CREMMY PLS - Happy Wheels #48

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Cremmy wants to eat your soul. Game Link:

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A Little Slighty Artsy
Is if just me or does it seem like his voice was similar to tobuscus in this video
Agro Turtle
above the cremmy pic at the end was ziggs from league of legends
Aidan Dillman
80% Pogo 10% boredom but either way it's 100% unoriginal
Alex Mudabbir
Cremmy looks like a bunch of sperm
Alexis Golmon
Hi Matt! I just wanted to say some things. I have been watching your channel for awhile now and i love it. Recently i have kind of gotten attached to it. You see my Dad had surgery and I've been pretty down about that. But it seems that every time i see you have posted another Silly, weird but strangely entertaining video i smile because i know that I'm going to watch that video and laugh. Not only that but i know i can count on you and your videos to cheer me up! i honestly think its a silly childish thing to say but YouTube is like my own personal getaway because i can sit down and watch your channel and its like in that small little amount of time my bad mood can go to an amazing one. i just really wanted to thank you for making this amazing impact on me and my life. i wanted to thank you for posting YouTube videos and taking a lot of time to make them as funny and as awesome as they are. Thank you Matt, for everything.
Amelia David
Anienonimowa. PL
11:05 = Ill say one Rojo :\nYou will like this kind of easter! \nSpace +Arrow up \nSpace = shoot /arrows \n\nIf anyone was curious
Animations For the winz
happywheels Gta 5 leaves.....
Anna Wiegand
Matt did you know Tue irresponsible dad on bike with kid is married to the mom on the bike with a little girl and baby boy imagine them making babies together
I played lots of those levels myself ;)
Autismic Hecker
make some yandere again!🐢
Bartek Kadziolka
rojo is polish and i understand all those words :)
Actually, the upload time filter isn't a rollover, since levels are made throughout the week, the levels only exist there for a week since they were uploaded.
Matt plz\n\n6:35 The level on the bottom left is the \
Chris Blanco
Love when Matt plays Happy Wheels! He knows how to find the best levels!
Colin Hill
he didn't get the asdf movie I like trains reference!!
you... You seriously didn't think of undertale at first? Wow.
hello mat wanna know a fun fact i live in canada too but i live far from you i read in bio that you were raised in nefendland srry if i dont spell that right
MATT! MATT! How You Not Get Tale Of The Under Reference!
Damon Hunter
PLEASE make more good happy wheels lvl's btw youre my fav youtuber keep up the great work
Darker Elite the Pi Ninja
in Soviet Russia the Easter eggs hunt you
2:50 360 mlg headbutt
I hate that the Undertale serie didnt do well.....
Doloramen -
I don't think he got the undertale references in cremmy
4:35 remind me undertale
Edvin Johansson
6:62 the girl down in left is yandare chan from yandare simulator!!! at least it look´s like her
Ello Olsson
The i like trains is from asdfmovie
He said cremmy wrong
Fire and The flame
11:22\nKenny and Stan because why not
Flying Pootis 3000 PL
rojo is polish youtuber
Gabriel Rorke
Lol when u don’t understand ASDF references...
+MattShea I know I'm asking the same question over again but I'm having trouble with my thumbnails and could really use expert knowledge so that my thumbnails are improving. P.s. to all the comment people, I'm not advertising my channel, just want to know things that little YouTubers like us don't get to know.
Green Lama
Henry McMuffin
Matt, great video btw, but I think I can remember you saying you like Jerma985, he is an awesome youtube and if you do like Jerma, give him a shoutout or do a colab with him. Just a suggestion :)
Ice Krystal
At 3:33 he got a time of 3:33
Im watching you
First Pewds now Matt played a polish level...
Its Me Wittler
Some parts Matt sounds like pewdiepie
James One and only
Jesus Christ
at 3:33 the time it was completed was 3.33 ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 2SPOOPY5ME
Julien Debruche
11:15 why do i want to add thomas and friends music ???
Katy Amsden
Judging by your reaction to the 'I like trains' death in the 3 funny deaths level, you haven't watched the ASDF movies so I'd really recommend them Matt, they're pretty funny and a major part of some people's first introductions to Youtube! They're by Tomska
Kay Bell
😂😂 Matt, you look like a kid at 2:20😂😂
King Henclucky
Victory at 3:33 with a 3.33 second time. ILLUMINATI
(0:15) Yeah, it's not super amazing normally, but when it's a limitation in a game, and it's modified to not be a limitation, it's somehow really neat. The Super Mario World romhacking community is an easy example of that.\n(0:24) How would that work? You can't share editable versions of a Happy Wheels level, at least not last time I checked.
Cremmy is a reference to the character SPOILER in Undertale, which you can understand the sillyness of it you just PLAY MORE UNDERTALE DAMN IT!
