I learned the music in an Uber on the way to the gig | Gig Vlog #22

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I was a sub on a gig with the Rock Dance Collective, but could only go over the music with the MD of the show in a taxi before the gig. Hilarity ensues. The Rock Dance Collective is co-run by Cleo Mack, Kelli McGovern and Blair RicheyChoreography by Cleo MackMusic Direction by Josh BaileyPeace,Adam

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Aarni Kaivola
I was sooooo bored yesterday when there was no vid, BUT now I'm super happy.\nKeep on the good work dude! 🤙
Aaron Poole
A few weeks ago, my school's band director asked me to play guitar for the school jazz band. I said yes, with the understanding that I can't read sheet music and that I don't know much music theory. I missed damn near every practice because I was at rehearsals for my school musical. Tomorrow is the first jazz band concert. I learned most of my material about an hour ago by listening to a proper recording of my piece, which I have two solos in, and by the good grace of the band director, who played my parts on the piano so I could pick out what I could. Now I should say that this video helped me get over a lot of the anxiety I had about this performance because basically, at least I have more time than Adam did to learn my parts.
Adam Neely
shout out to josh bailey
Al the Pal
Josh is an AWESOME MD! I have seen many other MDs who were not so \
Alejandro Oros
This is what I understand when people say \
Alexander Parke
U have become an amazing editor
Apoorv Singh Kathait
You need to make a video for memorization of music in a fast and effective way for us mere mortals that attempt to play music
awesome editing, cutting back and forth the way you did
I would have forgotten 90% of the instructions in the Uber. Good work!
Benjamin Vroman
I enjoyed this
Bep Mir
Learning the music on the way to the gig? ABSOLUTE MADLAD
Brazen NL
Quality editing. You really pulled me in. Good job.
I missed this video when It came out, but watching it now, I think its one of the best you've ever made. Being able to see both sides of the performance at the same time really does something that makes it more interesting.
Ok that weird dance thing is really strange. The video layout was super awesome though. Love your channel Adam!
Captain Man
Colleen Sheridan
I love how prepared and organised this was - THAT'S how you MD. We all could learn from that!
Damiano Truzzi
Dan Beattie
Dan K
Jumping into that seems borderline impossible, amazing job to all of you.
Learning my parts for my next gig while watching your gig!
Edgar Larios
were you playing at some cult meeting?
Edgar Romero Guerrero
I learned the lick in an Uber on the way to a gig
Erik Beeson
Wonderful editing on this one Adam!
Eze Merlino
so, how long was that Uber ride?
wow this performance looked Amazing!! please share more information about it! has it been filmed?
Fossil Fishy
God I'd love to play for real dancers, there's something amazing about that connection between humans separated by space but connected by sound.\n\nMind you, that's a double fantasy: There's nowhere near here to do that, and my time keeping isn't even close to good enough to play for professional dancers...\n...hmmm, where *did* I put that metronome?
Frankie Occhiogrosso
Hey Adam,\n\nWould being a pianist and vocalist make it easier to have a successful music career in NYC? , because those two instruments seem to be more accessible than say, a tuba player. \n\nWhat’s your opinion between the connection between instrument and success?\n\nThanks.
10/10 immersive editing ;'D
Is there a word for \
Heath Hollingsworth
Hi Adam, really love your stuff! I have a request for a future style of video in the future - do you think it'd be possible for you to analyze a song requested by a subscriber and tell us what you think are some of the important theoretical devices that are being used? For example I like the song bad language by topi - it's in a genre of edm called gabber, characterized by intense rhythms and dissonant sounds, but how would you make something like that or come up with a theoretical approach to analyzing a piece like this? And what would make a song like that (or any other if this could ever become a full time thing) fun to listen to? I'd really enjoy seeing a video where you just analyze a piece of modern music, and tell us what you think was going through the artist's head
Helium Road
I go to a local rock jam/open mic sometimes with my bass for the hell of it. Some guys will come up and ask me to play bass on some random rock song. I'll look up the chords on my phone, and if there is an important bass lick maybe the tabs, and in a few minutes I'm doing it live like Bill O'Reilly. Sometimes it's a train wreck, but usually it works out ok. Also, the more you drink the harder it gets (but the more the audience drinks, the better I sound).
Hustle Wilson
Shot like a heist flick. Nice touch!
Hylian Toxicated
The thumbnail makes you look like you're from a ps2 game.
looked like i can do it too. i know i cant.
J. Andrew Gonzalez
That's how a pro Musician does it!
Jadon Armon
Congrats on 400k! ❤️
James Downey
Dude amazing editing!
Flawless editing, A++.
Jim G
Gotta say, not a lot of tunes have a Harvey Weinstein solo
Joey Speers' Greatest Hits #JSGH #Troll22 #VTVR
Inversed Gummy Bears... BASS! So awesome... Big Ups to Adam...my bass teacher, music theory proffesor, Editing/Filmaking hero, and zen master teaching us in 10 minute koans.
Johnny Bravo
For your next Q&A:\n\nWhy do people (mostly) only associate jazz with crazy atonal/modal/free jazz? There are SO MANY awesome genres like hard bop, funk/acid jazz fusion, etc that have an incredible groove. favorite examples: \nRed Baron-Billy Cobham\n\nWatermelon Man- version recorded by the Head Hunters\n\n\n I'm sure some young people that claim to 'hate jazz' would be bobbin their head to these pretty hard.
