FOUND GAME MASTER SPY at Abandoned SAFE HOUSE with STEPHEN SHARER! (Secret tracker device found)

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Watch - GAME MASTER Spy Found PUMPKIN PATCH’S Next Target! (Mysterious New Clues Found on Treasure Hunt) -

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Ahmed Maufooz
Rebbeca loves stephen
AllaroundHaley xx
I love watching those videos guys but sometimes I get scared haha ❤️😂
Allyson Manley
Are you okay?
Amy Mathieu
The game master could still be working with protect zorgo🤔🤔🤔
Anabella Montufar
project zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching \nproject zorgo is always watching
Anthony Rothe
Help the norris nuts
Anthony Stove
I hope you get unhipntized more for stephen
Ashley Zuckerman
does anybody else think that the hypnotist was matt
Audrey Brown
The hitmatist i think is really Matt like if you agree
Autumn Wright
They think it is you
Awesome Aliciyah
the hypnotist looks a lot like matt like if you think so
Batool Shamsa
Yes do it
Becca Sharrar
Gave master stop game master stop game master stop no more game masters give me a like if you agree
Brain Spanking U - Deep Sleep Hypnosis
Brilliant collab guys! Love it! lol
Brandi Lessig
Steven share and Grace share have share the love on their shirts and Stephen sharer is red in the rainbow and Grace share is white so that can be a clue
Brianna Aceves
It not vy and chad there trying to help you
Bridgett Wolski
Calista Williams
Where's your cousin she hasn't been in the videos for a long time i
Canada Ford
That's matt because he has glasses and he had a brown wig on also he went to smash the devices so that was his chance to get back dressed up
Carly Ann
Who films all the videos like if u want to know
Cassidy McGonigal
He said it was a game and you where the master of your brain
Charlee Benefiel
About 8:38 you can see the gamemaster in the right mirror. I think dont quote me cuz I'm pretty dumb but maybe
Dominique Williams
Die it pink👌👌👍👍👏👌✌✌
Emily Koehler
This is the worst hypnotist! He is very specious! Like if you don’t trust him!
Estelle Wood
Rebecca I watched this video many times and it’s clear that chad is the game master just think chad is always wondering where you are and he gave you this person who could help he did until mate said code ten you where buzzing of. So chad is maybe working for the game master or he is the game master stay safe guys hope the best for you.
Evangelina Acevedo
Fakhrie Adams
1 drone=1 punch to the game master
HappyUnicornFact X
I’m getting a liiiitle suspicious that Grace Share and Stephen Share are wearing “Share the love\
Heather Varblow
I don’t trust that hypnotist person
Helen Hung Yu
If you go on face book game master has a face reveal
Håkon Velsvik
It can also be \
Ipad 12
Rebecca why do you trust Stephen so much I think MATT thinks Stephen is the GAME MASTER LIKE IF YOU AGREE PLZ🤔
The Game Master is everywhere!
Jeremy Coleman
I love when Rebecca said code 10 while she's hypnotized.
Jermell Daniels
He’s rude but I hope 🤞 it’s works
Josue Ayala
Dye your hair pink\n\n\n\n\nPlz
Karla Sanchez
Look at there shirt you can see the same thing as the game master left in the cabin share the love or soy
Kathleen Reese
Chad and vy are not the HACKER or the GAME MASTER
Kaylee Milan
The hypnotist seemed suspicious i think he might be working with the game master or project zorgo I was also suspicious that we never saw his face like if you AGREE💖❤👍👍👍👍👍😱😭
Leticia Castillo
The man is working with gm he is a lier
Lisa Rula
Why am i scared?,who else is looking around their room's?
MaddyBannana123 Fun
He’s obviously working with the game master he said game and master and code and 10 a bunch of times
Maddys edits and more!
