Confessions from Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

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Here’s what happens when "Fifty Shades of Grey" stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan take a break from their Glamour cover shoot to weigh in on aphrodisiacs, their characters, and more.Still haven’t subscribed to Glamour on YouTube? ►► Confessions from 'Fifty Shades'' Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

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i wanna burn that awkward iPad
ALBA Bradford
can't believe people say that they have no chemistry. ..are we watching the same interview???....Dakota and Jamie are so cute is this interview...If i wouldn't known that Jamie is a married man, base on these interview I would assumed that they more than just friends!
Abby Ah Loo
I said Donald Trump was submissive out loud haha
Adara J.
Her eyes are so bright! I love it
The face he makes at her when she says she would change her attitude is hilarious
Akshita Kandlikar
People are talking about how awkward the interview was. I honestly wonder how awkward the guy holding the iPad must've felt XD
Ana Price
Am I the only one who got the vibe that neither of them wanted to be there at all? XD
Angeline Ma
HA. I lost it at \
I ship them but hes married and has a kid.But i once read that the wife is making him choose between the next sequel or her so until then
Ayessa Nicole
I get that he's happily married and already a father of 2 but I swear they make a pretty good couple and they look cute just by being random :)
Balan Malina
when she looked at his hands after saying that hands are the sexiest thing at men
Bar Gafni
I love how she makes him laugh!!
I feel they were just saying random things and then tried to fit the questions in around that
Biby xo
I want jakota to happen;(
Calumhood Dreams
Cam Corbett
Chanel Clipston
LMFAO, after they ask the sexiest body part on a man dakota says \
Chelsea Yun
I cant believe he's a dad and was in fifty shades or grey
All the people saying they look comfortable and like they're having fun are on some new level of denial.\nAnd the guy at 1:48 makes me feel like I need to take a long shower
Chloe Dorsainvil
I felt a lot of sexual energy between them, like their long stares and glances
Dakota Dornan
What's the best aphrodisiac??? And Dakota answers \
well I will say one thing, jaime is hot enough and serious enough to play Christian.Geez I felt like I was listening to the character throughout this. I guess that's a good thing...? lol. Dakota seems sassy I like that. :)
people keep saying it was awkward and that there were only a couple of funny moments. also, I keep seeing comments about the interview where jamie and dakota shake their head when they're asked if they have any chemistry. I don't think people realise that they both (especially dakota) seem to have a very dry sense of humour, sort of like april from parks and rec. it's not them being awkward, it's just how they are. and the chemistry is definitely there.
Debora Ferdico
They have such a wonderful eyes both \u003c3
Denise Noles
She is a beautiful young lady. She has an innocent yet sensual vibe about her.
Desteen Marfori
The way she laughs.gosh! Shes a breathe of fresh air.
Diana Rodriguez
I don't know what to think about these two, hate/ like... somethings up thou. He looks nervous, and she looks like she wants to drop the ball on him. Uncomfortable, awkward but why when obviously seen each other naked.\nHe does tend to look at her when she answers, he fidgets a lot, clasp his hand. Body language, she deg does something to this man...
Die Bücherprinzessin
In the video, they actually behave like Christian and Ana would irl :)\n\nChristian being more quiet and reserved, Ana being a little shy and awkward, but also cute and funny.\nI think in an interview together with Christian she would also be afraid to speak too openly about their relationship or behave in a way that he wouldn't approve, which would explain why there's no overly intimate atmosphere/chemistry. It is obvious that they share the same humour though, as it is the case in the books. :)
Disgusted Batman
Oh god, there's so much awkwardness. Just watch their body language and how they answer the questions, especially when asked what they think of each other.
EXO and EXO-L only
the way Jamie said \
Emilie Gonet
How is Ross the kinkiest. Obviously it's phoebe. Has no one watched friends??
Emma Rose
1:17 I love how Dakota looks at Jamie's hands and licks/bites her lip… I'd love to feel those hands too !!
The most attractive feature on a man are his hands, she says. She also kept staring at his hands on many occasions during this somewhat awkward interview, lol.
Fatema Muffadar
I love how at 1:17 she just ogles at his hands
Fluorescent Bulldogs
2:45 I just realised that's both Jamie's and Dakota's name lol. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (DJ JD)
why do they look so good together wtf
Gabriela Ruelas
I had the best time ever watching these two having fun with the silly questions and answers.