Jones Murphy III
Justin Davis
The interplay of the taxi footage and the actual gig was perfect. It helped contextualize everything in an easy to follow way. Love it, great stuff
This is absolutely terrifying XD\nEdit: And beautifully edited, btw.
Kara Lynn
This is my kind of art
Kerry Cronic
Super challenging lol I enjoy these. Good job.
Kieran Devlin
I learned the music in an Uber away from the gig | Gig Vlog #21 **
Leonardo Mirenda
Lily Baydoun
Dude singers have it easy and same with guitar players. Anytime I tell someone I play bass they tell me OMG THATS SO EASYYYY ACOUSTIC AND ELECTRIC IS SO HARD! Little do they know how many techniques there are to playing bass and it's probably the most important instrument along with drums in a band.
Luke Knudsen
Also super true in the classical world. I got my piano score 15 minutes before my concert once
Mateo R
Max V
Gosh, I was so fucking stressed until they started clapping. Great vid.
Michael Briggs
You gave yourself so much grief when you wrote your song in an hour, so now you show us this amazing musicianship. Well played my dude.
Nejc Kirn
Man that die-cast hooped Acrolite looks good!
Oscar Fernandez
Hey you live in the Bronx?! Spotted my old hood Hull lol
Prog Pogs
Great job and all, but the subject of the show was weird as hell.
Qazwsxedc Plmoknijb
Adam this is truly terrifying.
Race Jones
Wow. That looked like a crazy gig.
Richard Floyd
Rock & Rollin' Nolan
A drummer as a Music Director?\n\nYou don't see something like that every day. :P
Russell Szabados
He's not \
Your MD would make a good Raid lead.\n10/10 would apply to his guild.\n\n... Id probably get declined.
(Bass heavy, Palms sweaty, Adam Neely)
This Gig is #Iluminati.
Salmon Dinner YouTube
This was how I felt at my first gig for a musical
Sam Smith
“Josh Bailey, MUISCAL director”
Samyak Jain
The hair looks awesome...
Sandbryc cyrbandS
Jazz performance art! I’ve had a couple experiences like this, but with nothing anywhere close to as cool as this. Slaying 💖🦑💖
Disappointed your livestream from last night isn't listed. I started watching last night but it was too late here in UK and I had to go to bed, was hoping to catch up with it today. PS. Great Vlog!
Seethi C
Question for you:\n\nWhat is the music theory behind “password denied” and “password accepted” sound cues? Why does one sound welcoming and warm, and the other sound harsh and abrupt, while only using 1 or 2 notes?
All comments about how great editing is. Im no exeption. Editing is 11/8
Shal Music/FX
I always enjoy your gig vlogs, because they paint a very honest picture of a working musician. It's fascinating to see how you solve these problems and treat things with a sense of professionalism.
Simen Sandnes
Haha, this is pretty insane! Good job
i was taking a bite of ramen at 6:53
Oh dang! That dance company is run by my high school dance teacher! Such a strange collision of worlds!
Srishankar Sundar
5:26 isn't that the song from Tom And Jerry?
This was a really cool video, super interesting to be a fly on the wall for this.
The 5th Estate
Really good sight reading man. Also, the MD did an incredible job in summing up everything really quickly.
The Flute Channel
this video takes all the gusto! I love it! A true music vlog. Thanks Adam!
The Onee-Chan Man
Weird gig. Good music.
Thomas B
Utku Yıldırım
Adam, I keep making this comment on your Gig Vlogs but, I am fascinated how you improve yourself over and over with your editing. It's almost like a Tarantino movie except you did show the Gig. Keep up the good work.
Viktor Kaganovich
I'm not being mean, but did it even pay $10O? Minus the cab? Just lugging the amp upstairs would kill me, let alone the sightreading.\n\nAsking for a friend, who tried being a jazz musician in NYC back in mid 90s.
Vincenz Bill
the dude at 4:55 sounds like GM Ben Finegold
So glad I didn't go to that party. I would have ended up depressed for months:) A bunch of entitled spoiled brats, beta males and losers... The food was probably only soy products... haha bunch of losers:)
this seems super stressful
Ending with gummy bears? Looks like we've got a fan of 12tone here
Funny seeing Adam absorbing and not emitting information for a change.
I'm in awe. I would be crapping in my pants and flubbing it in a cold sweat.
greg goso
btw the editing is superb, 5:19 awesome overlay
Does anyone else remember Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby being in an episode of Tom and Jerry?
Wow, that was more in depth than what I imagine a hostage rescue briefing would be. Very thorough....odd, that's the second time I've used the word thorough today....
kausmo tumynski
Adam - do you get reimbursed for your commute to these gigs or claim it on your taxes? Many viewers only see the glamour in performing but not all the logistics and prep time that goes into these dates. Kudos on your sight reading ability and dedication. Only those that start at a young age reading, writing, listening and playing music can achieve your level of ability with the language. That being said don't discount your youth in getting these calls as well. As you know NYC is chock full of world class players who could do this type of work. I noticed that most of the players you are on stage with are well under 40. How you look is just as important as how you play, especially in today's inceasingly shallow, social media influenced entertainment scene.
ludwig amadeus
Hey why'd you unlist your livestream? It was some top quality stuff 👌
Credit to your MD.
What are the dancers going on about. So cringe.
10 of 10 man! That story-editing video was outstanding!! :D Love ya!
6:20 Just gonna leave it here
Really liked the format of this. The \