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& Peggy
Basically in preschool I went to a Christian school and we used to sing songs and learn about Jesus and I had no idea who that was so one day I asked and this teacher named Ms. Robin gave me this stare that I will forever remember
A random kid
I think my most traumatizing memory was in 4th grade, I was 9 years old, and whenever I did a test I would make a drawing for my teacher in the back of the paper, and they were really nice about it, thanking me and saying how talented I was and all that stuff. So one day I was finishing my math test and I thought \
Andreas Von Maier
*aren't you supposed to buy me dinner first*
Andrew Engelman
What's the difference between a moodle, and a benoodle?
Andrew Ponder
I have a running theory: Everyone who goes to a public middle school has a bad time.
Archer Bennington
My worst teacher was my 9th grade math teacher. Not only could she not teach, she was mean to EVERYONE. She would say we could ask her if we didn't understand and that she wouldn't mind. So i told her I didn't understand, and she told me \
Artsy Omni
Trigonometry is craaaaaazy useful if you’re a game programmer. So there’s that. =P
As dead as disco
My 4th/5th grade teacher banned the word \
Ayden Burgess
Man sounds like that doll\n\n*_Kermitted suicide_*
i'll let you fondle my particulars
They talk so much about how the schooling system let them down and how they turned out alright but look at it this way. It is the teachers jobs to introduce and help you hone knowledge and skills. It is not their job to show you how to apply it, to answer every question you may have without you asking it, and to teach you things that cant really be taught (referring to the emotions and social skills portion). You have to have the initiative to make school worth your while. I'm 20. I graduated this past may with my first bachelors having already gotten 2 associates degrees 2 years earlier. In college I worked 3 jobs, interned, and had 20-21 credit hours each semester (the schools limit, and for 4 semesters). There is NOTHING special about me. I struggle with English sometimes, I did shitty on the ACT, never took the SAT, didnt read a single book through college and barely did the required reading in high school. It takes the initiative to go out and learn what you want and what you think you need to know. If you dont want to learn and grow why should it be someone elses job to make you? My mom being a teacher I see a lot of kids in the middle to high school arena that I look at and say \
Bored Disappointment
Ugh yeah I do remember that DrY tUgGiNg HaNdJoB i GaVe YoU aT tHe JeRsEy ShOrE
I visited my teacher in my Florida school, and they had no problem. The front desk lady was a sub, so she didn’t know me either. It was a great time.
Charlie Mason
I really love their school stories, thank you for the compilation!
Clickity Caine
“I should’ve shoved a tim tam down his throat” so Australian I almost cried
Im lazy. Can anyone tell me if there is a school story from jontron?
Even talking to Gynaecologists, there is so much important stuff that kids going through puberty need to learn in sex ed that is ignored and it's so wrong
Cypress Pulvermacher
in kindergarden i had a teacher who would yell at me using a puppet, now every time i see a puppet i panic
More school grumps. These stories are my favourite
Dlamingo Dayla
I come and watch compilations like these when I'm feeling sad and honestly, I'm pretty happy by like 30 seconds in.
My school years feel both uneventful, but also I'm thankful about it?\n\nI don't know a lot of this sounds like it bites though.
It’s not easy being green
Dude Horrible
When I was in pre-school during recess a girl bumped in to me and punched me so a punched her in the stomach so hard she fell down and started crying. So the teacher made me sit out that day and said I would have to for 2 weeks after that, so I told my mom what happened and she went to the principal and cuss her so I just had to apologize and the girl had to sit out for a week. Now that I am in the 9th grade me and her are very good friends and still argue about who hit first.
