Ultimate Motorcycle Fails Compilation 🏍 2018 Moto Videos

Motorcycle fail win Compilation best moto fails of the week august 2018.This video has motorbike stunts, dirt bike racing , electric motorcycle, motorbikes for kids and how to ride a motorcycle.SUBSCRIBE MOTO TIME : All motorcycle fans who follow my channel from various countries of the world ( China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia and all ) I love you. People like watching funny street bike stunt motorcycle fails, moto fail and motocross bike fails 2018 so much.Send me your videos and business : [email protected]

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Did you run out of fails? Some of these were defintely not fails ma dude.
Лохи на мотоках. Го сритесь мне в ответы...)))0)))0)))
Abhinay Mahor
3:32 looking alike that riding a horse 😂😂😂
Aden Van AR
3:32 The Dance of Bike
Amber Rund
I think it was the srcond one ehere dat guy went airborne 😐
Andres Gil
Que hdpta ese carro del min 2:03
Angga Saputra
song place
Alot of win fckin clickbait
Anthony Cordova
4:11 haha the last dude 😂😂😂😂
Anthony Townsend
the semi blurred video style making me dizzy, can't watch.
B-Rad De-Oreo
4:25 my motorcycle is bigger you want to see
Babang Eddy
10:26 Indonesia 🇲🇨 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
fails? alot of these were total wins
Blame USA
This video FAILS at Failing!
Bmw M6
love high speed
4:30=future wife
Chuck Taylor
Just shoot these unlicensed Black Packs.
6:27 indonesia.
Danny Porsche
Define *fail* please
Deniz Öztürk
06:00 abdullah öz arıcı babamız 😆 as bayrakları as as
I've got to stop watching these videos. Too many stupid riders giving us serious riders a bad name. Want to lane split? Go ahead, but don't get pissed when somebody cuts in front of you. No respect for the motorcycle. Just do wheelies down the highway, then spend 3 grand or so getting your bike on the road, then just to go out and be an idiot again.
Wo sind die Fails? So ne Verarsche... Erstmal melden
Dylan Panda
2:38 Voló por la arbolaa y su moto se fue a la puta xd
Dân huy Đieu
4.17 h2r
El Guapo
There is no such thing as a motorcycle fail. Because just when you thought the rider failed the viewer won.
Enes Ak
Fabio Rodrigues
algem Fiala portuguesa? ?
Faisar Arifianto
6:48 in borneo??
Legend ❤
Gaz's Vlogger
Nice Video
Green Ninjao_ZX6R
9:47 lol
Guilherme Anacleto
quem e escrito deicha o liki
Hanzj 00
Irewan rs
8:50 :- \
Jerrod Youngblood
@ 2:33 and 4:57 RIP
Jim Loucks
Video is not good
Jmv _8314
Sorry but I gave it a 👎.\nYou ask why? I'm so tired of seeing boring wheelies. Nothing special about them anymore everyone and their grannies are doing them.
Joseph Williams
Can anyone hold a cell phone camera horizontal so we do not have to look at a narrow strip of video.
Jpm King
12:10 perfect shot......
2:03 Poop valve release...😂😂🤣
Keith Scott
Since when does a snowmobile count as a motorcycle? Awesome endo though
Kerry Clark
Thumbs down! You don't know the difference between a Fail and a Win.
L Smith
Dude with the orange ski mask looks like that character from the Cosby kids cartoon show.
Leland Wilt
i thought clicked fails?
Luis 320
4:30 get off the bike..get off the bike..
Lukas Biller
Song 1:97?
Miguel Grande
I hate bikers. I was looking for biker-flavored hamburg in these videos. :(
Moey M
Put a nob on a bike and this is what you get
Mr. ClutchFace
Pumpkin Head @ 1:10 ... hahahahahaha
N. A
4:08 😱Hahaha
Orlando El Camino SS 454
Any one else seen the guy jump at 4:10 😂
PablitoRec TV
Would it be possible for me to use one of your videos for my future channel? regards
Papissimus Rector
Bigup for #2 Sry if i fall aslee... #3...
Peter Pan
the only fail is the dude who made this video!
6:30 WTF! Yamaha in the Jungle?! ;))
Where are the fails ???
Does someone not know the definition of \
Sasha Polovets
1:30 что за машина?
Sharik Bhat
4 th viewer.. 💓
Steven karl Robino
6:36 r25 on a dirt, wtf? lol
nice movies('ε'*)♪
Tarun Rachuri
4:30 nice ass
Terry Rycroft
How’s those POSERS on H2’s... 🤡🤡🤡🤡....Floggers
The Sun Guarate
This is Video Very amazing 🐯🐯🐯
Tirta Prabu
opening song plis...
Travis bickle
I made it to about 3 minutes and realised this video is a load of shit.
Tsuna Sawada
0:00 song?
Vibez Twich
4:08 LOL dude in the back got scared XD
Y.M - Franklin
I dont know wtf is your problem
Zdub Zdub
Your right Steve dirt bikes to fixe your problems 4:38
arief wibowo
6:20 R25 indonesia fail
biker dude
Ok so on what planet is that a damn motorcycle at 0:25.... FAIL!
How did that guy on the 18,000lb Harley Davidson with 14 factory hp do donuts? I guess he used the leaking oil feature included with every new Harley Davidson
cody sorensen
4:06 😂I feel that dude! I was casualling strolling one day and a lifted truck slogged the hell out if me 😂. Down the road I found out it was my co worker and he was crying laughing 😂😂😂
daniel west
transfer hospital assault ultimate force salmon such herself.
domilene leonel
ola bossssssssssssssssssssssssssss
edivaldo euripedes
Alguns são experiência e técnica, outros pura sorte.
erpaliyano slow
Ada org Indonesia
galih insidious
10:34 vidio from indonesia
2:02 hol...ly....fuck...
gta player
2:39 I believe I can flyyy
You need to know what fail means.
johnathan mcelroy
10:40. How to shred your feet!
No se por que se llama fail si al principio hay muchos wins
mad max
You call these fails
lots of wins and a snowmobile????? clickbait trash
with the liability laws and lawsuits in the us, I cannot understand how they can still afford to sell bikes, and that goes for guns to, you buy a goddamn ladder, it's got 10 stickers to try and prevent a lawsuit
ride4funn omg
Wheelies on public roads are getting boring.
roger thornton
Dam it’s hard to say now u r running 320 mph and a bike is in front of u sick !!!!
stunt chicken
Do you know what fails means?
Not many motorcycle fails. In fact, 2:11 looked like Graham Jarvis. Bow to that rider!
unboxing cannel 32
Not fails
white wolf
it is an offence to drop your litter on the highway 1:55 git.
wu ming
@2:32 - He forgot his flying wing suit...
Богдан Лисов
4:07 Lol
เอ๋อแดก TV
4:11 hahaha