Which Sex Has Better Pain Tolerance?

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How long can each sex tough it out in the sake of competition?MUSICChromotoneLicensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks. (

boys c... cold gender girls hard hold hurt ice men ouch ow pain painful pressor sex stick test tolerance tolerate tough water which women

Aaralyn Angel
*to guy with red shirt at the very beginning of video* GIVE BIRTH AND DEAL WITH PERIODS BTCH
Aiden Meshman
3:17 dude I don’t know who created this but that’s not fair the guys hand is in a bigger bowl filled with more ice
Alex C
Women have more pain tolerance than men. They deliver freaking babies for god sakes
Alison Avila
Can we just agree that both genders both have their own pain they have to go through. Why are people arguing over this. Each person is different, not all men have the same pain tolerance, and not all women have the same pain tolerance. I’m a girl, and yes we do go through lots of pain, but that doesn’t mean we have higher pain tolerance. Let’s just say it depends on the person, not the gender.
Alter blaster
When it says don't do it at home..\n\n\n\n\n*Sticks hand in ice water.*
Amina Abdulle
I was like this is gonna be boring...\nUntil i saw safiya nygard
Annabell Demelo
I think the girls were waayyyy more calm, but again this is just some random people sooo we don’t really know the answer
Applejack Fan
That was just the hand… imagine the people from the Titanic!!!!! Poor things
Argue With Me
I swear to god \n\nPut me against every women in this video i will hold my hand more than them
Audrey Angle
Them: *do not try this at home*\nMe: *tries this at home*
Brianna Rivera
Lmao Titanic💯
Oh boy. Prepare for the pregnancy comments.
Carridee Roy
I love ur reactions!!!🤣🤣😀😀😅
Pain tolerance does not purely depend on the sex.\nBut the individual.
Christian ChimChim
Pain receptors and cold receptor are different tho.
Who are those two people in the end?
Diana Stefans
Im surprised no one's commenting on how good looking the last guy there is!
Dickweed McGee
Even though pain tolerance is very individual, it is proven in many studies that men often can tolerate higher levels of pain than women, but that women physically and mentally can handle and sustain the same amount of pain for a longer time. That's is an evolutionary thing, as most women bear and give birth to children, they have to be able sustain high amounts of pain for a longer time, and men, who traditionally have been \
Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)
As a dermatologist I can absolutely say that more women have a higher pain tolerance than men. I asked my husband who is also a dermatologist if he agrees. He says he's not convinced. But of course, he's male. 😂
1. I am writing this on my phone so I am sorry if there are any mistakes. I don’t have auto correct.\n2. It depends on the person, not the sex.\n3. Pain tolerance and pain are different things. I’m seeing girls in the comments go “omg it’s obviously girls because they have to go though periods AND have to push a human outside of you 🙄” Just because you have to go through it doesn’t mean you have better pain tolerance.\n4. This was cold water. Meaning this depends on the circulation.\n5. The men had bigger bowls so it would stay colder for longer periods of time.\n6. I’m just trying to make it even ! Have a nice day!\n7. I’m male
Emily Goh V
My mouth and eyes literally dropped open when i saw how red his hand was! The last competition. Dayumm.
Emily Wright
This is more like who can last longer with ice cold water not actually pain?
Emma Morrow
Safya!! Yay!!
Erin Armstrong
Why was the girls bowl smaller than the boys
Erin McAllister
I don't get this, isn't pain tolerance sort of specific to the person?
Gamesaurus Rex
It all depends on the person who is doing it. No one can prove which sex is more tolerant
HOLO Unicorn
Aw I remember when saf was with buzzfeed
Women definitely
Helen Zhong
I wouldn’t mind putting my hand in cold water if I ran 800 meters\nI also wouldn’t mind pouring that over myself when it feels like 35 degrees Celsius
Homosapien No94628
That depends on the person rather than the gender. I have a very high pain tolerance and my friend has a very low pain tolerance but we both are girls. It just depends on the individual.
