Hong Kong 97 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 134

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In this episode, the Nerd reviews a strange Super Famicom game called Hong Kong 97! Subscribe ►

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At least they hated commies
Alden Moeller
who's watching this in 2018?
Alyssa Glass
When you understand Chinese and Chinese relations it puts this game in a whole new perspective.\n\nI think Hong Kong was poking fun at the Chinese for their propaganda. They make kids sing it and they broadcast it on repeat until it gets so stuck in their heads that they start to believe what’s being said.
Angel Lee
Wipe out all 1.2 billion of the red communists!
Ay Ay
Lol there's Chinese captions available on this video.
*_W i p e o u t 1 . 2 b i l l i o n_*
Call Sign Looney
OMG!!!! It's Jickie Chin!
Charlie Plush Productions
That was perhaps the best, most thoughtfully set-up punchline in any video I've ever watched.
Cole Phelps
Jesus, this game is disturbing.
Coleco 84
The plot of this game sounds like something straight out of South Park...which debuted in 1997!
Colton Norman
Yes the images are real dead bodies. It is technically a snuff game.
Conway Zhou
Just this year, the creator of this game finally admitted to making this game, saying that he made it to mock the video game industry and to make the worst game ever
Was this Japan's attempt to thwart communism?
Critical Mass Gaming
Wipe out 1.2 billion of the red communist... That killed me 😂😂😂
Deadmeat 146
Don’t mess with Chin
Deciduous Livingston
You can send me your floppy any time you want ;)
Derp :D
In the year 2097 hong kong 97 returns
Disappointed Turtle
Dill Clyntin is funny, but nothing beats Bill Clitoris
Dominic Perez
I wonder who that dead guy was?
Edward Finley
I agree, wipe out the Communists
It's 2017 and demons from the planet Jupiter haven't arrived through the Manhattan portal... Yet.
Elsa Maria
This game would make for a good Creepypasta story.
Btw the game was made to be intentionally shitty by a Japanese guy that wanted to make the worst game ever made, there's a Wikipedia page about it.
Firo Yang
The lyric of the music is '我爱北京天安门, 天安门上太阳升.' That means \
Gabe The Sesame Street Fan Est. 2001
Okay, I gotta admit, this is the best episode of AVGN evah!
I found a physical copy on ebay probs a bootlegged but the game is a bootleg lol
Goblin Shack
Imagine this game with the graphics of Mario Oddessey
I'd play New York 2017.\nThat sounds like an amazing game.
Grason ZhAng
献上中国人的一个评论 😂 fuxk that shity game
Hadi Abdel
Congraturation\nThis story is happy end thank you !\nYou are the wise and couragiuor killer, you feel strongth in your body!\nReturn to starting point, kill china's population again
Harrison Metzger
This is the best episode of AVGN and I come back to watch it all the time
Hen. Jamz
Why didn't they ever make a Hong Kong 97' 64?
Hunter Willoughby
It’s 2018 and sonic 06 still hasn’t finished loading yet
Ian Hanschen
Dear Lord make it stop.
Illuminati Expert
It’s 2018 the Jupiter aliens didn’t arrive they must have shit teleportation
Jack Kreanxx
I am convinced this was actually made by the CIA
Jack Wolf
He stated that his goal was to make the worst game possible as a mockery to the game industry. Since Kurosawa did not have much programming skills, he had an Enix employee help him out, with the game being made in two days.
Jason Smith
I always felt James was a conspiracy theorist in real life. Take a look at him in his Bearenstain review, seaman review, super mario bros 3 review ect. and I always felt he was a guy who was into theories like that and he's explaining it to us, but he's doing it in a subtle and funny way so he doesn't appear to be outright crazy to others.
Jeff Harrison
What a great song
Home Alone 3 came out in 1997. The plot of the movie is that the villains are working for a terrorist organization in Hong Kong planning to start a war.\nThere's even a scene that takes place in Silicon Valley, California, where the Googleplex building was finished being built in 1997.
Joel Paoletta
This Game is so Illuminati OMG i get so scared
John Brown
I refuse to believe this was a real game. I just refuse. I think someone created the rumor of this game, then came up with the game afterwards. I can't accept it otherwise.
Jonathan Williams
This is one of the funniest episodes ever made
Kris Wita K 4ever
Genius play on words at the end. 97'
What a brilliant conclusion.