This video is _pretty _*_fith_*
Arin: \
I went to a private school for middle/high school and it was for kids with ADHD and Dyslexia and boy howdy did this school know how to do education RIGHT. My homeroom class for 6th grade was teaching us how to give a proper handshake and greeting, and why that was important, now and in the future, for establishing interpersonal and professional connections. (To this day I still get complimented on my firm handshake.) and because this school was basically *made up of the 'weird kids'* who all had horror stories of their shitty experiences being bullied by their past teachers or kids from their old schools, we all connected and managed to learn immense levels of empathy and understanding *of ourselves* and that we're not sick or broken at all, we just think of things differently. Metaphorically, Our non-neurotypical brains are Windows programs. Our brain runs great, can do all sorts of things, fast, quality framerate, BUT everyone else runs on Mac OS. The Educational system was designed for the Mac OS and thus, the Windows are going to have some problems trying to run, and thus look like really shitty programs, either it's jailbroken and looks pixaly or shitty or it's slow or just doesn't load at all, but that because we're running on a system we weren't designed for. When put in the proper Operating System environment that can run our program, we can keep up with the best of them. There's nothing broken about *you,* it truly is just the system.\nThat school has changed a lot since I left apparently, with a new headmaster, and just became a stupid preppy rich kid school for parents who are too ashamed that their kid \
When I was in second grade, I'll never forget, my teacher Mrs. Dunn was a wicked woman. She looooved picking favorites, and she made it obvious to everyone who was \
G'day mate
Had a bs lesson of history\nGym teacher sub\nTalks about the cold war as a doge ball game...\n\n\nI loved that lesson
14:42 \
just want to thank you for putting in the description all the really clear info and timestamps to each invidual story ! Thanks bro, really helpful!
Ginger Turquoise
I think whenever someone rips up your drawing it's like a personal attack that you just feel to your core. My former boss one day crumpled one of my doddles right in my face and told me paper was for cleaning windows and I hated him from then on and still do c:
Good Guy Player2
Whats with the forest temple theme that just lets time fly? The first 6 minutes went by in a blink of an eye... dude, the Grumps could read all of Ernest Hemingway books and as long as it had forest temple as background music, I wouldn't notice!
We had to do this project in 8th grade. It's called expo. idk if anyone else had to do it, but it was utter bullshit. We had to pick a topic, write a 5 page essay, and make a poster board for it too. I did the mental health of touring musicians. In order to do the essay we needed to interview someone. Every local musician I contacted ignored me, baby talked me, made a date and time and never did it, or set the interview up only to tell me they couldn't help me at all. basically just wasted my time. So I tried to interview my schools music teacher cause he had apparently did some touring. Sounds easy. Here's the catch. He was in Switzerland... I had to email his wife who was also a music teacher. She asked me to email her the questions so she could email them to him. So I did, cause I'm a good 13 year old. She doesn't respond for over a week. I'm thinking she sent them and shit. She calls me out of gym, god bless. And yells at me because I didn't send an email REMINDING HER to send the email and that not doing that was UNPROFESSIONAL!! She goes on to say she hasn't spoken to her husband in weeks and all that bull. We only worked on the project on Thursdays. That last Thursday, I was sick. Do you really think I wanna remind a grown women to do something very simple when I'm home sick? I'm sorry my sickness is unprofessional. But so isn't bringing your relationship into the work space and complaining about it to a student? To say the least, I understood why he was in Switzerland.
First day of 4th grade my mum made me late to class. The teacher told everyone to stop for a moment and listen and as I was still trying to sort my pencil case out she came along and knocked it off the desk and it went all over the floor. That shook me as a kid and its something that I'll never forget. F#ck you Mrs. Brown
Harry Warburg
I don't get why Homework is a thing\n\nWhen I'm at home my brain is conditioned to think it should be relaxing shove school into it and it doesn't bloody work I keep getting distracted, I can't think about answering the questions properly and I get headaches\n\nAnd I agree that communication skills should be taught more in school as I struggle in conversations I can't tell when somebody is about to stop speaking or move on to another point and I can't tell wether somebody has heard what I said\n\nSchool in UK sucks too
*low-key dark story:* In kindergarten (the 2 years before first grade), I had a teacher fuckin sadistic and hateful that she scream 24/7 at 4-5 year old children. She banned us from playing in the yard in PE and regularly screamed at us until some kid vomitted from the sheer anxiety. \n\nOne day, I wasn't hungry but my teacher for some reason forced me to eat it all. I puked because of that but even after I told my mom and she complained to the office to switch classrooms. They refused and I was forced to stay there. That terrible human being continued teaching there until she retired.\n\nEdit: I had to go to a Therapist for a while because of that.
