10 Superpowers Spiderman Has That Are Completely Useless!

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A.j. Bedard
why he eat a all so at he bodey can make the organic webbing
Ana Arias
Animation Studios
What ever happened to natural webbing? :c
Anna Levine
Super strength is NOT a useless power
Anwar parvez
completely useless video.....
Ash ketchum -roblox and more!
These are not even useless u know what useless is it is u.
He says Spider-Man’s most useless abilities but he named all of them
Batman Robin
How is wall climbing useless?
Bongo Cat
washington memorial sounds wrong\n\nive always called it washington monument
so a car, and a utility belt are \
Cairo Blanchard
To put his webs in his belt
Camden Gilbert
“Why would Spider-Man need a utility belt?”\n\nLook at Spider-Man PS4 lol also it holds his WEBBING🙄
sorry but batman doesn't have super-strength, nor does ben 10, nor does iron man\n\nalso since when was a car a super power lol\n\nand the organic webbing doesn't have the belt genius
I just remembered something,\nMy brother tricked me into thinking Flash Thompson was The Flash, the I realized 3 years later that The Flash is in the DCU and Flash Thompson is MCU
Clifford Gordon
Somewhere along the line this video forgot it was supposed to be a list of not useful abilities, and it completely derailed it's own premise and just became a list of his powers minus the spider sense. Everything on this \
Confused Akko
So lifting things like cars to get them out of the way and save people isn’t useful? You think just anyone can lift their own weight and pull things with webs? This channel is so bad
Cristal Johnson
He needs Web shooters so when he shoots in the costume the Web don't get all over the suit and his hand and tom holland doesn't have organic webbing
How is wall crawling useless??\nNext video: 10 Reasons CBR sucks
Danforth Paleontologist
The reason to turn into a spider:\n\n1. You look more scary \n2. You have bigger teeth\n3. You have more limbs\n4. You have more calculated vision \n5. You have more fall damage resistance \n6. You gain super human strength \n7. You gain organic webbing which is more available\n\nSo you got that “turning into a spider is useless” thing wrong.\n\nYou call it useless, but in reality it’s really convenient.
Dani Ramadan
That thing in thumbnail helps his webs be stronger have you watched Spider-Man 2002
Dumb 7924
So for him to be useful he has to have no costume and only spider sense. But whats spider sense without webbing or super strength.
End Snowjewel
Why This Video is Wrong:\n\nHe Can Turn Into A Spider: Is good for last line of defense, also extremely efficient regeneration after cocooning himself. Becoming a spider also helps and shows a side of him able to rely on instinct more, useful and cool.\n\nAdvanced Suits: Helps amplify spider powers, Karen points out important details he may need that he doesn’t already know, he’s intelligent, but not all knowing. Also suit has not made spider powers useless, what are you talking about, he still uses his abilities a ton, pretty useful. Also later on you say that he has an AI (Karen) so why would he need a utility belt. Hypocrite.\n\nWeb Shooters: His main form of transportation, how tf are these not useful, and the web shooters are meant to represent his intellect and how he made them him selves, despite being a teenager, pretty symbolic/useful. Not a power.\n\nCommunication With Spiders: Spiders can tell him anything they know that he doesn’t about a certain event that he could have missed, can control them like a mini army, very useful.\n\nSuper Strength: Not being unique does not equal useless, plus ten tons is a lot, so many people would die, and he would probably be dead if his punches only felt like a normal persons, extremely useful.\n\nFast Metabolism: More resistance to drugs and poisons, as mentioned, and also can help make sure he is getting enough nutrients, because all his excessive exercise (where do you think all that strength comes from?) would make him extremely nutrient deficient if he didn’t get enough food, very useful, keeps nutrient intake in check. Also later on in the video, you say that he should have organic webbing, well that needs much more nutrients, since he’ll need to produce the actual webbing inside his body himself, so yeah. Hypocrite.\n\nSpider Mobile: You literally just said the web shooters were useless, but anyways, the spider mobile is a good use of transportation that doesn’t run through/waste his spider webbing as quickly as, which you talked about earlier, but like whatever. Also this is not a power.\n\nUtility Belt: You literally said that it holds the webbing. Duh. Plus it can help hold items that he may need for missions, for example a small flash drive for a base raid, etc. Useful/practical. Still not a power btw.