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Angel Alice
Angela Celeste May
As a fellow longtime fan of Criminal Minds, here are my two cents on the matter of Blake and Reid: I agree that they connected with each other more than Reid did with any other character on the show. Yes, Reid and Morgan have a special brotherly bond, but Morgan does not share a thirst for knowledge nor understand or share the level to which Reid grasps the nuances of language. There was only one person on the team with whom he could share those things because she was the only one who understood where he was coming from both intellectually and emotionally and that was Blake; not Penelope – brilliant as she is, not Hotch, etc. And regarding J.J., like Morgan they too have a relationship, but J.J. not only does not understand Reid’s intellectual acumen, but she also has never appreciated it about him. In fact, it has been quite the opposite. Her character has spent the entire series consistently making fun of, putting him down about, and talking behind his back (e.g. rolling her eyes, talking about his interests and intellect as though they are a joke, etc.) regarding these key parts his personality. Blake not only would never put Reid down about the way he thinks, she had an appreciation and respect for it. Unlike J.J. and Morgan (who has also variously made fun of this intellect and expressed jealousy about it over the years), Blake was the only team member with the same sets of interests as Reid. She understood how he felt and where he was coming from, which is why Matthew Gray Gubler said that Reid and Blake “speak the same language”. It was only with Blake that he could have a certain level of conversation without being made fun of or disrespected, and she in turn respected, and equally enjoyed having him as a colleague who, like her, could also address and explore such nuanced topics. Reid felt that he could trust Blake more easily in certain ways than with the others; after all there was a reason that he only told Blake and no one else about Maeve initially (remember the only reason he finally told the others about Maeve’s was because he felt forced to, to save her life), another testament to their close relationship. Blake and Reid had a special connection because she understood and respected the way that his mind and heart worked. And with her gone, understandably, he misses that. I believe that is what the Erica Messer and Matthew Gray Gubler are referring to.
April Prentiss
I'm not usually very vocal about my dislike or annoyance. But when Erica explained how \
why is she calling him \
Boo Loka
OKAY .. i disagree when she said that Reid connected more with Bleck then any one else on the show .. because i think the most one that Reid connects with is either jj or Morgan ... and the reason because he started with them so on that i believe she said the wrong thing and to top it off she was on the BAU for a lil not that long ... but that she a bad show owner i don't think so ... i think she focus to much on jj then what she really does on the other actors but they all still get there spot light and at the end they are a team and they know why she does and say what she say ... they understand each other thats why its a good show .. i love criminal minds and the cast ... 
Briana Lambert
You know, I have only seen this episode once, as with 85% of the episodes of seasons 8 and 9. I must have missed something because I was not seeing the complex character stories that I had seen in the first five seasons. I can remember the plots of all the episodes, but I can't remember any character development. Who is messing with my  memory?
Burt Milburn
I really, really miss Paget Brewster ...... Emily Prentiss ....... The show is just not the same without her .. and now, Derek is GONE ....
This was a bomb ass story.
I miss Blake! I wish both her and Prentiss came back to the show
Júlia Marino
Criminal Minds, always making me cry... I miss Alex, the way she left was too sad!
Kafui Sakyi-Addo
Guys, listen! She said that she thought that BLAKE connected more with Reid than anyone else, not that Reid connected the most with Blake.
Kayla Ducote
does anyone know the episode about the weird african new orleans mask thing
Pauline Clark
I don't like when shows are inconsistent. If Blake really had a son wouldn't she have brought a photo of him to their little tribute for their passed loved ones?
I like Blake a lot and it is apparent how much Reid and Blake connected with one another.
Shaz 08
Blake was my favorite female character. I'm still sad that she left.
J'adore *-*
amber-rose smith
Blake was the only female I liked that filled the spot for Emily when she left I didn't really like anyone else but thank god emily is back
I love Criminal Minds, always have, always will, but I'm getting beyond frustrated at season 10, mainly in the fact that Reid is 100% my favorite character, but we've gotten to see next to nothing of him. Over the break Messer kept hinting that the shooting would affect Reid maybe even to the point of turning to drugs again. I really don't know how they went from that to \
lula beanz
I wish Alex didn’t leave. I loved her
I wish Jeannie stayed on the show. I loved her character.