God dammit ladies! 😂😂😂
ItzzAnna Raman
The guy at 1:10 kinda looks like Vinny Mauro from MIW
Jack Nunn
I'm not even going to bother watching this females win. For the record men have more pain tolerance then women on average. This is just rigged bs.
Jacob Bridges
It thought the title was “Who has the best sex tolerance”...
Jared MacDonald
It depends on the person. Omg.
Jay Mike
Women win
Karen Y
6 people from each side?? this is 100% scientific
Katiemay Newman
It is a scientific fact that women have better pain tolerance then men. For example we have to go through giving birth and periods🤣. Some of the girls on this video are just wimps 🤣 like bring me in I could totally win!!
Pain tolerance depends on the individual not the gender
Keka Wic
just depends on the person not the gender
Kirito Kirigaya
I learned something new
Kitty Crafter
Pain cannot be measured. How much pain something causes is completely relative. If I pinch two different people with the same amount of pressure and ask them to rate the pain on a scale of 1-10 the answers could be as different as one person saying 1 and the other saying 10. It all just depends on the person.
Kitty Pop
Lane McDonough
Luke Is Da Best
Girls have no emotions\n\n\n\n\nUnless they're emotional
M. S.
That’s not pain, they’re testing tolerance of cold! That depends more on peripheral circulation in extremities, in which women usually have more problems, like Raynaud's phenomenon
Marnie C Evans
I had to do something similar to this when I sprained my finger. I had to hold it in very cold water for 20 mins so I had to stick my whole hand in. Eventually my hand just became numb and I was fine. It didn’t even hurt all that much. It only really hurts until you are numb and the. You just feel nothing.
MarshmallowCat11 1
I honestly don't think pain tolerance has to do with gender I think you can work to increase your pain tolerance. Also I think cold water is more excruciating than cold water. Cold water just stays cold but I personally have an easier time adjusting to hot water than cold water. It also depends, I think, it depends if the person is used to that sort o thing, like my dad for instance, does dishes and ha to wait an hour or so for the water to cool down. He hasn't done dishes since the age of 5 so therefore he isn't used to it. My grandma on the other hand is 64 and has been a nurse for 10 years an has stuck her hands in way more than hot water. She's used to it and can just start after the sink is full. So my opinion is that Its not gender that decides who has more pain tolerance, but more on experience and things of that sort.\n\n Sorry for the long comment\n -S p.s sorry if there are any typos 😊😊
Maya Papaya
I feel like it really differed person to person
Mir Mir Calv
I don’t think sex has anything to do with pain tolerance, I think it depends on the person
Miriam Drukker-Tikotin
It's a nice, fun video, but doesn't prove much. Cold is a just one type of pain, and is very personal. I walk around in the (Canadian) winter with an open jacket (and I use a jacket only when it's well below zero). I keep getting remarks about it. Some of them are about how 'brave' I am to face the cold. That doesn't mean that I tolerate pain. It just means that I enjoy the cold and hate the heat! I also sweat a lot more in the heat and suffer from it - but it's not because I don't have pain tolerance, it's just that it's harder for my body to stand the heat. One thing is for sure - a lot has to do with your mind, and your support. Get them to pet a cute puppy with the other hand - they will all be able to tolerate it way longer. Unless they hate puppies. Happiness takes pain away. That has been proven, for sure.
Miss Art Maker
We are used to pain! The devil visits once a month so we learn to ignore it. Ladies you all know what I’m talking about.
Monochrome SBT
I think women have more pain tolerance. Cause we deal with periods and pregnancy. Not to mention we have to regularly workout to maintain our figure regardless of our condition. And do tiresome and painful beauty regimes (waxing, threading, burning face packs etc) So we just get used to it. \n(Beauty standards... Someone kill me please...)
Naomi P
It's really strange seeing Safia here.\n\nAnyone else?
Yay! More sexism!!