Homemade Ramen
Starting sophomore year this monday, this is the perfect way to prepare.
When I was in middle school, I went to two different schools where teachers bullied me. Had the history and science teacher from one of these schools throw kickballs at me. Had teachers openly mock me for not understanding an assignment (autism spectrum. that school denied my 504 plan with my autism specialist RIGHT THERE in the meeting. basically gave me no rights for my disability). One teacher even allowed students to play a video that was making fun of me for having cat scratch marks bc they always mocked me and said I cut. He pointed, with the kids, and laughed at me as soon as that scene, openly mocking me for being a 'cutter' (which i wasn't. had a kitten at the time). School is hell and teachers are fucking evil. I've only had 3 good teachers my whole life, and 2 of them were from college.
James P. Confident
43:34 \nI was so happy for Arin at this moment, just imagining him kickin' back and relaxing from sophomore to senior year, that I just laughed. Im so happy that he didn't get to experience the BS that HS is. God damn, i sure wish I could have that happen to me when I was in HS.
Jana Höning Music
Art and Music teachers only do that, because they wanted to live from and by art/music but failed and are now teaching instead.
tbh i always got mad when the substutute teachers would just tell stories (like in english class or something) bc a) i wanted a good grade and b) we had limited time to work so it would frustrate me
Jessie Rain
“Give it to me Alex!!” *UH HUH UH HUH*
Jesus Sanchez
My math teacher strait up told the class the majority of you will not use this in your life.
Johnny C
If anyone pisses me off in future I’ll simply hang Kermit from the ceiling fan
I remember my farting in class of my friends and I for some reason both had a bad case of the farts, and we just took turns ripping them as loud as we could in class. \nThe teacher didn't know who was doing it, and no one would tell her so for like 20 minutes we took turns ripping the loudest farts and just making the whole class erupt into laughter...eventually the teacher got so frustrated she just left the room for the rest of the period.\nOne of my favorite school memories.
Kayleigh Brown
One of the best memories from school I have is a time when I was having a panic attack over exams or some shit and freaking out about not getting stuff done in time, and this teacher just strait up says \
Kebabs AintSatan
There's something really comforting about the fact both Danny and Arin failed a few times in school and just got on with their lives. Really helps with my current position.
Cool how they both ended up working in the arts that they both grew up working in trough school. I guess thats kinda the point of school anyway
38:00 this intense story of racism is going on over one of the best songs in the game so im forced to jam out to racism
Luke Perkins
Who feels bad for Ross after his Pog story?
Luna Gaster
Once in my science class we were experimenting and we were allowed to group with whoever and I chose to be with my friends. I spotted a pack of crisps inside someone's bag and I decided \
Maddie Pamperin
Ross's warm and fuzzy story... the same thing happened to me but my friend said that I was a scumbag. At the time I cried but how i look back and laugh 😂
Madison Rollins
Sex Ed in Texas is literally nonexistent
Makai Brown
In 2nd grade my teacher threw my backpack out side because it was on the floor (our class Was separated from the rest of the school) and I went home told my mom and she set up a meeting with her. I have no clue what my mother said or did but my teacher ended up crying after it and she never ever bothered me again. Or anyone else about backpacks
Mathau Rahman
In class last year, during finals when the majority of the class was finished and it was just a lot of waiting in silence, when I was looking at one of my friends he was fashioning a noose out of his earbuds and just sorta tugging on it, and I guess he just pulled to hard coz he chocked a bit, and me and him couldn't stop laughing at it and had to be removed from class.