Garrett Herring
I wonder whats going to happen went they start filming? It's obvious their is a attraction their.
Hollywood People
She is really beautiful!
I'm _ Ryll
I don't know about the rest of you but I definitely feel the chemistry.
Jacinda Cisneros
Jackie Velas
I cannot believe he did not say \
Jade Nguyen
Jamie Dornan is so funny. Dakota Johnson is sarcastic and hilarious. And I think it's meant to be that their initials are JD & DJ. I WISH JAMIE WAS SINGLE LOL SO HE CAN BE WITH DAKOTA. HA
Jessica Bay
when she looks at Jamies hands after she says its the sexiest thing about a man ;)
Jessie JM
his eyes lit up naming 3 things 😊
Joei Lee
If you say they don't have chemistry then you must me shitting me. I was squealing to the entire video! The Hell, they're so goooooooooooooo together. 
Joseph Dutra
Wow, you can tell they're having so much fun doing this interview 8D
Kalina Sotirova
The actor is married and he has a baby. I think Dakota and Jamie are good friends, but nothing else.I think there is nothing wrong to be  friendly with someone. May be, If Jamie wasn't married  it can be possible to think that there is something more between them. I love this movie and in Bulgarian web saites for downloading torrents there are 4 movies, but they are in bad quality.
Kathleen Shumack
They are so funny I wanna go shopping with Dakota she seems like such a fun person to be around.
I don't understand how anyone can say they have chemistry. Is kind of obvious they dislike each other. They even said it themselves in another interview. \n\nAlso... I feel like Johnson is a fantasy pixie girl, or whatever they're called. You know, like Jessica from New Girl
I feel like there is chemistry but it's awkward for Jamie because he has a family.
Lana H
love how they say these two are so awkward, it's obvious that their sarcastic type of people. I respect DJ for not being all over him and holding her own, seriously if she was all handsy and flirty people would scream up and down and call her a home wrecker or a whore.. she's obviously being respectful and JD is a married man which is why he acts the way he does around DJ
I like the level of self-loathing here by both of them haha!
Majane M
I was surprised when he said \
Maryyy Doby
I loved this interview!! They are less shy than in other interviews, more comfortable. They are funny and cute! They are gorgeous together and they have a lot of chemistry!!
Meghana Joshi
Its funny that these both show much much more chemistry in this video than in the movie...
Michael M.
Wow, I'm really surprised so many people find this awkward. They clearly agreed to answer in a very cold tone with short answers for the fun of the interview! \nThis is not remotely awkward, wtf! \n
Mikaela Fox
Well that was an uncomfortable video to watch. They looked like they would rather be at the dentist than answer any of those questions. Maybe Glamour magazine should've taken them out for food and drinks first. You know, loosen them up, or at least butter them up. Something.
Nat Fern
I get that the interview is pretty awkward for the most part, but there are some great witty moments! The actors themselves aren't the type of people to flaunt their outgoing, funny personalities in front of prying eyes, especially not for random interviews conducted on an iPad behind their heads. Also Dakota Johnson is new to the spotlight; it's enough to make anyone become a little guarded, especially in front of cameras. As for their chemistry, it's unmistakeable on-screen. With Jamie Dornan being married and having a child, it seems only necessary for the two to maintain a sort of semi-detached relationship. They had to build a relationship based on trust and most importantly, professionalism, because of the incredibly intimate, romantic nature of the movie. But who knows? Maybe if it were different the two would've fallen in love.
Niamh Nolan
how are people saying it was awkward and there was no chemistry?! the chemistry between them is unbelievable, they bounce off eachother with their answers and just work well together in general, please now, the people saying this must just not be able to understand their humour, cause I for one laughed a lot at their answers
Olga Kapriidou
Obviously they have chemistry, the movie was super hot I just think they're both a little shy--which is normal I mean this is the first time that the spotlight is on them.
am I the only one who sees her kind-of-loving him...?
Pau Padovani
I think they have a code between them and a strange mood that they alone understand. They are ironic and I love that!!!!!!!!!!. We will never know the true feelings they have for one another.
I screamed when He said \
Professor Snippety-snaps
She said hand are the sexiest part of the guys body then looked at his hands
S Maxwell
So much chemistry they're afraid to look at each other
Sailor Mars
Lol, the people who spread rumours about them hating each other are the ones that were/are hating on the book and movie and seriously? Come on. How do you not see the chemistry between them???
