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Betcha can't beat this!Music - "Prototype" By Savant (

Amazing Top Trick Shot aperture game portal gun valve basketball

why wouldnt you make an infinite loop, not like you did in the video like one ontop of the basket and one under the basket
Quite possibly the best corridor digital video
WTH IM NOT DEAD!\n\n\n*dead from laughter*
Amin Mashkoori
+Dude Perfect y'all got noting on this.. lol
Andrew Martin
*This* should be on the Dude Perfect 3 app!
Andrew Slade
I loved the video! But jeez, can you imagine how painful that would be in real life?
Andrew Timothy
dude perfect just got R E K T !
At 2:28 , it sure looked like he fell back into the portal... which would have funny, had they implemented it.
This was the first youtube video I ever watched in 4k
damn this one deserves definitly an oscar :D
BadassBear 0504
this is Dude perfect 300 years from now\n XD
Bertalan Rajkai
Bhuvanesh Kodem
At 2:29 it looked like he would fall back into the portal he first jumped into but he fell to the side instead
BillyThe ThiccBoi
the face expressions are priceless when u guys come up with the plans for the trickshot
I wanna see Portal Parkour!
Brian Loughran
Dude perfect has nothing on these guys.
This.. but.. You guys are amazing! These effects were sick! Amazing, well done :)
This is the best portal video I've seen!
Casey Patterson
I don't know what I just watched, but that was frickin' amazing
Charlie C
I just realised that if I combined the two of you into one being, it'd make Chris Pratt.
I think it would be a hilarious blooper at the credits if he shot the blue portal instead and smashed into the ground.
Damien Ellis
How did I not know about this channel before?!?
give or take a 100 yrs and this will be dude perfects next video
Awesome, and got a big laugh at the eye poke. :)
Drew X1126
he got hurt cause he didn't have long-fall boots
Why are some people asking if this is real?
ShellShock Live, anyone?
GaZ BeaR
bored aperture scientists in a nutshell
Gage Clinton
So THIS is what Doug Rattmann does when he's not being chased around.
The NBA in 2020..
Greg Wasdyke
saw this playing on a TV at Buffalo Wild wings. you guys have truly made it.
wtf look at the quality selection theres\n\n2160p 4K\nSUPER DUPER HIGH QUALITY
Gross and Grosser
You guys should be in Space Jam 2, it'll be AWESOME!!!
Jed Flechtner
funniest ending love it 10/10
Jeremy Rivera
You guys are afreakingmazing
Jesse Clark
This is why you invent the Long Fall Boots BEFORE testing the Portal gun. :)
@ 2:28 it looks like the ragdoll would of actually flown through the portal on the floor, if you watch where he lands, so he would of flown out of the concrete pillar again and would've hit a deadlier landing. *pulls out labcoat* Now, back to my molecule separation tests! *starts scienceing hard*
Josef T-D
Thanks for inspiring to make my own portal video! I'm a student interested in film making and your channel is really excellent!
Lol (sorry for bad english)
Kento Nishi
so good
Kid_ E805
At 1:03 trick it wasn't that awesome but u can hear Sam saying NO WAY NO WAY 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Kieran O'Connor
glad to see aperture's scientists even used to stay productive and practice quantum physics during lunch breaks. though if they had portal guns out in the aperture car park it clearly didn't take much \
Ma7cus 8
2:32 was dodgy but otherwise a great video
This is my new favorite video by you guys
Marcix V
This is how aperture got bankrupt....
Matt Schneider
what aperature science employees do with their freetime. LOL
Meme Child Official
First I went to Rocket Jump. Then BrandonLJa. Then Corridor Digatal. Then Node.
MoreThan 1alent
*Nerds proving they are good at basketball*
Mr. Diddles
This video and clockblockers was the height of Corridor's video creativity. They need to bring back stuff like this.
Oh, those immortal scientists.
Mumbo Jumbo
This is brilliant :D
Nikhil Grandhi
The music is awesome! The video is awesome! The trick shots are awesome! You guys are really really awesome!
Oliver Cameron
Hey look! Its dude perfect but instead its not sponsored by nerf 24/7!
Hold up, he's about to jump from a really high place, but he does not have any Aperture Science Long Fall Boots.... This can only end well.....
To date this remains my favorite video of yours\nIt's just the perfect amount of cool tricks, comedy, and great special effects!
Shoot a portal above and below the hoop, drop the ball in one and score infinitely
Pu Derrick
This is probably why GLADOS killed everyone
Pure Cr0ss
2:19 thats a little scary im not going to lie.
Purple Productions
This is what Aperture Science employees do on their breaks...\nAnd you let them \
I have a question, if you place two portals on the ground next to each other, and place a basket ball in the middle so half of the basket ball is in one portal, and the other half is on the other portal, and then have one person stand on one half, and another person stand on the other half, would the basketball be the center of gravity or what?
Where did those cracks come from? 1:10
Rayed Hamayun
Dude Decent is better.
Riley Chance
Robo Gamer
Wish this was real...
Samm the boye
2:23 accidentally shoots a blue portal
Sean Brogan
video so good it took me of examinating the quality of the portal gun prop. good
Shlofy Intous
Lets go………
1:21 look at niko
Sir Scribe
Oh shit, I died laughing at that last stunt. Tears came out of my eyes as I fell back laughing. I just re-watched that one 3 times.
Skygazer Studios
Definitely my favorite video! You guys are amazing and this video shows off your skills alot. You guys are amazing role models for me. Thank you and keep up the good work!
even better than dude perfect
Solomon the kaiju demon
Make a sequel, with two portal guns.
Static Airsoft
I saw this on B-Dubs TV in Buffalo Wild Wings and was like I SWEAR THATS NIKO AND SAM
My three favorite things in one video: Savant, Portal, and CorridorDigital.
I too also keep trophies inside my lab coat as well...
Tim Laperriere
Looks like dude perfect...
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Meanwhile at the half life 3 development team...
Tsuko G.
This made me remember how much I love the game and the concept.
Tuna Alert GZ
That is soooo awesomazing!
I have to say, this is a surprisingly accurate depiction of how science gets done.
Viper- 902
it makes portals look so real
GlaDos tired of their trickshots that's why she killed all of them
Daam, that's so fast you could probably die by launching from the last surface.
Well, it had neither GladOS, the turrets or the cores but still an awesome vid nonetheless
Worvern Scar
0:37 For a second there I thought it was a fail.
Zac Fitzgerald
This is what Aperture has been doing with the funding we sent them?!
Zack ツ
So Realistic! How Much 4 1 of those gunny thingies? I would love 2 make some people... Disapear.
Zombie King
bartek burmistrz
hmmm and you think,you are good after 360 noscope... HA!
This is why we don't let scientists have fun!
dee dinky
the ending was very funny
google inc
So this is what Aperture does on the weekends!
small hammer
Who else actually believed that he was dead. Leve a thumbs up.
theGAMEgeek Cosplay and more
One of my all time favorites
One portal on the ground, one on the moon, throw ball through, wait several years for it to reach earth, dunk it 
Is this Niko and Sam from NODE?