\n\nGrow Multiple Limbs: You know how in movies characters are always put in this situations where they hand off a ledge by their fingertips? Well, now he has several limbs to pull himself up. But like in all seriousness, this technically isn’t a power, it’s an effect from a drug that Peter injecting himself with, meaning it’s an accident/rebound, not a power. So yeah.\n\nWall Crawling: What? I- uh- whuh??? I need to explain this? Ok well it’s extremely useful for sneak attacks, the small little spines/hairs on his finds and feet also help reduce the amount of sound he’s making when walking, running, etc. He can catch himself if he falls off buildings/into them (you have no idea how many times that’s happened), if somebody picks him up and throws him, he can regain his bearings, he can fight sideways on walls/buildings which gives him huge terrain advantage since most his enemies can only stay upright, plus, like you said earlier, we love Spiderman for having spider abilities!!! In case you didn’t know, THIS IS A SPIDER ABILITY!\n\nPlus, you literally stated yourself that it’s useful for breaking into secret bases and stuff. I’m low key with you on the little clings through the suit, but I believe that this is a semi reasonable explaination for that:\n\nHis (original) suit is made of spandex, a thin stretchy materiel which is probably thin enough for the little feelers to poke through and attach to surfaces.\n\nFor Karen’s suit (no I am not calling it the Stark suit, it is Karen’s she lives in it, give her love, she supports Peter like a true homie), Tony could have purposely made the suit thinner, because as seen in homecoming, when he (Peter) puts it on, it tightens to fit his body shape, which most likely stretches the fabric into place and thins out in the certain areas that he would use to attach to places.\n\nSo yea.\n\nYou’re wrong.
You said completely us less and you named every power he has =/
Fernando XD
Useless video
He uses his super strength to swing around new york city. How can he swing around with out having that strength.
most of these aint powers and are useful :\\
GDduece55 boi
Doesn’t spider man use his super strength when he web swings cause he is pulling him self up and also pulling towards whatever his web is touching
GOAT_Fatality Leader
The reason why the web shooters are kinda useless its because he already has the power to shoot his webs
Did you actually just call web shooters unless?
Galy The Sugar Lover
I don't get it \nis this video about Spider Man's useless powers or useful powers?\nI mean I saw ''Web Shooters'' ''Wall Crawling'' and ''Super Strength''
Hey Wassup
Ah now what no hair for peter Parker LOL
I Have The High Ground
this video in a nutshell\n\nspiderman has some useless superpowers like has a car, utility belt, an awesome suit, super strength and he can crawl up walls
You're basically saying all his powers are useless
Jimmy Crackorn
Spidey's strength is in no way proportional to that of a spider. It's far greater. Spidey's strength is more like if a rhino was spliced with a spider and then crossbred with an elephant that was spliced with a spider, and the resulting super strong monstrosity had limbs each as strong as both its parents combined. That's how strong Spidey is. He lifts and punches far above what the description of his powers EVER classed him. He's themed after the spider only because he gets more of his abilities from the spider than other creatures. Spidey would technically be closer to Marvel's answer to Beast Boy.\n\nSpidey's strength is far beyond even 8 strongmen in one body, it's more like 500+ of them in one body, which is why Venom is so strong. Also, you forgot his natural symbiote affinity. He's one of the rare perfect matches for the symbiotes. Spidey has unnatural luck as well. I'm not talking about accidentally finding the bad guys or getting perfect action photos, I'm talking about discovery of new abilities and additional mutations. They're more than convenience and plot devices, they're inherent to his character.
Junior Albert
This video needs to be deleted immediately because it’s very inaccurate to the point where it’s ridiculous.
Ker Mot
Spider-Man is pulling atoms to himself and this is why he is able to wall crawl through his gloves and shoes. Not everything that Raimi showed us is accurate.
King shark
Talking about spider man brings up batman 2 times 😒
Kitty Corgi
You literally just said that very power he has are useless. Super strength is important, not useless. Web shooters is important, not useless. Wall crawling in important, not useless. These powers make spider man, well, spider man! Super suits, vehicles, and utility belts AREN’T SUPER POWERS!!! Everything else I agree and aren’t his actual powers in the cartoons I watch. Most I disagree with and are stupid to be on this list. If all these powers in this list are taken away you have a normal human. And spider man CAN’T TALK TO SPIDERS NOR TURN INTO A SPIDER!!!
Krptic Unknown
Vehicles are now a superpower
Legendary Axl
And no wonder why I'm gonna unsubscribe you!!! Thats *bad*
Lily Clem
The only thing useless is this video
Pfff Spidermans a B E A S T!