Sofia Valdez
People say she's 'boring' with 'no personality' but in reality she's actually really playful/sarcastic
Summer Raine
These two look hotter together than Jamie and his wife and Dakota and her guy. Sorry but it seems like these two have a lot of off-screen chemistry and they sure as hell do on-screen 
Sylvia Garoy
They have alot of chemistry.. their fallin in love with each other!! Just the way they look at each other adoringly and they seem so alike in their mannerisms and attitude.
Tonya Wariner
When Dakota says her favorite body part on a man is hands, she looks at Jamie's hands. He does have nice hands.
Vir Rie
Evident is the attraction between them , but he is married and so are suppressed , I also worked at stake there . What if he were not married? undoubtedly there are secrets that only they know and Sam Johnson
is this a bit akward or just my idea?. especially that ending. they look somewhat like they don't want to be there. well it's 50 shades of grey I wouldn't blame them actually -_-
Yas Queen
I don't really care about 50 Shades of Grey... I might see it eventually.... but I think it's hilarious how many people watch this video and want them to hate eachother... so they overlook the obvious humor these two are putting into the interview... and take it as awkwardness and hate for eachother. They didn't take the interview serious at all... and it's obvious they were having fun doing it.
anna carina
And so the lion fell in love with the unicorn.
DJ JD? I understand it stands for DJ Jamie Dornan but it also stands for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan...coincidence? I think not...ahah
He listens and thinks, confused by her answers when she speaks in her smile, their attitudes, looks are very compromising, he is nervous, afraid of what she'll say she has nothing to lose .... ..... but the end is breathtaking !!!!!! She with her \
dyantha bogerd
I don't know why people keeps saying they have no chemistry and they are awkward together..they may be a little on camera answering question some that don't even make sense/// but go look at some pictures or video's behind the movie and most of the time you can see them laughing and having a great time with each other when they are in a comfortable position/inviroment whatever you wanna call it.
is it me or they are acting like they have smth to hide? i see lots going on when they look at eachother...
gabriel sawyer
i think they acualy go together jamie is soooo sexy and i love dakota jhonson
I don't know people are complaining. They laugh all the time and look at each other friendly. what do you want more????
ken p
i notice in interviews when jamie is asked about women, sex, etc he doesnt really give a serious or straight forward answer. Maybe because of his wife.
I hate this \
liliana vera
The face he made after she said \
liz johnson
Jamie does look scared to death on all the  US chat shows I have seen, but if you want to see him as he really is, you should watch a recent English chat show. He is relaxed, funny and sexy. Like a different person. He is obviously really shy when not on common ground. Honestly I cant believe you wont like him after seeing that. Really funny. \nJamie Dornan's Funny Walk - The Graham Norton Show: Series 14
Omg jag dog när Jamie sa superbra😩😭😂😂
when he has to say 3 words to decribe Dakota he looks so cute idk omg
amazing chemistry and passion they're both gorgeous and the movie was epic
mybad blood
nnn rrr
There is a lot of chemistry between two of them, in the movie and during the interviews, in my opinion. If it is true that on the shooting sets he was constantly asking the rest of the movie crew to leave her alone when she happened to talk to others that can be because he wanted all her attention for him as much as he could get. In this confessions when he describes Dakota in three words just look at how his face and eyes have lighten up at the moment and notice her constantly cuddling her leg while watching him, as if she is saying touch me.I think it tells enough. I understand why she is motivated next to him and also why he is acting with the refrain in many situations with her.He has wife, daughter. Dakota and Jamie couldn`t meet in more challenging circumstances :) I wish them to be brave and go after their love and attractiveness. He won`t stop being dad anyway so why would he sacrifice his happiness, even because of his child, ` cause it won`t tell him Thanks one day,already I didn`t ask you to give up your happiness for me. So, Jamie, go for your heart :)
Haha, when Jamie is asked to describe Dakota, he looks in actual physical pain omg
rim abdelali
she was staring at him the whole video, 
sally lee
The way they looked at each other you'd think they were a couple wouldn't you
sarah jane
'my attitude' hilarious! she reminds me of audrey plaza
Is everyone on crack?! They have hella chemistry together! Are we not watching the same video?! The looks that they gave to one another is undeniably adorable! And since Jamie is married, he's trying to be respectful to his wife that's why he keeps it professional with Dakota...
Dakota Johnson is one of the most beautiful women in the world! And better yet, she's my age! I would love to have my baby daughter with her!