Legion XIII
The reason that there isn't any BS levels is that, Wings and Strings released a level detailing the rules of Happy Wheels, he is now a Moderator and has the power to delete these BS levels, so... The Gods, I mean Mods, have not forsaken us and Jim Bonacci saves Happy Wheels once more!
Lord Of Fluff
cremmy is supposed to be an undertake enemy
Lost In Time
You should try playing on a game called Hopscotch if you ever get bored of happy wheels. It's on phones so you can't get it on the computer, but it's really fun
Lucy Hunt
everyone heard your plea matt
Not trying to show off or anything, but my bedtime is 7:00. I go to bed at 7:01
Mason young
that was not kanny that was stean
The rodżo person xDDdD Rojo is an Polish youtuber lool :D Rojo pozdro XD Kto od roja????
Melok [ 0,03K 〈3 ]
Thank you! You played my Level at 7:20 :D
Awww matt you did'nt get the \
UNDERTALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS IN THE PART IN.. 4:26
NCR trooper
How did he not get the undertale reference?
Nic Dalton
Hi Matt I was at sci fi on the rock today but didn't get to see you I'm Nicholas from nl gaming expo I saw u but u got 25 people crowing u today I still have the picture
Old gaming box now a box head
Cremmy just... Stop It. Get Some Help
Oliver Baron
Polska !!!
Rachel Hunter
Nearly at 1 million, my friend. I was here since 200k. don't forget about us ^-^
THIS IS NOT EASTER! EASTER IS ABOUT FINDING EGGS! -Kids with easter eggs are popping up, matt just ignored them and kills them. Well done hiding that that level was about easter, matt... ^^
Reiny Frost
now the penises are HORIZONTAL NOT VERTICAL
Robbie Grier
kenny?????????? STAN!!
Robert Cannon
Little girl:I like trains\nA train:VRMMM\nMe:adsf is back and now on HAPPY WHEELS😂😂😂
I am so happy that happy wheels is getting better. For the longest time it was just filled with repetitive levels and people would rate them making it hard to find the good ones. But now, it's much better!
Ryan McManus
I would like to state one thing, comment when you are finished watching the video! I see it all the time, like the cremmy thing and Oh, I can't believe he doesn't know about that, but if you waited like 30 seconds, he would of found it! Everyone makes mistakes! How would you like it if someone always points out what you did wrong.
Simeon Cole
in cremmy at the end was yandere
Skeptical Gamer
Lol i thought this was a ninja game instead of happy wheels
Super Boy
happytail is based off undertale but cremmy isnt actually in it
Hey Matt! Been a fan a decently long time! I like the unique games you play and your reactions to them. Seems like you're putting on a voice in this one though; kind of a PewDiePie-TobyGames feel to it. You don't need voices to be cool! I like you just the way you are!
Temperate Games
at 11:34 there is a sign that says POLOWANIE NA PISANKI!!! it translates to \nHunting for Easter eggs !!! so yes they are finding eggs.
Watch this video if your a pev cus matt is also a perv in the undertale one with the OMG PENIS but its not matt has the IQ of 1
The Pixel Warrior
Matt where's undertale I'm missing it soooo bad
3:33 Illuminati confirmed the time was 333 and the video time was 333.
You sounded like another famous YouTuber. I wonder who....\n\n\n\n\n\nU know, the one with like 99999999999999999999 subs.
Tre Harris
Matt doesn't know what Undertale is? WTF? I THOUGHT HE WAS ALL KNOWING?!
Ultimate Elite
2:14 Nimbus
damn matt your almost at 1,000,000! :D
Uuuuh Borger
It can't be a certain percent impossible, because impossible is impossible. If something is 99% impossible and 1% possible, it's not impossible because the is a possibility that you can win it. Impossible mean you cant win it at all.
There are no naked girl glitches beacuse there are a lot of new rules you can see all of them in the level HW rules or something like that
11:26 is a parody of a shop named 'biedronka' which means ladybug. In this one it's name is a swear word and the text Under it says, \
can you play my levels my happy wheels name is wolf_charmer i'm sorry if this was a waste of time
Yandere Miki
Yanyan Yanuario
happytale was sopose to be undertale and play undertale pls
Ye Hui Tian
does te red ninja sourta look like shiny ash greninja or is it jus me
Cremmy Fight = UNDERTALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flower didn't have penises!
le name
Actually all of the naked glitch levels got deleted by Jim
your forehead is a different color than your face. it looks like you put something on your forehead.
michael henry
Happytale is undertale, in happy wheels.
nitro games
11:11 that is a polish level for a polish youtuber
Hey Matt if you reply it would make my day
ღ amelia ღ
Anyone get the asdf movie refrence?