Berenstain Bears - Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 142

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Berenstain Bears - Angry Video Game Nerd: Episode 142 The Nerd takes a look at several different Berenstain Bears related video games for Atari 2600, Game Boy Color and Sega Genesis.Twitter James ►

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Aiden Callaway
I remember Bernstein Bears
Alaa Hadid
It is all about missspelling the title by someone in the 60s, because of human brain read words as images, not spelling the actual word, and we all know the Albert EinstEin spells like this \
Aozan Hussien
This is one of the best episodes of the AVGN!!!!
I'll tell you what the issue is. Without proper emphasis, the name can sound very much like Berenstein. The song for the original cartoon actually contains both the proper pronunciation and either a mis-pronunciation or a sped proper pronunciation that sounds like a mis-pronunciation. The rules of English pronunciation that were driven into us took over from there and convinced people it was Berenstein. It probably helped that it was often years before people double checked the actual books.\n\nIt's essentially nothing more than a bit of data that wasn't saved properly. Happens all the time with the complex pattern recognition and reasoning built into the human brain.
Austin Matthews
I distinctly remember berenstein bears
Bill Fusion
I'm here because of Halloween 2018!
Bimmy Lee
Watching this video, I really thought they made typos. I remember it as berenstein bears, but I guess I remembered it wrong.
BrittLink OfHyrule
I always thought it was Berenstein bears. O_o
Broon Ters
Gonna put a Slayer tape in it. I'll post an update once it's done.
Carlos Ruiz
Now it's gonna be a question of is it bloodstain, or bloodstein.
This has some rick and morty shit going on here
When showing off the books in the beginning, you can never see the a in Berenstain because it’s just outside the shot. Whenever I recognize little details like that in something, it makes me appreciate it even more.
Cristina Vanni
Plot Twist: It's actually spelled Berensatan
DDD Productions
Am i the only one who rememberes Berenstein but spelled with an a sound like Frankenstein?
Daniel Borrelli
I think im one of those people who remembers Berenstein.\nEven my friend agrees
Devyn Green
Edgar Banuelos
Maybe there is an alternate reality where the cane in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde actually does something.
Emerson Vazquez Zepeda
Cumstain bears
In my universe it's BerenstUIN.
Factual Opinion
So, would there be a Bloodstein universe as well?
Famished Joe
I see a lot of people here in time for Halloween 2018.
The latest episode of X Files ripped this off.
15:23 clever book choice.
It's not berenstein or berenstain, it's bloodstain. Aaaaaaagh aaaaaaaaagh!!!!!
Ginger Brave
anyone watching in 2018?
The thumbnail said bernstein and the title of this video said Bernstain. Holy shit. Its the mandela effect all over again!
Frankenstein? You mean FrankenSTAIN, right? That's how I remember it. I should know, because the author's name is Mery Shallay.
Gulag or Sub
The plot of this video could be a good movie
I'm sure the \
Haunted Knight
I remember it as Berenstein Bears too...your not alone Nerd.
I am just Plexi
This is where i discovered the Mandela Effect
Gotta love the Mandela Effect
J. Troopa
But was it Bloodstain or Bloodstein?
Jack Woodrick
the bloodstain bears sounds like something you would see in robot chicken.
Jason Smith
I sometimes wonder if avgn is a conspiracy theorist but he is doing it in a subtle and funny way so he doesn't appear to be outright crazy
Jimmy Neutron
Oh. My. God. Between the Castlevania episodes, the Earthbound episode, the Polybious special and this, I think that AVGN is the best and deepest show of all time.
Joey Hazard
Another example of the Mandela effect. Love it!
You mean the Brainstem bears? Y'all are crazy.
Kyan Harper
Did this actually happen because i swear my berenstein books were written stein (my head is spinning)
Left Clips
That was the biggest Mandela Effect ever.
The production quality on this is outstanding
Liberty Studios
This episode might as well be called Berenstains;Gate.\n\nAlso, this episode makes Board James more confusing
it was always bloodstain bears, and the games are better and more popular than super sonic bros.
What happened to the Nerds childhood home? Does it tie into Board James' earliest life, or was it when the Nerd split from Board James?
Luis Mendez
The fucking production quality and effort put into this is great lmao!
That's some Rick and Morty shit.
Marcelo Zuniga
Upon rewatching the episode, you'll notice that James cleverly hides \
Mario Kart 8 Fun!
I wonder what happens if you put a Slayer tape in there *AAWHHHHHWH*
Master Noct
I'm seriously sure it was Berenstein.
Matty G
So that’s how you make a Berenstein Bears scary...... oh sorry Berenstain Bears…AAAAAAHHHHHH ITS HAPPENING
Not berenstain, berenstein nor bloodstain.\nIts shitstain
Michael Stiles
Kind of like Albert Einstain
Mike Smith
That's so weird. I always remembered it as Bloodstein Bears.
Mike the super saiyan
I remember Stein a lot more than Stain\n\nIt hurts my brain to think about though
In my universe, it's not berenstein or berenstain!\n\n\n\n\n\n*ITS BLOODSTAIN*
Hmmm...I'm pretty sure that back then, when this video was released, title was \
10:31 This game was getting an Exorcism for the Glitch Gremlin.
