West Coast Kustoms Car Show 2018

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What's up my TnG squad hope y'all enjoy our latest car show vlog we went to this past weekend on May 26, 2018. The show was in Santa Maria, CA took us a while to get there but it was well worth it. If y'all enjoy this remember to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON, SHARE & COMMENT. We will be trying to go to more car shows throughout the summer. Our Merch is done by NAMERRS. you can find them on Facebook under Namerrs Signs, Printing and T- Shirts. 142 E Main St, San Jacinto, CA 92583Phone: (951) 807-4466Our info:P.O. Box 1623 San Jacinto, CA 92581Donations: Song #1ARTIST: Dj QuadsSONG NAME: Little DreamSong #2ARTIST: Dj QuadsSONG NAME: BreathingSong #3ARTIST: DJ QuadsSONG NAME: Soul

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Arizona Lady
Niceeeeee. ..
BIG Tiny & Goldilocks Hernandez
What's up FAM...Here's our latest vlog and yes we got nervous and didn't know what to say lol but we tried hope y'all enjoy...THANK YOU FOR ALL FOR THE SUPPORT
BRFam Tv
Watching now watch out finally a vlog lol not a livestream awesome
I love this. Good job guys ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Nice video got to figure out how to edit my videos better
Becky Salas
what a vlog!! AWESOME :)!
Beth Simmons
Goldi you did a great job on this vlog. I was interested the whole time, loved it
Centroid Aerial Images
Nice! I just love the old cars Thanks for sharing :)
Cindy 2018
Nice job goldie
Frog Fly
awesome, much love. Ribbt
ItzMaskGirl Gamer
Awesome vlog there was nice cars
J owens
Nice bad ass show, you guys goin next year ?
Jitter Flicks
You did AMAZING with the editing, good job! You have a good eye for making great blogs. The footage and music was on point.
Khandi Moya
Did an awsome job on the vlog i loved it maybe you will syart doing more vlogs even though i enjoy your live streams
Kyoko Rock FAMZ
GIRL !GOLDILOCKS! Big props 👍🏾!My husband loves impalas, he had one and flipped seeing the black one born the same year too! I love the bel air too! Lots of room! I like big cars not small.THANK YOU! Love the music went with the video!👍🏾😍
Thumbs Up
Love the editing you guys should do them more often yes they take time but they are good ! 😍 much love fam!
Ladell Hawkins
Awesome vlog love the video you did awesome job
Lea & Ladybug
The info was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! This was so well done, editing was top notch! Goldie looks gorgeous. Looks like you guys had a blast. I loved and enjoyed everything about the video. Very cool! I love car shows! I hope to see more vlogs, I have your bell hit fam!!
Lit 🔥video very well put together! I love 💕 y’all and have a blessed prosperous week! This are some nice cars
NVD New Video Dekhe
Nice video
Neblina Girl
Nick Mad
good video
Orozco’s Family
Good vlog love them type off cars even tho i knw nothn about em
Rustie Rose
S Love
Thank you so much for capturing our pedal cars. IG @carloonies
The REAL DJ Fruit Loops
Loving the editing on this, good job Goldi
diana keller The_Fam
wow awesome video goldie and tiny.love the painting.
lionheart world
Awesome video very very nice great to watch keep it up
love wins
Much love and respect always great job