GOD OF WAR (Honest Game Trailers)

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4D. Walkan
a seven-foot long murder machine in a skirt lmao
A Chauhan
Do devil may cry series
Aidan Tring
I would still buy this if this was the real trailer
Alejandro Zamora
Alexander Werner
Do god of war 4 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz \n\nLike for him to se
Amber Vance
I want to see Dante's inferno
Amos Maka
Anime Guy
do god of war 2 and 3 please
Anthony Kelly
Do the \
Time to do God of War (2018)!!!
This game is nothing like Mickey mania!
Be cool Gaming
🙌 new god of war plz
Beaulieu Emanuel
Benjamin Abramowitz
Now make an Honest Trailer for the newest God of War!
Booker DeWitt
If God Of War Is On The Movies, I Thought Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel Would Potrayed Kratos And Kronos, EVEN KRONOS FACE LOOKED LIKE VIN DIESEL !!
Wouldn't full frontal nudity have required they NOT be covered in sheets?
Boy Wonder Me6
Brandon F.
Broken Infinity [CB Riptor]
Do Killer Instinct.
Chaos King
Do an honest railer for devil may cry..!..
Chris Blevins
Coffee Succubus
Hehe... \n\nORBGASM...\n\nGotta love that.\n\nEDIT 1: 206 Likes! Holy crap! Highest I ever got for a comment :D\nEdit 2: 403 LIKES! ALMOST TWICE THE AMOUNT! HOLY CRAP GUYS XDDD (5/21/17)
Damjan Medur
my first game on ps2.... when i was... uh, 7? I think....\nLOL, I still turned out fine so there's that.
Darkzz Lord
a 7ft tall murder machine in a skirt.This single sentence is the best thing in the video
Vin Diesel 😂😂😂
David Constantin
Don't this video, B O I.
Deen Said
now do the 2018 version
Devils Bounty Hunter
Square, Square, Triangle made me laugh so much because that is the absolute truth.
Irony is it was my mom who bought the game, coz I thought it was just another DMC clone (we both love Devil May Cry) she just went home one day got God of War started playing and I was \
Dwayne Hicks
Boobs are censored, but not brutality....welcome to the USA
1:05 Who knew that this prick would turn out to be #1 Dad of the *BOI.*
Eli Hoover
it wasn't his fault Ares tricked him
Enrique van Leeuwen
Do god of war 4
Do one of devil may cry, shocked you still haven't
Fernando Sosa
ORBGASM, love you honest trailers
orbgasm xD
I'm upset that they didn't mention the Spiked Columns in Hades. Everybody loves that part. All of you who have played this game knows that's the best part of the game. #sarcasm
Gazi Rakib
God of war 2 please
Hertz Claude
Please do Simpsons, Hit and Run!
Kratos: The worlds most dedicated atheist.
I swear this game had better graphics in my head....
James SOLDIER Austin
Micky mouse Micky mania buhahahahahahahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
John Demetriou
Why does everyone know God of War but nobody knows Devil May cry? I mean the franchise that made this types of games famous and popular?
John Paul
I lost it at zordon from power rangers
do an honest trailer on honest trailers
KANDADI Mahmoud Amine
What's the soundtrack at 00:10 ??
Kaustuv Chakrabarti
do prince of persia..pleaseee
King Elessar
Do God of War 2-3 PLEASE I've been waiting for so long!
King Kaneki
beewbs 😏😏
War, war never changes. Especially when fighting aliens. Like in that awesome game XCOM, which you should HGT please =)
Kotlica Slobodan
Bionic commando.
oh look a reason to be on smosh games!
Lord Frieza
you wanna whats funny Dwayne the rock Johnson is actually playing a demi god in a new disney movie
Huh...now I understand why my dad won't let me play this
Marek Žalmánek
Please do Prince of Persia sands of time series
Matthew Dunn
They have got to do the other 3 god of war games
Mehzabeen Mahmud
ORBGASM .....Lolzz!!
Mental Carmine
lmao the reason ur parents wont buy you a ps2
Kratos the most brainless character
Mr Funreal
Honest game trailers is the only reason to subscribe to smosh games.
Old but gold
Nguyễn Hữu Anh Tú
New God Of War honest trailer please !
Obese European
Feel bad for people who haven't played them all.
I feel ya about those balancing segments
Phantom Hawk
Do the rest of the God of War franchise.
Random Stuff
See I said it was Kratos's fault not the gods/goddesses of Olympus
Res Art
Who did he kill at 1:59 ?
Zordon, from Power Rangers...whew...that got me good.
Samuel Johnson
Honest trailer for God of War 2... If you want to of course.
Sceptile Sanake
Lol ORBGASM??😂😂😂
Siavash Sabet
Smallafro Games
Do South Park the stick of truth
Snob The Dog
Who camed here thinking it was the new 2018 god of war?
Is there anyone who actually enjoys the puzzles in action games? I mean someone who goes \
Steve Diament
I can easily kill a kraken, but I struggle when I am challenged by my greatest enemy! The Treasure Chest!
Tatsumaki Tornado
That American Brunette
Please do the Jak and Daxter series.
That Terminator Guy
do da new God Of War 3 - Remastered _ _ _
Love the way he says beeewbs
Toa Gatanuva
make an honest trailer of the sly franchise
Tron Arclight
Please sir, can you PLEASE do DOA?? WE need it!!!
For real tho... square, square, triangle is the best thing in the games.
Vincent Junn Delos Reyes
say Ryuuga wa ga teki wo kurao
Vincentcleo Donato
lmao steven tyler...
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword... it must be DONE!
best of the best
i laugh sooo hard when you said ....... (squar squar triangle is the best thing in the game) hahahaha
dark knight batman
I came after the new one
 Say, \
entity 69
The Vin Diesel and Steven Tyler part was the best!!! lols
marvel's greatest hero
A 7 foot tall murder machine in a skirt 😂😂😂😂 gets me every time
Do Prince of Persia please!
Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Doom 64, Doom 3, BRUTAL Doom and DOOM (2016) please =)
Come on!! 2:43 Should totally be “God of Orb”!
Orbe-gasm, PERFECT
renzo roldán
Zordon and vin diesel made me laught jajajajajjajj
wood 210
I hope they make GOW Ⅰ,Ⅱ, ascension or others series to Remastered in PS4!!