TOP 5 Secret Locations In Granny

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Welcome to Granny Granny Keeps you locked in her house 🏡 You need to escape! Everything you need is In the house! you have 5 Days, Good luck.Follow Me on Instagram: r_u_crimson~Shoutout~Atomical: Thanks for watching, don't forget to leave a like and comment.Subscribe If you are new to the channel.

Adil Malek
Nice brood
Antonio Barnes
Arnav Kapoor
I like the 5th
Ashok Goyal
Axel De Guzman
Badmash Company leader NVM
Bj Cheater Gamer - Bj Russel Asingua
No 3 I like it
Brittany Wells
Civil Gamer
These are called glitches
Clever_Chicken27 iOS Gaming
D e x v r y
These look more like glitches tbh
Disco Floweygaming
Top 10 secret notifications in granny’s house \n\n\n\n\n\nWho’s gonna fix this
Dizzy Main Channel
Lol idk why I laughed when granny smacked herself when she was opening the backyard door
Edhashim 3553
I think first one
Emily & Jasmine
Theme song: shelter
Emily Oliveros
I like the 5....because that is the coolest and the 3
Erha Reigne Mercado Lansangan
2:31 R.I.P. Granny.
Fredy Manuel
Granny got snipped by the door 1:00
i liked none of them
Gacha Kit Kat
Granny got sniped by the door 0:59
Gilcea27797 Nascimento2019
😱😱😱 NOSA
Golden Angel
Playhouse is not a seecret location.\nBut i know, you went to show a glitch.
Grace Jensen
Does the roof glitch work in the new version?
Grayson Goings
at 1:00 granny gets rekt
Hardeep kaur
Car wala mast ha
Harley Quinn
Harshit Yadav
Bro please tell me how you were able to climb on the roof of that room
Helaman Anims
These are more glitches than secret spots
Infinite Galaxy
0:57 the door is stronger than granny 😂
Isbah Sohail
I liked all of them and I didn't know that I could hide inside the car.
Jaylon Mason
1:01 granny’s door 🚪 hit her in the face
Joshua De Castro
the 4 is a bug
K.balakrishnan P
how u go up on roof
Kathy Schmidt
Kawaii Ella
You could have ran over her! With the car
Kayla wdym
Granny poops out the bear traps \nEdit: thanks for 270 likes
Kenzo kenzo
King Junior
the car one was amazing!!!❤
King Sebastian
The intro was so insane I couldn’t see the name
Kwaku antwi
LPS Vertsu
Haha so funny XD
Laik Ahmad
l dod'nt understood this video
Lil Lila
Lucas James
Løwkey Val
You see becuz I’m a scared potato I do this glitch so granny won’t move and just be frozen while I roam around not worrying :)
Hat chutiye last wale me Tera device hang ho kar lag ho Raha tha
Majid Jamali
Is main to koi secret ki baat nahi
Mayra Ruana
Não responde nada
Mica Gaming
I choose one because if granny see you can hide
1:00 granny vs the door 😂😂😂😂
MineMob 18
Jajajaja poor granny makes you bullying the door 1:00😂😂😂😂😂
Multi Fandom
I think number four is not a secret location i have do that a lof of times even in the other places
Murk Shahzad
Granny looks tired 😓
Myra Faisal Khan
the car one is my fravrote
Nani Hoesni
i like' number 5
New tips And tricks
Haha 😂 granny got bullied by the door 1:00
Nichole Marie
what is granny
Nikki Gamer girl The best
I trying the car thing LOL\nWell I wish I could....
Ops Gaming
Number 4 and 2 wasn’t secret spots were just glitches and 2 I didn’t see any secret spot all I saw was you in the chest\nAnd 1 is kinda a secret spot
Ozan Ozdmr
3 and 1
Peega Peega
Granny is just too beautiful I can't help it....... My eyes never gets off her....... I think I am in love
I would call those glitches....
Philippine MC
Rayza Sandra Rayquaza's Human Dragon Sissy
All the glitches are cool
Rick Arnedo
my liked secrets is the help
Ruby Robinson
At 1:00 Granny got hit by the door hopefully she felt pain like we do 😂😂
Sacred Gamer
Santosh Sharma
the 4one was playhouse
Sham Lal Sharma
Shark Bait
When granny was hit by the door I played the sad violin meme! LOL
Sliced Pineapple
3D dubstep intros are cancer
Sloth gamer143
5 and 3: D
Sneaky Fox
Love the music
Swati Thakur
The SpookyM8
More like glitch spots
WILDRoblox Games
The first one is actually a glitch
Wioletta Lach
Zachary Martin
I was click baited
angle the fox
*granny poops out trap*\n\nDoor: EWWWWWW \n\n*granny gonna use her magic to open the door*\n\nDoor: *push granny* STAY AWAY GRANDMA \n\n*granmy goes to the other room*\n\n\n\nDoor: HEY WHY ARE U WALKIN ON MY BROTHER HEAD!
artur przybyl
What was nr 2 about ?
default boi
I thought it's secret\nEdit:wow
gacha/ sister forever
Intro song song
iara guerra
Nossa veio da graniy
jellyjones1230 990099
jimin and momo shippers
1:00 granny has been slapped by the door
my name's jeff
These aren't secrets some of these are just hard to get to
nandan pradhan
neck tube Play
Song 0:15 0:21
paperhead 5456
what the ---- poor granny at 1:00 granny hit by a door maybe MR. door dosent like granny because granny is bad😅😅😅😅😅
semdaily 1
All hiding spots are cool
strong India new
Nice ._.
wow the car one was cool o.o
up 123 in