Meep Moop
I once got a anonymous note in 4th grade that said, and I quote\n\n\
My worst school memory was when I was in 8th grade and I was in an advanced English class. My mom just became an English teacher herself at the time and I had told her about how my English teacher professed that his classes had the highest writing scores in the annual state standardized test. So she sent him an email saying she wanted to sit in on one of his classes, she didn’t specify which class because she wanted to arrange it with him first. So one day, I’m sitting in class after lunch and my English teacher asks me “Hey, would you like to hear something embarrassing about yourself?” And of course I was shocked because I didn’t know what he had on me, I didn’t even know my mom had sent him that email. So I said “Uh, no??” Then he said “okay, then get out of the class and wait till I’m done”. So I’m forced to get up, because I didn’t know what he would do if I were to defy him and I had never been in a situation like that before. So, I sit outside of the class while he proceeds to tell the whole class that my “mommy” was going to come sit in on our class and observe. I only find this out after I beg my best friend to tell me what he said after I walked back in and the whole class was laughing at me. \nI don’t know why he had it out for me. I was an A student, and I never did anything wrong besides talk to my best friend. I have hearing problems so maybe he thought I wasn’t paying attention although that was on my record. \nSome teachers are just awful for no reason. I wonder if he ever felt proud that he deliberately humiliated a 13 year old.
I will admit that I am a school age person currently in middle school, even though I usually don't like sharing my age online.\n\nI really want to be able to change my school, but every time I try to bring up SIMPLE problems of the educational system to an adult, they just tell me \
Pastila Kompot
Peyton Stevens
Purple Nothing
For the most part my teachers were amazing. My kindergarten teacher moved to be a 3rd grade teacher and requested me to be in her class. But in the 6th grade. My home room teacher. Dear god. We had these math booklets we would keep in the back of the room. She said mine was gone and I must have done something with it. She said I'm just going to get a zero on everything we do in there because I lost it. Then she would watch the girl next to me copy all the work I did. She was very rude to me. When I was in the 7th grade, she was leaving. I decided I would try one last time to be nice. I plucked up some courage, walked over to her, and was like \
Ricardo Cruzado
I mostly watch game grumps clips than I do their actual show
Robin Could
i was pantsed once, in front of the entire gym. almost killed myself that night. was a good year tho made a couple friends
Ryan Ali
I will always remember my kindergarnden teacher.\n\n\n\nBecause she is my mom.
I took AP Calculus in High School, and on the day of the AP exams students were told we had the third period off to take a break from that grueling exam.\n\nI completely blew the exam out of the water, felt it was easy (later I found out I got a 5 which was the highest they could score you, basically the AP equivalent of an A), and my friend who was also taking the exam said \
Every teacher needs to see this to understand the difference between a good teacher and a bad teacher.
Silver Bean
The \
Skjone infinite
I had a friend like that, who on the first day of school just started crying and the worst part is that we were getting like our 1st year photos, and we watched as he tried to put up a smile, it was awful since I wasn’t very frightened of being away from my mom at the time
Snek Lord
59:03 is when Arin and Dan really have a real good talk about the schooling system
Some Kind of Rodent
I wish things happened in my childhood. It was just dull with sprinkles of laughter and pain. No meaningful relationships or learning experiences, no real hardships overcome.
I used to be super excited abut school, I loved doing the work and making friends and whatnot until I moved to a shitty little town in Arkansas in 3rd grade. I was all prepped and ready to meet the teacher and make friends and learn some new stuff, but once the other kids found out I was more interested in catching Pokemon than chasing boys, they all abandoned me and bullied me. My mom even came to the school on several occasions to complain, but nobody did anything. Once depression and anxiety started happening around 7th grade, my straight A's became D's and C's, and school just kept getting worse. Then with the added hatred from being gay and trans started coming in, everything just tanked and I contemplated suicide so often I had to spend spring break one year at a mental hospital. My last two years of high school were spent at a different school, and I actually managed to make decent grades and some temporary friends. \n\nAlthough now I'm a college drop out who draws furries for money and watches Game Grumps all day but hey, I'm doing the best I can with what I learned from school.
