Pregnant Woman Pain During Childbirth

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Abdul Ahad
Only a woman can do that Hats off to all women 👏👏👏👏
Akshata Patil
My also vigna hurts now
Alan Hayden
Omg that makes my vagina hurt watching this
Alana Wilson
I am not going to get
Amrendra Kumar
so go
Ana gogo gehad
Andrea Causley
i didn't find yet no one that had screamed like me! u did great! 😍😍😍
Asif Raja
nice good
4:52 just made me wanna vomit... But good job mom!
BoerboelDog Owner
would she not be better squatting on her feet? Gravity would help maybe? I dunno laying on the back made it look harder. I'm a guy and I'm just saying what it looks like. My girlfriend wants to get pregnant so I'm watching this shit. Looks like I'll probably throw up.
Briditte Bargeot
Omg why am i watching that shit?! I'm never EVER going through this hell again!!!
Camille Acevedo
i'm 35 weeks and im here breathing for her. good job mama, a couple of hours of pains for a life time of beautiful moments.
Catherine Rothe
What a idiot.
Cherrelle Gobar
Oh Man. This brings back memories when I gave natural birth to my daughter. Yes the pain is excruciating, but from my experience it was more fear since it was my first baby. You really have to trust your body and go with it. Pushing during a contraction is 🔑.
Christen Hibbler
Lots of blood
Claudia Vanhorne
So much blood came out gosh
Courtney Hall
Wow is all I can say
DD FriscoTX
That looks absolutely miserable. I am all for getting all the drugs and epidurals I can get. If the kid comes out a little oozy…smack it on the ass…it will cry and all will be well.
Dana Gonzalez
That's was so painful
Delilah Collins
A strong breather like you could win an underwater challenge way to breath it mama!!!!!!!!
Diana's World
When the lady was pulling out the baby the pregnant mama yelled MOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Dre Martin
Good lord . I was getting irritated watching this . Push women . Geezus . I got my first baby out in 3 pushes . 2nd baby was out in 20 mins . I’m due in 7 weeks now with last baby . But goodnesss . I’m sitting here watching thinking push women .
Ella Cloud
Evey Jarding
Thas wiu i am stil a kid.
Freddy Pedraza
That's why I respect y'all, if I ever get married and my wife goes through all this pain for a child, the food, cleaning, laundry will be done by me
Guineagrl 887
Children for me is out the window
Gungunmanoj Soni
Congratulations aapko
Hanna Taylor
You did so AWESOME even though you were in pain and screaming but remember even though it's PAINFUL it's better to try to stay calm and take deep breaths because you are safe and nothing bad is going to happen to you even though it's PAINFUL to PUSH because of burning stinging pressure and streatching
Hayden Waters
Thank you all for the sweet comments I am pregnant again and fixing to go they the same pain in about three minutes it hurt so bad but it's worth it my Vigian is still sore form the last birth but it's pushing time again wish me luck. The last time I pushed was in the video aboive I pushed for five hours
Inabelle de Villiers
I'm scared for life because I'm just 8 years old
J. Shanel
I don't think she should be laying down gravity is your best friend during the birthing process.😊
she has powerful lungs
Jacinda Ng
That looks like a lot of pain for a mom to give birth
Kanha Khuth
you sound like a sceaming animal
Katelyn Beatty
This makes me want a baby
Kayleigh Darden
I feel so bad for her that looks like it HURTS
Keilah Arcala
Thank god!!!!
Kendra Bingham
it amazes me that women are still made to give birth flat on their back...
Kerry Reynolds
My mom is haveing a baby now but she want let me go in my bathroom because she is having it i n their
Kiwi Chicc
how much blood was that?! and was it me or did the baby inflate like a balloon?!
Lorena Lugagay
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew so yucky
Lukman jimoh
I'm sorry woman
Mainak Roy Chowdhury
Nature's beauty. Who all disliked, don't know why!
Mandy Greenwood
I've been in this pain 6 times hhurts
Marko Nikolic
iiiii baaaaa
Melody Horton
Michael Otten
A lot of energy,struggling,and concentration for real
Mohammad Riyas
N.A.L j
The medwife was pressing her tummy and so much blood came out with the baby😨😨
Nada cool
Am due in two weeks and taking am epidural absolutely
Parbattie Thakurdeen
Pensri Sangeamdee
Rajib Roy
Real Deal
Fk that baby big! At first I couldn't tell where baby was coming out from. Probably shit camera quality. She did amazing though
Rhianna Herron
I saw some of the sperm cells come out of her vagajna after giving birth
SPRINKLE OF LIGHT Sprinkle of light
This is the first video i seen with that that that much blood birbth flow come out of
Sa'niyah Hilton
All I can say right now is eww
Saba Rawther
I am also a mother of three. and I am proud to be a woman
Sanaia KJ
This is why I must NEVER have kid's...
Sandhiya Devi
delivery is adutha jenmam
Sangeetha Sagar
I love youuuuuuuu amma....
Shara Peyton
Strong mom
Sheena m
I experience this and giving birth is painful 😞 I was all soo shouting like this😒but iam mom of three kids and 2 month back I was in this pain wan my third boy is born but after delivered baby wan you seeing your baby you forget the all pain that you had...that time you feel proud😏 to be mom and proud🙄 to be a woman...that no man can born without a woman and a mom.... that day you feel your more then that.. what you think🤗
Shruti Datta Suha
I am so screed😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Sinyora Sule
Ooh my god i cant wait god bless me
I am due in a week and I am so scared
Snqarling_gum gamer
omg so scared for my mom for her pregnant😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Soblessed Maxwell
I'm giving birth in 2 weeks....I'm terrified
Sony Khan
Sachi mom jesa koi nhi iss duniya main I love mom
Sperm cell
Oh hell no I'm not having a baby I'll just use a condom
The GABI family
it took her a long time
Thelma Chavez
Did I saw blood 😲😲😲😲!
Trinaty Okoe-brown
Yesenia Balazs
Wow just knowing our body can do such amazing things😍😍😍
alexis suglio
You did it. You did a wonderful job delivering your baby
divine grace suarez
omg how much u tried to do that just for your baby ?
ismail sardar
kid soo
kate jones
How people treat birthing women is disgusting give her pain meds!
laila Abdulatif
I'm pregnant with twins i'm 10 months and 10weeks pregnant I'm having contractions really hard
lil sawg
I don't want to know how that feels
makeuplover oxo
the baby is huge
mostor kim
very very painful
pearl is salty 13
ew, plz censor that
roblox and fun
bless you
satendra singh
It hurts so much
sha ren
omg..\ncongratulations mom
sherese dasilva
Congratulations mom. U did a job well done
tetris master
Reminds me of the birth of my first son! I’m watching this because I’m expecting my third soon , I hope this one doesn’t hurt as much as my last 2 births :/
tracy sterio
That looked very hard a lot of engery goes into birthing a new born great job mum
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