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Nerf War: Chuckles Returns is brought to you by Twin Toys.In this Nerf Battle episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam wake up to a noise at 3 AM in which Liam doesn't want to see what it is unless they play Fortnite. Eli is game and while they are playing they hear the sound again. After going upstairs to see what the noise is, they realize it's just Daddy who was awaken by Camden kicking the wall. But the noise came back and the three went down to the gameroom to investigate. While down there Daddy realized what the kids were doing this early in the morning and as he turned off their Fortnite game, the noise came back. Daddy ran in and realized it was a man in a green suit, so he grabbed his favorite blaster and defended himself. The green suit man grabbed his blaster and the nerf war began. Liam saw what was happening and joined the battle to help Daddy out. After they defeated the green suit man, he disappeared and only left a card. Little did Daddy and the twins knew that the person who was wearing the green suit was none other than Chuckles himself.What team are you on. )

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