When I was in elementary school, my arts teacher used to really discourage me from drawing and always praised everyone else no matter how good or shitty their work was whilst being hypercritical exclusively towards me. One time when she sent us to take pictures of nature, I managed to snag a picture of a flower with pretty decent lighting and composition and showed it to her and all she told me was that I probably took it by accident. \nWhen my parents went to ask her what was going on with my grades, I was always blamed for being too shy and scared to participate in class, which was obviously going to happen at some point, considering that she was tearing apart everything a little kid did.\nFast forward to a couple of years later in high-school where I got referred to by both of my arts teachers as one of the most talented students they’ve ever had, although I still don’t believe them.\nEven then, this was probably one of the least hurtful experiences I’ve had with school, but it did mess up my self-esteem a lot and I still never have the motivation to draw or finish any of my drawings even a decade later. Goes to show how much of an impact shitty, insecure adults can have on your life even from your childhood, I guess.\nAnyway, please forgive the wall of text. Have a nice day!
Story Time With Fiona
I wish my school was innocent, people have sex in the bathrooms, smoke weed under the bleachers, and someone literally went to the hospital because of a fight. 6th grade my friends.
13:40\nthat shit happened to me too and I just-\nOnly it was in the middle of a quiet math class and I was really holding it in and I had a moment of \
The Big Babadaboni
I loke how Jon and Arin look exactly the same, but Danny looks like he's from 50's England
The Hammurabi Chode
*Holy shit* is that how Dan became a singer??
Violent Anus
Man that bully story about Ross really ticked me is wrong with people
That bullying story reminds me a lot of my sophomore year, the being beat part. During my time in school I was one of the only boys who didn't do football and that was different to the backroad Hicks in a town called Cardington Ohio so I was bullied for a short time before I beat the shit out of one of them for trying to steel the bullet casing which was one of the bullet shot at my Great Grandpa's funeral (21 shot solute for him being a WW2 soldier). The next day while I was walking home about 25 football players jumped me and when I was on the ground they stomped on me with cleats. I had 48 puncture wounds that I had to clean and sow myself. Now they said they would do that again tomorrow and I wasn't going to lay down and take it like a dog. So at home I was good with a welder and in a drill so I took 2 co2 cartridges welded them together then drilled 3 holes in them put nails through each hole and welded them in place as well. I made a pair of spike punchers. Also one thing I haven't said was I'm a very good boxer and at the time I fought for 6 years so I brought a mouth guard and I had hand wraps which protect your hands and make them more rigid so leaving school I put the hand wraps on, put the mouth guard in, grabbed onto the spike punchers in my pockets, and turned my tape recorder on to record. Now the spikes on the things were about as long as the spikes on their cleats just so they know how it felt and this time 3 didn't show up so there was 22 there. Now this time all but 5 hung back because they knew who I was and they didn't have the drop on me like last time. So one who is super confident ran straight at me and tried to tackle, me being the smart one I am I dodged left and he fell onto the ground then I punched him twice in the back on the shoulder blades. He started screaming and when I stood up I licked my knuckles as I saw I licked up their friend's blood off pointed knuckles (intimidation tactic) they looked a little less enthusiastic about trying to fight me so less enthusiastic because 12 ran away leaving me with 9 able to fight and one on the ground with holes in his back now I'm going to draw this out 7 out of the 9 I punched into submission and the other 2 ran away. Now the real part was a police cruiser pulled up and told me to drop my weapons and I got arrested. So that day I met my mother in a jail cell and I told her to get my tape recorder so we can win a case against them the 8 people who pressed charges and in the end I got off with self defense because the football players during the whole fight threatened to kill me repeatedly and the spike punchers were a new weapon entirely and as such weren't illegal (wasn't long before they were made illegal though). The best part is all the football players who beat me on the first day were expelled and the football division in our school had no football players in our grade which means there was no more football in our grade. Then because all the teachers were pissed off at me they started to fail me so I went to a different school and pretty much everything was smooth sailing from then.
