Relaxing Super Mario Jazz Covers

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A compilation of relaxing jazz covers of Super Mario's music.Tracklist:

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ya like jazz?
Aiden Smith
Got this recommendation from my science teacher. Thought it was funny at first, but then it was actually pretty lit. Mr. Browns, if you see this, thank you. Also can I have extra credit?
I love you Luigi, god save the pasta
Bart Boogaers
Blue ツ
Cailyn Aube
Thanks, Luigi. You are truly player one in my heart.
Carla Cordova
Me gusta el jazz
Chuck Morris
Is this Gran Turismo soundtrack?
I'm so grateful you exist, Luigi.
DJ Cat
This is gold, pure gold! ;)
Debora Williams
Cool background!!!! \u003c3
Ahhh. I see you, reading this comment, are also a man of exquisite taste in elite music.
Dimitri Ferros
*AMO LA SENDA ARCOIRIS* \n\n\n\nPD. NO TANTO cuado te caes de ella XD
Don't Mind Me
Never noticed Koopa Beach was love boat theme low key lol
I instantly notice that insaneintherain track lol
Ethan Small
Haha I love the pic with the 1up mushroom cut open
I wonder why there's never been a Mario cooking game. I'd play that. Sounds like a swell adorable time.
Mario + Jazz? Two of my favorite things in one
Gustavo Ferreira
Oh my god this is pure gold\nI m feeling happy because of this\nLUIGI KEEP UP THIS WONDERFUL JOB OF TURNING HUMAN EXISTENCE LESS MISERABLE
Everyone’s acting like Mario music and jazz is some crazy idea or something, but Mario music was partially inspired by jazz in the first place. There’s a reason this all sounds so perfect. It was meant to be.
Hezekiah Hamlin
I love this channel, this music has honestly helped me through so much work! Thank you man.
Insert Clever Name Here
Im early let me think of a joke\n\n\n\n\n(Insert funny joke here)
Jittery sonic
Im putting this in a meme playlist so that the unlucky few who get to the end dont have to listen to memes anymore and can relax
Jorge Diaz
My inner child thanks you for making this!!!
This was good for cartooning class thanks I subbed
Just Another Ninja Frog
Karmic Wheel
Greetings Earthlings! 👋👽 I bring thin crust pizza for everyone. Enjoy! 🍕
Grat Music !! Thanks Green Mario ! \n\u003c3
La Tui
omg I freakin' love you!
Luigi... You've done it again...\n\nRemind me why I'm subscribed to this channel...
Lightning Monkey
This is what I didnt realise I wanted but now realise I need. Thanks Luigi.
Lillian Till Dawn
13:25 uh I thought this was supposed to be relaxing music? All it's doing is giving me flashbacks of watching mario drown lol
Lindsay McGovern
heard this on vinesauce tonight, thanks for posting
Luigi is the hero we need, but do not deserve.
Luigi, you really do have the best VGM channel on YouTube. This will really help tide me over for the remaining hours until I get to play Odyssey!
Lorenzo Player
Just waiting for Mario Odyssey 😎
Studying for physics right now. Perfect time to upload!
MAD Hadr
subbed u come in at the perfect time i am studying for a chemistry exam
Dire, Dire Docks sounds perfect! :)
Matthias Fleischmann
Ya like jazz!?
Meme Bakery
Man which one is *Koopa Beach* from ? I'm pretty sure its Mario Sunshine but i might be wrong
Meo Mundus
Great song for ironing a joint and rolling some clothes
Michael Christian
Mario's greatest strength is the happiness he gives to children.
Miss Mel
Legit I was just looking for nintendo jazz covers the other day for my cafe so.... thank you......
Mollie Quiton
I love jazz!\nThank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Meta!!
Of course the superior brother has the best taste in music!\n\nOn a serious note I just want to say that your compilations are always a pleasure to the ears.\nI'm only a recent follower of yours but I really love what you do.\nTaking great songs from great games and putting them all on one incredible playlist.\nPlease never stop doing what you're doing.\n\n\n\nP.S. I main you in Smash.
Hits the spot
Nerdy Adam
My boi Carlos here ayeee
Ocean Cat
Old Wiseman w
''Growing up means to give up the potential to be everything.'' - Jordan Peterson
Rainbow Road is life, omg....
Philip J. Fry II
Enjoy your pizza everybody!
Hey Luigi, I know you don't like Mario for getting all the hype, but can you make an Odyssee best of soundtrack video?
Rocco Serpe
can someone link me to just the super mario bros 3 one?
Ryner Lute
that dire dire docks though!
SOC Bars Tv
Can I get a sub thanks!
Samuel Desgagné Rousseau
Can i get the music sheets somewhere?
Security Camera Man
Thank you for calling Nintendo please hold
Once again.. would MARIO do this? NO!\nWho would've thought of a mario jazz mix?\n\n\n\n\n\nLuigi, thats who
Shy Guy
Why do I feel like this could work if I get a shy gal and go on a date?
Smug Sneasel
You see Luigi? This is why I like you. I can always count on you to deliver the goods.
Soap Legends
Mama Luigi would be proud...
Y.... Yo.... You li..... You like jazz?\n\n\n\n\n\n\ni do
Speed Grump
You're putting these playlists out so fast it makes me afraid you'll run out of content ideas :(
Ya like jazz?
Starving Kid From Africa
“Now you must acquire a taste of free form jazz.” -Patrick Star
Stephen Milazzo
When i used to think of Luigi, i thought of player 2. Now I just think sweet mixtapes.
nice of the princess to invite us to a jazz club, eh luigi?
Swamp Hawk
This isn't relaxing. It makes me want to break bricks and murder turtles.
I love Jazz so much \u003c3
That one shitposter that lives in your fridge
Please never stop uploading.
Love this video
Hey Luigi, play the sax!
Tim Poston
Keep this up man. These tracks really help me concentrate.
Trend Orchestra
I really enjoyed these!!! So sick to hear a jazzy take on the Mario songs. It really works.
Tyson Schmidt
I love this guy's mixtapes :)
Whole Food Plant-Based Man
I love it!
Fell in love with this once 8:56 hit~
I am so pleased \u003c3 \u003c3
Mario music and jazz are both fantastic, and I fell in love with 3D World's jazzy OST.. but still, I was not prepared for this. Damn, this had no right being this good. Please do this for other series. Pleaaaase.
I just bought my copy Super Mario Odyssey, thinking I might listen to this while playing it. :)
Big props for crediting the art and even linking to the etsy page for it! \n\nYou da best, Luigi.
Now I understand why Matt Damon killed that guy on the boat in Italy.
anon tyran
16:16 is the one in Joel's stream.
e-104 Epsilon
Thank you for calling The super Mario bros plumping service, Please hold.
I put this on and turned the Mrs. over!
Koopa Beach. \u003c3
peggy the pirate
I always thought it was yes, si, but I guess it's ya see.
playmaster,retos;tutoriales y mas
Like si lo vez en el 2018
q the music
Hey man, thanks. I was having a really frustrating time with schoolwork and this really helped me out.
unknown lie
I'm not usually a mushroom guy but that looks delicious
Ya like jazz?
I love MARIO and JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\nThank you for making this(•ᴗ•)\nI Love it.(´∀`)