Rewatching this one almost two years later I still wonder, how much fun was it to make?
Thumbnail says berenSTEIN! Title says berrnSTAIN
Not Jesus
I like how AVGN randomly references SLAYER and some other Thrash Bands on his videos.
Odin's Playground
Damn! This is an episode I’ve actually missed and didn’t watch until now. Great episode though, loved the overly dramatic and conspiracy ending.
I never really watched the show but even I remember it spelled with an e. Weird.
Olgierd Nnowak
So many recent comments... Did the timelines split again and in this universe this video was uploaded in 2018?
This episode is amazing
Pac-Man Entertainment
Peaches and Keane
It was really clever how in the beginning of the video James specifically cut the camera off at the title of the books
Pearange Productions
I lived in a world where (you’re not going to believe this) the Atari 7800 actually took over the Atari 2600, and it trampled over the NES so hard, Nintendo went bankrupt!\n\nIn fact, the only thing that stood up to the 7800 was the Sega Master System. But it got it’s ass trampled by the 7800 too!\n\nIt was much slower than Nintendo, thankfully. While the NES got trampled so hard, it only managed to crank out 10 games, the SMS thankfully managed to crank out about 57 games before getting trampled by the 7800.\n\nThe 7800 is still going strong in my world. Too bad it isn’t the same here. That E.T. disaster fucked up everything.\n\nThey’ve made 5 versions of the 7800, and they were named like so:\n\n7800\n7800 Super\n7800 Hyper\n7800 Ultra\n7800 X\n\nDon’t worry, all of your favorite franchises never died (excluding Mario & Sonic and all other Nintendo/Sega franchises). They just started on the 7800 rather than the NES or Genesis.\n\nMega Man, Castlevania, even Action 52 was all awesome (excluding Action 52) on the 7800.\n\nIn fact, James is in my world, but instead of the “Angry Video Game Nerd”, he’s the “Angry Atari 7800 Nerd”. \n\nYep, not even Sony and Microsoft stood a chance, and they didn’t make consoles after the PlayStation and Xbox failed horribly. Microsoft stuck to Windows, and Sony stuck to making products that weren’t video-game based, like TVs.\n\nToo bad that dimensional rift brought me to this reality. But hey, the PS4’s fun, but it’s nowhere NEAR as fun as the 7800 X.
How could a parody video about cartoon bears have a more satisfying plot twist than an actual modern horror movie? Awesome.
Robert Ulibarri - 黒心の子
Why are there so many comments from the last few days? This video came out years ago; not to mention the plethora of Mandela effects in this video - everything is quite anomalous and quite frankly, spooky. Wtf is going on?
Robin Kim
Sean Siewsarran
Nostalgic critic should take pointers from avgn when it comes to skits
Sentient Potato
I actually used to think it was Bernstein Bears. Not Berenstein.
Anyone else notice that he used to change the title of the video back and forth from Berenstein and Berenstain every once and a while?
James, you should come back and change the title of this video between \
When I saw the name of the episode, I thought he was just doing some play on with words with shit stain or something.\nBest episode ever. IT IS STEIN!
The Escapist
Read title \nMe: Why Is This A Halloween Special?\nWatches The End \nMe: Oh Thats Why.
I remembered Stein not stain
Thebtechdavemustaine 5
I thought it was burnenstan bears but to be fair that was the universe when jake Paul and Logan were dead\n\nGOOD TIMES
Todd The God Howard The Coward
He's gonna take you back to the past.
Tomislav Hercigonja
One of the best episodes ever!! Your creativity has no limits..Greetings from Croatia
Undead Alien
In a different universe....\n\nJames is THE HAPPY NINTENDO NERD\n\nThe horror.
Vega Yagami
From what i recall, it's originally \
Verry Technical
WTF it's not berenstein?? You're right, my whole childhood is now ruined lol
Wolf O'Donnell
Who else didn't think this would be a horror episode?
Zach Fletcher
Are a lot of people binge watching the series?
I remember an alternative version of this video, when the Nerd goes to his childhood home he finds the books DO say \
That was awesome af. Really dig how you don't need any budget to make a good murder scene.Its all in the lighting
Before assuming that the Mandela Effect has a complicated causal relationship with multiple parallel universes, we should at least consider the obvious explanation: George Lucas is at it again!
david97829 - Airmech portal
So this BerenSTAIN - BerenSTEIN is a cosmic glitch, awesome
Holy shit. Did James write for the new X-Files? Last week's episode was all about the Mandela Effect, there was an obvious stand in for the Bernstain Bears as an example, and they tried to explain it with an alternate universe theory. The episode is called \
This episode is an absolute masterpiece of cinema
josh heredia
I could’ve sworn it’s stein not stain, my childhood is a lie
I'm afraid to think there's a dimension where LJN made good games
in my universe its BerenStalin
He missed the chance to make a joke about darth vader turning into a scorpion in parallel universe
All i remember was stein too. Well if RL Stine becomes RL Stane, i'm gonna travel through time to strangle someone