Wish List "Part 1" - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 116

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Shadow The Hedgeho... Skate Or Die! (Video Game) Sonic The Hedgehog (Fictional Character) Sonic The Hedgehog (Video Game Series) Where's Waldo? (Video Game)

0rland0 D00M
Hey! Sonic R was fun. Control was SHIT, but the gameplay was still fun. Plus! - the soundtrack. Oh, that soundtrack.
2:54 *FAP FAP FAP*
Alex McCartney
How is this episode already five years old
14:45 the Indie Game called Gone Home is like 2 Minutes long if you know what you're doing. But since everyone is calling it art, it get's away with this shit
Average Joe
Brandon Troia
I love the wish list episodes. You should do more
Brian Butler
look at how jcpennys is spelled in those old catalogs from the 80's...its spelled jcpenneys with an E....more proof of the mandela effect!
CB in the bible daily
Do kids sit around and watch video games ??? Yes ,they watch you play them James :)
Calvin Hall
3:08 it says \
Wait until he plays Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
Looking at guns in a catalog was litterally like looking at porn when I was younger.
Cockroach Charlie
6:57 Always thought the guy in the background looked like Danny Trejo.
I feel weird watching Christmas videos when it's not Christmas
Daniel 1
Shit makes me miss the 90s, I still remember getting those Fingerhut catalogues.
Dayton Does Gaming
Ordering guns through the mail? Seems legit.
Dee Construct
Haha... \
Demetrio Nieves 4th
It's kinda sad that the other Ghostbusters never even had a chance at being just as big and memorable as The Real Ghostbusters and their movies before them.
Devil Forger 4/Arcanus Zenbrk
I feel like I'm the only one who STILL looks through catalogs when my birthday/christmas rolls around.
I used to play Karate Champ on arcade with the two sticks. When you play it with someone who also knows the mechanics and the moves, can create an full adrenalinic fight.\n\nBut once again, nes version sucks.
Doug Weis
Intro: 00:00\nSkate or Die: 4:31\nBad Dudes: 5:45\nKarate Champ: 6:42\nSonic the Hedgehog: 8:36\nWhere's Waldo?: 12:43
Ethan Folz
I noticed that karate game was made by data vicr
Fuzzy Duo
1:19 Its the Ghostbuster proton pack, I had that!
Gabriel Castejon
Garfield 26
I have Bad Dudes of my square buttoned Famicom except it's not called \
Data East made one great game.. \
Golden Peez
he needs to do buck bumble imagine him dancing to the title theme
Heaven Piercing Man
Games like Waldo ARE released today. They're indie games on Steam made by tumblrettas.
Im a Weeaboo
When I was younger, my grandma gave me a Christmas magazine. The internet did exist at the time by the way...
Sonic R was the bomb.
1:14 I had a Snoopy snow cone maker once. It kicked ass.
Portable meant nothing. There were quite a few amazing sonic games on game gear.
Jessica Hayden
You should do Awesome Possum for the Sega Genesis. That game is garbage and it rips off Sonic horribly.
3:42 damn graphic downgrades existed long before ubisoft? this is madness.
‘He’s gonna go home and eat chicken and rice’
Joe Cool
I wanted that G.I. Joe aircraft carrier when I was a kid. Of course, I never got one and I never knew anyone who did. I only ever saw the display models at Toys R Us.
am I the only one who noticed the transformers g1 page
Kamil Raku
I loved this books when I was young. I remember cutting out interesting parts out of it just to terrorize my family (sticking them everywhere so my mom and dad could see what I want) xP
Kimmo Laine
Is it what kids do nowadays? Just watching the games? Yes.
LORD Hydra
These magazines are where my addiction to video games,guns,lingerie and tobacco came from! Thanks sears
3:27 mommy I want platoon for Christmas
MVA Game
I loved the 'Where's Waldo?' or here in the UK it is known as 'Where's Wally?'. They had them in the library in primary school but there would be that one asshole who would circle where Wally/Waldo was which would take the fun right out of it...
why is Lionel Richie just chilling on a rock in Karate Champ
Marcus the RetroGamer 2
I love Sonic R, its a good game (In my side) and Sonic is my favorite character of all time.
