pace!
There's a starman waiting in the sky
Another AVGN episode to make my day.
Tim Slagle II
Did he ever do whomp'em
Virtual Hydlide looks cool actually
A link to the original Hydlide review isn't included in the description? Odd.
Twilight Snarkle
Why did I have to Re Subscribe? I have been subscribed since you were on youTube.
Ultra Xeron
The Nerd has become so obsessed with shit that he bought a book on it. The internet is a wonderful place.
What did we do to deserve so much AVGN lately?
William Freemon
The addition of Muzzy the French bear was clutch !
Wait, a game starting with Super that isn't on the Super Nintendo but the Sega Genesis instead? 😂
Wow, this is funny. Is james finally trying again? Does the nerd finally care again? \n\nKeep it up. We missed you.
TBH the Sega Saturn version looked really good for its time. The gameplay needs to be improved though. A hidden classic.
A Muzzy reference. God blessed me.
I tried Super Hydlide and I have to say it's actually really good. It had what lot of games were missing-a real fucking challenge. The game is not bad, it's just really hard. Lot of players today are too used to having meters, numbers, counters shown for everything but in this game there's lots of things you won't see coming and has a steep learning curve, no tutorials, nothing it just puts you smack in a town with 2000 dollars and you have to make the best of it. If you never watched it the anime Goblin Slayer, it's evident that that anime is based on super hard RPGs like Super Hydlide. If you're not prepared or fully trained for it you're going to get raped, eaten and killed.
i Bandar
Engirsho gamero Hydlido 🤩analo 🤓
Still the best internet commentator theme song ever.
The SEGA SATURN is my all-time favorite game system! It was Good quality hardware. Problem is, it was in the hands of idiots. It's like SEGA had a running competition at the company for who could make the WORST decisions involving a home system. But if Nintendo or Sony had been given the hardware in it's final state(AKA: The Sony SATURN) they'd have made it a hit system.
mio mia
After 10 years of AVGN and *never* has he asked for a like or subscribe. \nThat’s admirable, what a humble guy. \n❤️
Was this just a really long \
Virtual hydlide look like a YouTuber made a video game skit.
paco ramon
This game was to ambicius for its time.
pixel girl
I remember buying a copy of Super Hydlide in a second hand store when I was maybe 12 because it looked vaguely like Zelda on the back of the box... I was incredibly disappointed. Luckily, the game couldn't even display the dialogue text correctly half of the time so I got to exchange it as \
saad siddiqui
Hey nerd when you gonna make a review video on castlevania season 2 really want to know what's are your thoughts about castlevania season 2
the taco
I want to know how AVGN feels about the Sonic Adventure games
wall9r Main
this feels like old skool avgn, or maybe im just spewing the same vomit flavor hearing 'hydlide' again
Кейти Тамира
Dies after not eating for 2 hours? Ohh, it's not that bad.\nIn Adventure Island, you die after not eating for 20 SECONDS.
Before the vid even starts, thank you so much for bringing back the theme we all love!