Criminal minds 9x24 Doctor Who reference AGAIN !!! xd

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Penelope Garcia dépose des figurines de Daleks et du tenth et eleventh Doctor dans la chambre de Reid.

Criminal Minds (TV Program) Dalek Doctor Who (TV Program) Eleventh Doctor Tenth Doctor (Fictional Character)

Amanda Eklund
Aaw♡ Reid♡ looks so cute:)
Avery Bratten
She sounds like Kristen schaal
Desiree Bannister
I scared my mom cuz I like squealed and pointed at the tv when we first saw that episode. No regrets! ^,^
Garcia: “it would be weird if he woke up with us staring like this, so I’m gonna go stand over there.”\nAlso Garcia: *staring from a distance*
Filipa Nunes
Isabel Perez Rodriguez
What episode and season is this?
Lazlo Lesley
If I wake up and see a dalek that close to me I would scream
Patricia A
Nouvelles références à Doctor Who dans criminal minds dont la figurine du tenth Doctor, chère Pénélope !! xd
Sarah Mack
Garcia (sorry if I spelled her name wrong) and Reid, I think would make a great couple!
Serenity Wholock Scmander
reid as the new doctor now that genius
Snowdrop 65
Honestly, I live for these DW references
T. Gwen Plaza
ack! I need to see this episode!
suly uzumaki
c'est pas le dixieme  doctor mais le onzieme la figurine c'e'st matt smith --'