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Abraham Gamino
happy birthday James Rolfe.
Ace Allen
I wanna take a diarrhea dump on the Nerd's chest
Adrian Hernandez
Can you please review conkers bad fur day
I feel so bad for the Christmas set
Alan Sainz
I love how there is Flying Fuckernauts vs the AStro Bastards and the MIMAL thing after the episodes
is that Trevor from GtaV?
Balder Knight
How many people remember berenstein, cuz I do
keep up the great work! We love you :D
Bogumila Czwakiel
Bran’s mEmEtAsTiC Factory
Please nerd, review SMB lost levels. It would be fun to see you react to the unfair and punishing nature of this game.
Callum Sparrow
All things considered, The Bloodstain Bears would make for a pretty hilarious Creepypasta.
Crystal Massey
This takes me back, I used to watch AVGN when I was in middle school
Da Fonse
I'm so happy you have kept your theme song for all these years.
Я один тут Русский???
Diamond Dog
It's now been twelve years, right? I feel old. It's now been twelve years, right? I feel old. Actually, it's been fourteen I think. Just twelve since YouTube.
Dick Tracy
Happy birthday James Rolfe! 7/10/2018\n🎂🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊
Dillon Ohlemiller
That dig at Nostalgia Critic was hilarious
Dylan Bayleef
Happy Birthday James!
Dytallix X
i hope you stay around for many more years AVGN. love you James :)
Eggs dee
I swear it is magical that the nerd is still as popular as he’s been for 10 years\nLet’s hope for 10 years more years of this
Erik Ekholm
Mega PornMan.
Farley Productions
Definitely going to be watching this again. Can’t believe we’re on season 10 already. Here’s to many more! =]
Why was he pissed off about Mega Man Soccer? That game was awesome
Awesome videos
I really liked the ending
Gavin EXE
when are new episodes coming?
Did you know SMURF is acronym for:\n\n\n\n\nSocialist\nMen\nUnder\nRed\nFather
Gerald Sarrells
Sometimes I forget how much I love this.
Iki Cash
you have been my favorite youtuber lately
In The Mind of Kibara
It's been Season 10 already huh?\nWow....
Holy moly I can't believe it's been like 12 years or something
Review conkers bad for day
James White II
Ironic that he looked at \
But then...\n\n*PUNCH*\n\n\n\n\n\nIT'LL HIT YOU
Joe Cash
Hardman? Pause
Jorge Inojosa
God i love James, i wish the best things for him.
Joshimus of Earle 1st of his name
K 2
Thank You James and the Cinemassecre Crew for over 10 years of laughs and Cheers to 10 More!
KA-12 Atom
do an avgn episode on yo noid
King Corder
Thanks for this James. A pleasure to watch as always.
Lapis Eye
Binging on AVGN now always entertaining no matter how many times I've seen an episode.
Lethal Gamer
Wow, I was born when this started, and I have watched seince 2015. Keep it up cinnamassecre
Lincoln Clay
Dude you're the Best
the grand daddy of game the reviews
Little studios
Doc: you have 1 and a half hour to live\nMe: ...
Those extra little tidbits at the end were really a nice add on! I remember watching the MIMAL episode when it was originally released. Can't wait for more content!
Mask McGee
don't you love an excuse to watch avgn
Matthew Coleman
Hey Nerd, please make a video based on the 1991Kemcko snes game Drakkhen..I absolutely hated this piece of shit, when I was younger..It had such promise, but the developers blew it. It's worth a look!! Thanks
Mc Mercenary
been watching you for 12 years now *sniffle* heres to 12 more
Mr. Waffleson
Never Will Be Mod
AVGN brings me so much joy these videos always lift my spirits.
Nicholas Fanzo
I just discovered this in the past week and this shit is fantastic.
Nile Hunt
8bits in highdef... you are the light in my darkness
Peridot47 Dexter How
Do at games consoles
Peschu Da
Thank you, Nerd. I am learning English with your videos. I am having a lot of fun, and your accent is very easy to understand!
But the nintendo zapper wont work on a flat screen.
Propane Salesman
I'm only a recent fan. Most YouTubers would never last for over 4 years, much less 12. You're something else, dude
You are still an inspiration man, forever and always.
Cats would bow to your feet:\n\
Radical Rat Gaming
Sara Wilcker
I think someone like James would be the perfect bf.
Finally a new season, time to do another AVGN Marathon !!
Marathon all the seasons! AVGN is still amazing after all these years. Seasons 8-9-10 we all new to me and still brilliantly done. LMFAO Berenstain Bears and the elf guy keith episode where the best from this season imo. AVGN for life!
Skeleton Champion
That cellphone XD
I can't wait for Dragon Co. games
Congrats nerd!
Stephen Chase
Happy 12th anniversary!
Strike Williams
2004 nerd talking to a bear with 2015 on its foot O_O paradox confirmed
Super Zackery 64
Teacher: What did you get on number 3?\nStudent: 69\nStudent: 46\nMe: 12:54
Syn Blackblade
How bout Nostalgia Critic... hahhahah gets me everytime.
The Gaming Paladin
looking back i cant help but wonder how your wife must react to your google search listings, especially \
The new Creator
20:20 hes back!
I've just binge watched all 10 seasons in a row.
Todd The God Howard The Coward
He's gonna take you back to the past.
Happy birthday!
Saw season 10 was out today while at work! Actually was thinking of ways to go home early to watch. Ended up staying! Longest day ever!
Tyrone Taylor
Video Gamers Oasis Play Theatre
James, I \u003c3 Your Videos! You have a PASSION for Classic Gaming! And your comedic style of videos make me roll on the floor with laughter! Thank You for the years of Delightful Madness! Peace! \u003c3
World of Retro Gameplay
I’ve been a fan since 2006! Longtime fans represent!
Z In Chains
Honestly of the only few good memories that I have from the late 00s, one was watching AVGN. I remember that he used to upload a trailer here and then we would go to ScrewAttack to watch the full video.
Now I have something to watch tonight.
I cant believe he actually tried to break a window with a newspaper. That is commitment.
Season 10??? Damn, James, your AVGN series has the same amount of seasons than the TMNT cartoon of 1989. \nCongrats, man.
The megaman review is everything Arin so desperately wanted to comply with his sequelities, without the... Misinformed parts.
It is really interesting how the video shows that you had already 2 million subscribers 10 years ago. And only 600 Thousand came after that. So most people are there from almost the beginning.
b17 bawmpber
This man does not age.
psionic viper
I'm from 2106. \nSeason 100 was amazing.
sean burnett
I like anchovies on pizza.
AVGN is the most rewatchable series on YouTube.
its been 12 years?
Season opener is an absolutely legendary episode!!!
The MegaMan episode is my favorite for season 10