Mario Paul
That Atari jacket is so rad.
Mario Vasquez
Years later he finally reviewed 06
Mia T. Toon
As outdated as this might sound, my family still does the wish list catalog thing every Christmas.
Mitt Romney XIIV
For reference, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would cost $76.07 if adjusted for inflation.
You can't deny the fact that sonic r had an awesome background music
Nikolas Mace
Can you please look at all of the clay fighter games please look at them you'll have fun with it :-)
O'Fearghail the Fearless
I know some games AVGN should review:\n\nNight Trap\nMortal Kombat Special Forces\nTomb Raider Angel of Darkness\nAquaman Battle for Atlantis\nLaserActive game console
Patar 9964
review robocop series i have robocop 3 and also abbodox pretty soon il have my own game revew video on youtube thanks to you. Some day i wish to see you and maybe even do episodes.
Punk Rock Piper
Heck yes guns!!!!!
Qwerty Bear.
03:32, \
Randy Bobandy
I loved sonic R on my computer back in the day
Raym Loves Eggs
Retro PC Gamer
from wat year are this books
Rift Shredder
Hey, when I was a kid, looking at the guns in a catalog was awesome!!!!
Rory Snow
I too appreciate the pleasures of consuming chicken and rice
Ruttsu & Co.
9:50 I was expecting him to say \
Sean Wilkinson
The Sears Wish Book had the most marvelous-smelling paper and ink. If the goods inside didn't intoxicated you, the aroma would! \n\n(Later, I found this also applied to Penthouse magazines...)
Seth Hackley
As a kid I once circled an actual gun in a catalog thinking it was a toy.
Shosanna Dreyfus
Sonic slow ass
Sotelo Manuel
battlefront 2015 had less content than finding waldo
5:59 Sweet, I'm not the only one who says, \
They charged $20 for Tiger games? That's criminal.
Teague Prower
why do the US and the UK have different names for Where's Waldo?\n\nover here in the UK it's called \
For 4 Tiger games, you can buy a NES. A tiger game should have costed $1. They will make a $0.99 profit.
Watching 3 years and 364 days later
Guns in a shopping catalogue.\n\nBecause 'Merica.
Tyler F
C'mon James, you're smarter than to think guns are automatically evil or \
Udana Wijesuriya
Where's Waldo?\nWho's Waldo?\nWhy's Waldo?
We Remotely Low
Karate Champs on the arcade is actually really good.
This video puts really me on a christmas spirit. I´m not particularly a materialist, but something about browsing potential xmas presents from a catalogue brings me back to the \
i watch this every christmas eve night. it's a tradition.
Keep in mind with those prices: considering inflation, double any dollar amount from the mid 80s to get how much it really was in today's terms. $80 for Dr Jekyll and Hyde!!!
11:52 \n\n\
I remember the smell of those catalogues! Lol
I think changing robotniks name to eggman was so stupid that it's actually hilarious
inexistência da verdade
He should have reviewed Sonic 2006 too, poor nerd that one would have killed him for once, it would be so much shitness for the nerd to handle.
No Sonic 06? man
liam boyle
Wow, seeing those catalogs brought me back
maleeha hassan
Y'all remember the Waldo Land page? That was sooooooooo hard...
me me
i ask my dad for a M1 Grand for Christmas let's say i had a fun Christmas
Who else remembers circling things they wanted in magazines for Christmas?
It would be pretty cool if James made a digital Cinemassacre catalog each year that has all AVGN merchandise in it.
bring back the WISH BOOKS :D \u003c3 i circled everything hahaha :P \\m/
I remember browsing the catalogs, great times :)
wow such a cool catalog.
Ádám Pajor
Where is WARUDO?!