Who else scrolls through the comments while watching?!😆
Mardy Baller
I think she should die her hair pink it looks nice on her
Mark Elsby
I remember a spy video on Chad's channel!😨
Mary Velazquez
Show us all the spy gadgets please
Matthew Morpurgo
Rebecca what happened to you because I feel scared when you jump into the pool what was in there
Max Chubberton
im with you rebecca i am im a zamfam
Mr Deadpool
Ms R Ballers Biggest Fan
Guys the hypnotist looks and sounds exactly like matt 😂😂
Naomi yap
Who is the camera man
Nathan Norman
Rebecca why did you join the game master you know how bad that is right you could you could hack why do you want to hack chat on Via quaint
New York
8:34 it’s Matt \n\nLike if you think it is too
Ng Sei Leong Tommyng2989
It is very funny why did Matt say CODE 10 then Rebecca and Stepten Sharer stand up and say CODE 10 CODE 10 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Nigel Thomson
The game mister is cole from ninja kids tv
Noor Haseeb
The doomsday date is November 3rd
Olivia Nelli
don't say just read \n\nthe word is CODE 10cause in the tree house i think Steven or Rebecca said CODE 10 then Rebecca opened the laptop so the word isn't laptop its CODE 10
Pamela Delgado
Bayan the game master is the game master bad I'm a big fan Rebecca my name is Elianna 💕💕🦄🐩🐺👍👍👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘
Payton Harle
Do a vid about the spy gadgets
Rebecca Zamolo
What do you think it all means?
Robin Travis
I don't know what it all means tho and the code word is code 10
Scarlett Bergman
The code word is code 10
Shae Shae Henry
Yes yes yes yes yes yes please
Shatakshi Srivastava
When is this mystery gonna end😢......I am soo excited to see who is the Game Master....anyone else??
Slimey Slime
The word is NOT laptop it is CODE TEN! Like so Rebecca and Matt can see this and also why didn’t we see the dudes face, also game master was in the background of the house.
Sovichea Cheang
The hypnotizer said \
Summer T
1like equals 1 hope that the Game Master and Project Zorgo will STOP
Susan Hastings
You are the “master” of this “game” GAME MASTER FOOLS
Taijean Woods
The hypnotist is working with the gamemaster just like daniel was working with project zorgo
Taylor Walcott
The hypnotists might be working for the game master
Tiffany Flory
What did you get
Vanessa Beltran
what does code 10 mean
Vicky Starman
Why did the hypnotist say \
Vivian Love
Code ten is the trigger word
Wendy TAN
Go to Chads channel because Daniel quit game master sidekick
Xxsniperwolf Vlogs
The Game Master Is Everywhere!
Yani Bautista
Their. Eyes oh my god it look suspicious
*For the 1% who sees this good luck in your future!* ❤️ REBECCA! like if you agree\n*IM SUBBING TO EVERYONE WHO LIKED THIS AND SUBS TO ME.* 👍
claire ت
who else wants to punch that *hypnotist* in the face
cutey panda
U stole the word from chat waill clay i hate u
hi people
I agree with Rebecca it does not \nSeem that safe like if you agree👍👍
immy hancock
I feel like the hipnitist is th game master
love purple
Omg that is so scary!!!❤😨 I think that was MATT!😂
macie kenna
OH NY GOSH!!! listen. When the hypnotizer person was counting down from ten he stopped at 7 and then said you are “playing a GAME” and then he kept going and stopped at 4 again. Then he said “you are the MASTER of your brain” idk but that seems weird
parimela Ramayah
Chad wild is suffering from project zorgo\nLike if u agree
rakter mizzi
The code word is Code 10. Thumbs up so Rebecca and Matt can see\n\nNote: Thanks Rebecca for the heart and your amazing like. You are all so amazing #zamfam
sarah kuany
1 like=punch to game masters face\n\n\nEdit= thank you for all the likes I've never gotten this much
shellby rose 8
snowflake Gaming
Ive told you guys dont trust anyone in the internet this like what happend to chad wild clay and vy
svullo bertbum
The hypnosis was the game master. He probably made it worse.
uni the cutie Uni
that sounds like matt
unicorn 101
The hypnotist looked like matt
wareesha ferdous