084 Carla Stella part 1 with subtitles

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part 84 from Folge 3421Tanja and Galdi hit heads....A HUGE( how do I make this font bigger??)thanks you to our newest teammember alterego1983alterego!!!!She showed me the way to the new look of our vids! AND she's making Carla vids with italian subsso be sure to check her channel out!www.youtube.com/user/alterego1983alteregoTHANKS TO THE TEAM I own nothing. No copyright infringement intended.

Carla Lahnstein Mann Stella forbidden liebe love verbotene von

Andrea Nguyen
Im still watching in 2011 \u003c3
Arlene Bownds
With the videos being deleted due ti infrigment issues, where does this story go?
Still watching in 2018 xD
REGINA Siqueira
💖boa noite💋Regina Lucia S da Silva🌹amei 🌷jaciara mt grosso
thanks , thanks, thanks...keep adding subs CarlaFreak....for the sake of Carla's\nstory
Stella looks so good in this ep!
@alterego1983alterego YES!!! Can you believe how gorgeous it is?? The person who helped us figure out how to do that is AWESOME! Verrry smart. Kind. Generous. Funny. Fluent in Italian, German and English ... I can't say enough nice things about her! ;)))