Logan Bradley
Who's more rich iron man or batman
Marco Matta
You know what is completely useless? This video.
Michael Tran
Like who needs a subway? \nPeople from Harry Potter
Miles Morales
So how is “advanced suits” a “superpower”
Mischa Ruddell
You shut up CBR spider man is perfect the way he is and he is the best!
Superpowers that are useless according to CBR aka Cock Bountiful Rear:\n\n-Turning into a massive spider (which is probably stronger than regular Spiderman, plus 4 more arms)\n\n-A suit that enhances his fighting capabilites and gives him access to a pool of information (albeit not a superpower so why is it in this video?\n\n-Super strength? (Oh, so because there are other heroes with superstrength his ability is redundant? HOW IS SUPERSTRENGTH COMPLETELY USELESS!? BECAUSE IT'S NOT UNIQUE? I DON'T SEE \
Mr. Streamer
10 Superpowers Spiderman Has That Are Completely Useless!!!!!!!!!!!\nThats why half of this is about batman
Mr. togs
Super strength is very useful, a utility belt isn’t a power, a spider-mobile isn’t a power, and he uses web crawling every day. Controlling spiders isn’t useless, he just doesn’t use it often. Becoming a spider is very useful if he can heal broken bones. His web shooter gadgets aren’t useless, they just run out of web sometimes.
Someone needs to make a \
Nathan Rodriguez
talk 2 spiderman about these being useless. Huh Huh?! what would he say?!
Nathaniel Codner
LOL the spider skin he has on his fingees goes through the suit as of infinity war the suit was built to stick to surfaces but... if they look up he goes down. 🤣
I dont feel so good
Ninjaterminator 2000
So satisfying at 11:20\n\n\n\nNow give me a like
Nofeesah Adedoyin
Not one of these powers was \
Pandora Thompson
“Spider-Man never uses his super strength” *continue to show several clips of Spider-Man using super strength.*
Pradipta Banerjee
Do you even know that the web shooters shoot stronger webs than organic webbing!
Rebellious Pineapple
This had to have been made in like 10 minutes. You just took every \
Who else is having fun bashing this video in the comments
Rn Spurgn
Robert Hale
This whole list is bulls&*#... you obviously have never read a single Spider-Man comic...
Rogue Wolf
If it is a SUPERPOWER, how is it useless, find one thing in this video that you wouldn't wish you had.
The amazing spider man came out 2012 not 2010!
This video. . .omg. I don't even now why I bothered with it.
Solomon Odwogo
wtf witch company owns spider-man dc or marvel
Son Hoang
Having inhuman strength is \
This video is Idiotic. 😑
So basically every single thing about him is useless? Cause every thing that you mention in the video was \
Tanner Buxton
I got a ps4 Spider-Man bundle for Christmas 🎄 🕷
Loool how are web shooters useless
Tra-guy D
I bet they would say that super regeneration is useless because others had had it
Zakwaan Syed
10 things why this channel is the most dumbest (do that next.)
adam aboul hosn
Webshooters can be the most usefull thing spiderman has
you just listed all the things he can do!
This video is one of the many reasons why I am not subscribed to this channel.
Hey, with super strength, spider man is litterally the only super hero that helps in the neighbourhood. How would he do anything? You cant just lift someone up with webs. It takes strength. Seriously. And you would have to do that on a building. By climbing up said building. Another listed \
debeast 2005
You just said every single one of his super powers were useless while telling us how they helped him...
fire pro
The coolest part is 12:08
gamer girl
people chill yes the video was going against our favorite superhero and had false info, but let's not be to harsh 😶
geek show
This video has all his powers you may aswell call it all of spideys powers
How does this video still have more likes than dislikes???
karim castaneda
That makes no sense if he had a proportion of a spiders strength he'd be weak i think what you mean to say is he has strength 10 times that of a human or a proportion of a man sized spider.
This is the lamest video ever
nilus fluvius
I agree superstrength isn't so special anymore but it is anything but 'completely useless'
pranit Rastogi
This video is the most worst\n video I have ever seen in my life
You realize that him growing extra arms was apart of him Turing into a full spider right?
Half of these aren't even powers
shelby clone
How are web shooters a superpower
superboi 22
I thought this was a super power thing. Spider buggy really. This channel needs spider mans brains.
the CTCS
this list is horible
thelegendsamriben2 jack
Most of these aren't powers and more like gadgets and items.
Spider-man: Utility belts are \
omg the dislike button works