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Beasty 101
9:20 cat in the hat laugh 😂
Captain Conflict
4:53 That guy is the smartest person I have ever seen
Why do I torture my self watching videos of people playing for honer back then, I always think parry that and that, do a heavy not a light, you missed the max punishment,how did you not get parried?
Clarence Revil
The Cello part is just awesome... 11:13
Day_Slooth _Hueh
This channel is dumb. Doesn’t even know what a for honor is.
Diz Diz
No skills here but very.. funny i think xD
Don't wanna get hurt anymore
Those shugokis 😂😂😂😂
Dumb Dumb
Sad thing is when you got 1 v 4 at the same time and no one was there to witness how cool you were 😞
Ethan Ferris
The guy at the end made me face palm
Fallout Boy
*I don't speak Japanese*
Gamebot For Honor
Aren't humans made of meat? Weird.
Ill Eagle
Some of these aren’t even about For Honor
Inb4 orochi spam
Jay Jay Kiddle
I think the n word is bad no matter who the person is. Black people are not allowed to be racist.
Johannes Lindehell
Dark souls=For honor (not like this)
Title: For Honor Greatest Clips\n\n**Plays a Dark Souls clip at **7:54****
When you put darksouls gameplay in a for honor video to pass the 10 min mark
Imagine the \
Larry Ardern
6.10 that is so painful to watch lol
Liam Drummond
Why is it called greatest for honor clips when you have dark souls and great streamer clips
Llamas 4 Life
4:50 lol he looks so triggered
Lokei Kip
Welcome to for honors greatest. *clip of darksouls-
Luco . biigrat
You got my back bro? \nYea bro dw about it.\n9:19
Max Crowe
for honor greatest clips... shows dark souls 2
Panda Bear
Damn people were really bad at this went it came out, Also the game was a lot more broken
High level
Why is there dark souls in my for honor
Potato Gaimer
why is iSkys in here?...…...just why?
ProSport Chiropractic
They should’ve made the chapters have more missons
That clip around 3:40 was straight trash
Ragnar Lothbrok
worst idiot ever For Honor greatest clips - shows a Dark Souls clip
Last time I checked for honor doesn’t equal dark souls
Schaps 07
10:18 I don’t understand
Sean Smeaton
11:10 it doesnt matter who says it. The meaning of that word doesnt change, nobody should say it
What's dark souls doing at 8:00?
*see's darksouls*\n*looks at subs*\n\
Tanzim Hasan
This video is what I need
Top SunBro
What are the chances of peeve, oroboro and a dark souls clip being in a for honor video lmao.
Trash Shinobi
That shinobi was so toxic!\nI at least mix up my attacks
Is that kingrichard at last clip?
Wayne Anson
The song at the end really takes me back before the newish soundtrack.
Wolf gamer
why dark souls was here?
_XEM Ajax_
wtf is dark souls doing here, dislike
cheezy boy
Why tf is there a ds2 clip in there? Like honestly wtf
7:54 not for honor xd
navid shahed
so boring watching noobs play
trickyman 17
Berserker jist spammed lights and zone not really great
4:20 On the hat.that word is Korean.means foreigner lol