Lord Thanos
The creator of the game just revealed himself recently.
Mario Vasquez
When are we getting Hong Kong 97 Battle royale?
This will never get old , NEVER!!
Miguel Sanchez
This game was so bad.. it was rejected from Action 52!\n\n\n\n\nTwice
Militia Grunt
Hong Kong 97 is illuminati confirmed
DLC: *Kim Jong Un*
Wait. I think, that \
This game has 1 positive, it hates communism. So props to happy soft on that!
Ninja Kirby Gamer
6:58 strangely enough, that’s not too far off from how it was in 2017, except instead of demons it was mentally deficient children with fidget spinners freaking out over anyone who had a different opinion than them
Omega _Dragonis
I just checked Hong Kong 97 that is a real dead body of a Polish boxer. And no carts exist since it was made for the floppy disk drive SNES.
Maybe this is Polybius!
I want Chin in Tekken 7.
*Time to wipe out all 1.2 billion of the red communists*
The creator of Hong Kong 97 recently revealed that he was trying to make the worst game possible.\nWell, he succeeded.
Rara Kira
The bgm is a Chinese song written during the culture revolution,it means“I love Tiananmen square,the sun is rising from the square. Our best leader Chairman Mao,always lead us. “
Star Fox 64, Goldeneye 007, and Final Fantasy 7 was released in 1997. Sega Genesis was discontinued in 1997. Barney died in thanksgiving parade in 1997, Cat in the Hat knocked a lamp post and killed someone in thanksgiving parade in 1997. What a serious year.
Sam Diamond
AVGN's theory on this game is better than ANYTHING Game Theroy made.
Samuel Saarinen
It is very likely a picture of a dead body, since the photo is a still shot of a vhs tape. It could be even from a real snuff film. And there's also a picture showing holocaust victims in this game.
Seth Andersen
I think this was distributed on systems with the unofficial \
So... did Logan Paul take inspiration from this game?
Shinobi Engineer
This is both the best and worst thing to ever exist
Talk about sweet Chin music...
Am I a terrible person for laughing my head off at the way he reacted at the dead body
Spatterjay hoop
According to Wikipedia (which means it could be wrong, but who knows) the guy who made this with his buddy wanted to make the worst game ever to shit on the industry, and only admitted this in january THIS YEAR, because he kept being pestered to reveal why the hell this game even exists.
Stix N' Stones
The fact that they predicted the guy's death is pretty eerie, you gotta admit...
Teliea Sellers
This game is the true definition of kusoge
The Great Molbo
I knew Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee were related! Pokemon was right!
VeneZoft Descargas Oficial
Wo ai Beijing Tiananmen ♫ \nTiananmen shang taiyang sheng. ♪ x(Infinite)
How was this game not released? This is probably the best game that ever came out on a nintendo console, NO, better yet. This is the best game ever made to date.
YogiJogi HK
I know soemone who owns a physical copy of this game.
Zuri the Jackal
There's no such thing as a Hong Kong 97 SNES cartridge. It was only ever stored on a floppy disk, and never got ported to cartridge. Only one floppy of this game has come up, no others were found as of today.
ahmed toya
that song could be hell's elevator music ;p
apperantly this game was made by 2 people in 2 days for the purpose of making the worst game ever.
darren nye
I was born in 1997 right before princess Diana died😳
I am from Hong Kong and laugh into tears watching this. And yes I wish to wipe out the whole population of China too haha
dizolv R
5:04 is that like a holocaust picture in the background!?!? Wtf
this game is hella creepy. whoever created it has issues. they put an actual image of a dead body wtf
king kong
watched this a thousand times and always funny avgn the best
kool aid cult leader
The picture of the actual dead guy is kinda scary though
after looking up the creator of this game, i REALLY have the feeling the game over screen is a picture of a real dead body.
Oh shit, it's 2017.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nImma go fight dyll clynton now
Minor point, the film and game didn't predict the Hong Kong handover... that had already been decided on in the early 90s, it takes some years to set up a transition like that (something our current government seems to have forgotten). They were reacting to the plans instead.\n\nAlso maybe the \
This game is a work of art. The people who made it knew what they were doing
The worst part is that, according to most sources, the game over screen actually is a picture of a real dead man. It's actually a bit depressing.
我爱北京天安门,天安门上太阳升~ lul
ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ
i stopped the video, the song still going