Nebulous Girl Gamer
Does anyone have any idea what the main said in the beginning? 😂
Panic! At the Shawn Mendes and Breadbin UrYEE
Yea. Well try having men give birth
Poulomi Hari
Period cramps every month for 3 whole days, childbirth, kitchen accidents, bathroom accidents, threading, waxing, bleaching, bras, heels, back pains, neck cramps, muscle spasms..... need I say more about which gender has more pain tolerance?
The fact is that pain tolerance isn't gender specific. On average men have a higher tolerance but that's likely because we are genetically more stubborn and like to show off (on average). Therefore it is likely out of pride. Even then it still is only on average. Some people have higher pain tolerances regardless of gende
Rahee Kim
Women do go through more pain than men tho. For example, periods and giving birth
Rebecca Luvs ღ
Men have better pain tolerance
Rebecca Smith
Safiya niagard!!
Ruby Mortimer
Every man and women are different, if you picked different people but an equal amount of both genders you could get different results depending on everyone’s determination or skin or tolerance. This wasn’t an accurate test but an amusing video to watch, I do wish my favourite one safiya held on a little longer. Everyone check out her YouTube channel safiya nygaard it’s worth your while!
Samyz z
I done this in school and girls have more pain tolerance and it was an experiment for the titanic
Sangharsha Dahal
Well this is Physical Pain How about psychological one?
Savannah Miracle
20% of comments: It depends on the person.\n\n40% of comments: replying to the 20% and starting a war about who has higher pain tolerance or who is stronger in general.\n\n15% of comments: Someone analyzing who has to deal with more and who can take more pain.\n\n25% of comments: Replying to the 15% and starting a war regarding how they are wrong and how one or the other can generally take more pain or is generally stronger than the other.
Are we really testing pain tolerance with ice water? Tell them to walk on Legos and see who walks the longest.
So many man hating women in this thread.
Stephanie Santiago
1:37 mood 😂
Sweetie Pie
It's girls \nThey gotta give birth \nSooooooooo \nYeah \nI think girls have a better pain tolerance
So...men won?
Myth Busters did this with a lot more people without telling them it was boys vs. girls and if I remember correctly, girls won
Tal's Peep-female
Okay y'all... I am side girls ofc, but like the man got almost twice as much water and ice than the girl.\nOf course the water temperature would stay lower for longer for the guy 🙄
The Saminater
honestly the girls were just chilling but the guys were just super stubborn XD lol i'm a guy
Tiefe dunkle Mitternacht
Women are biologically prepared to give birth. The answer to what gender can stand more pain is rather obvious.
U r an fagit
Pain is being stubbed in the head with a knife and not cold water😐
Ultra instinct Boi
Hmph men win 😏😏
Unicorn Girl
I don't think men have a higher pain tolerance they are just more competitive.
Unrealistic Dreamer
Women give birth to living BABIES out of their VAGINAS. So... I guess they have a pretty high amount of pain tolerance. 🤷\u200d♀️
Victoria Hughes
Vince Ashley
They got weak as dudes
Vincenzio Pinzauti
I think pain tolerance has to do with the person, more than their gender...
Víctoria Romero
In the last one the guy had his hand soooooooooo red
ammar mkahal
Bet buzzfeed stole the bowls and the ice too
anysia anderson
The pain tolerance comes in when giving birth with no epidural.
cheyann cross
I forgot that safiya use to work at buzzfeed.
What's ice compared to periods.
hmmm humblÈ
Definitely women their bath water is like fire
lazy potato twins
Omg is that Sofia nygaard omg omg omg
Who else thought the title said «who has the better sex pain tolerance»? 😂😂
Who are better? Boys of girls?\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBoth
queen Queen
I feel like its different for everyone
Mythbusters did it better.
I think honestly it depends on the person
It really depends on the person not the gender
¿Avar ¿
It doesn't really matter if you're a boy or a girl, it depends on the person.