Wes Papes
Oh boi, an hour of my favorite boys.
Xbox Infinity67
Hey do you think you can show the “my friend Adam talk” from their sonic boom play through
australian school is insane
brandon brandon
why is the story about the pez dispenser girl makes me laugh every time????
So in 7th grade I had this math teacher who taught us straight from the book and when I would go ahead (because I was done in like three minutes) she would yell at me from across the classroom for not 'doing it together'. I'm not saying I'm smart, but goddamn where those problems fucking easy.\n\nAnd a few months into the year she sat me with a girl and like we knew of each other, but never fucking talked 'cause our statuses in the social sphere are so different, but I digress. The girl ended up moving tables (our tables were two pairs of students at this point) and I never got seated with anyone else. I sat there by myself for like two months. And since my teacher taught out of the book, I was stuck just sitting there mindlessly. I gave up like two weeks into that seclusion and just started doing nothing. Not like it mattered, because all homework and work scores were purely participation -- meaning she didn't give a shit as long as you scribbled lines on a paper. I literally put question marks and 'I don't know's everywhere and she still stamped it off. It didn't help I didn't know anyone in the class, either. I just sat there helplessly.\n\nAnd honestly _fuck_ that. _Fuck that_ so much.
edgy username
When I was in highschool, this would've happened five or six years ago, some of the students had found a brick wall that was loose at the bottom. So the main group of kids who found it, discovered that it would rock back and forth if pushed. Two of the kids (let's call them A and M) were pushing it, and they pushed it too hard and it fell towards them. M jumped out of the way in time, but A didn't, and the wall fell on his foot. He lost two of his toes, one was broken beyond repair and the other was just turned to mush.
erin mae
i have a culinary teacher that’s eccentrically rude. so i want to pursue baking when i’m older, and this teacher just ravenously teARS ME TO SHREDS MAN. i did the dishes and the teacher was like “if erin cannot figure out how to do the dishes correctly no one leaves and we all fail.” and i was like wOah man i did them right, and that’s too far. if you’re mad at me at least only fail me and don’t drag everyone down with me?? she tells me i can’t bake right bc i never fully follow the recipes, i always branch off of it and add things i think will enhance it!! it tastes good but she never is happy with me for it. at least my theatre teacher is supportive and tells me i’d have a chance in theatre!!
Hey, that girl who makes noises in gym just won Eurovision
Ross's FITH story sounds so much like it would be a South Park episode.
heidi Wassong
I loved that. I loved this. I don’t know them personally, but I feel like I know them better now.
I don't get bullied because whenever somebody tried me I'd say something outrages like \
I was surprised by jon. I was like \
*video about school stories*\n*talks about getting a blowjob*\nMOM AND DAD SEND ME WHERE HES GOING.
I love when Ross' accent pokes through
i brought up the classification of collective punishment as a war crime under the 1949 geneva conventions with my history teacher\n\ni got detention :)
School story?\nSchool story.\n\nMy first grade teacher was Mrs. Grossnickle and I would always feel ill around the same time every day and ask to go to the nurse and mom would pick me up and take me home. One day Mrs. Grossnickle had enough and yelled at me in front of the entire class. Saying I was lying and was just trying to get out of class and I was fine and not sick. \n\nA few days later I was diagnosed with Leukemia.
wow jillian
one time in 5th grade i was sitting on a stool next to my teacher helping her w/ smth and i ripped a massive fart and this kid next to me noticed and screamed that i farted but my teacher was cool and said it wasnt me lol
The best part of the end of High school for me was the mandatory gym class, they would split the class into boys and girl class's, the boys side however had more then girls for the amount of equipment we had so they put a few guys including me in the girls class. Lets just say being a teenage guy surrounded by every girl in my class most of which wearing yoga pants or other tight fitting cloths made it very, very hard to consentrate on anything other then the massive erection I had every single day.