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Akeem Walton
Joven looked so cute during this video. I just wanna aaaaawwwww
Alejandro cuadros guillen
the third ones were the most similar to a real churro but I think the oil was not hot enough because they seemed very oily, btw the churros are usualy thinner and longer
It amazes me how much sugar Wes can consume and still want more :P
Alyssa Wilson
Anonymous FlexTape
BLT Decathalon
AnxietyWolfie Plays
Wes is me in any situation.
Ariel Thrasher
Whoever does the editing is always winning. The editing alone makes me laugh so hard LOL
Audrie Wagner
You guys should've invited Olivia
Beagle Moosey
I never found happiness yet, cuz yo girl here never tasted happiness
Bella Luna
Please make this a series!
Bennett Archuleta
Brandon Ahaiwe
Who else has had an Oreo churro
Captain Obvious
You guys should do a pizza decathlon like if you agree
pizza decathlon!
DR. klectus
I vote for the decathlon to be Taco's (because I have a crush on Mari)
Da RealTemmie
Except it's not vegetables were trying to make him eat it's a donut
Daniela frenkel
do fast food decathlon next!!!!!!
Decathlon fudge
Wes is so adorable
ELsquared !
Wes is to pure for this world
Now I want churros...
Eryn Conner
When Mari was sitting on that rock, she looks so comfy and so chill
Esteban Castronero
burger decathlon from like Mcdonalds burger king and if you do put wes in the front because mari and joven have been in both vids
Evan Rea
This should be a serie
pizza decathlon? taco decathlon? fries decathlon?
Gilang Akbar
Do burgers!!
Golden Rose
So if Joven is the six year old...Mari and Wes are the parents, and Mattrob is the sugar daddy
Gucci Witch
What happened to Wes's voice at the beginning?? \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
Hailey Bramble
Slurpee decathlon!!
Hữu Đức Phạm
Worth it!
Who else was craving churros after watching this?
Ice Corleto
Tacos, burgers, burritos, bacon, buffalo wings, MORE
Jason Belleza
Where is Olivia? You can't eat churros without Olivia!
Jazzy Blaauw
Egg decathlon\nTaco decathlon\nNacho decathlon\nSushi decathlon \nBagel decathlon
Jean Rivas
Jenny Lin
Thank you guys for just, existing..., I'm going through some stuff and whenever I watch smosh games I can just drown out everything and be happy....whenever I'm depressed or just in a bad place your videos just make me so happy, thank you for everything you've done for me...I know this is random in a random video but it's what I'm rewatching to get through today's mess and just...if you guys see this...thank you...
Jordan Thompson
Justin Lagasca
I’m gonna miss FLitz😭
Justin Luong-Nguyen
What do i have to do to join smosh games
Kieth Dao
Layla Chica
I feel uncomfortable with how weak Joven is in this video and the milkshake one..
Leah Chapman
Can we just talk about how cute Wes is!!!!!!
Lilly Davis
They should do a burger decathlon
Madison Purdom
Olivia should have done it aswell
Matthew Jenner
Joven: Mari what is a Japanese Christmas tree called\n\nMari: Kristmas tree
Matthew Solari
I can't believe Flitz left, him and Mari are the only reason to watch for me personally. I'm bummed.
Maximillion H.
Will they ever finish a decathlon !!! Find out next time !!!
Mia Gonzales
Sushi decathlon? Or maybe a burger decathlon?
Milan Jolic
Do the ultimate milkshake decathlon you talked about in the original milkshake decathlon - where you keep circling around 1 place and have to drink the milkshake before ordering another one :D
Mitchell Essex-Carter
12:59 is that the amazing world of gumball font?
Mohamed Zayaan Haniff
Mr Smiles
do a blizzard DECATHLON where you go to Derri Qeen and then drive around for 5 min then go back but each time you have to pick a different flavor.
Do the Bubble tea decathlon
Something easy and good would make a good marathon thing video. Donut or fries.
Nin Pil
Their so warm ~Mari 2018 \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAlso that what she said
Paolo Molina
*CAN I TRY THE HORCHATA*\nThe pronunciation though
PikaPunch Gamer
I'll miss Flitz u.u I wonder if the accusations are true or false
Powerglide Channel
Burger Decathlon!🍔🍔
Rachel Colburn
I love smosh but smosh games is the best
Rachel Wang
14:23 wes is adorable aw
Random Superfan
muck bang is the new treadMEAL
it's not fair how Wes stays that size... if i ate that much, i'd bloat... huhuhu
Renhao Zheng
Samantha Darling
Do pizza next!!!
Sans Lazybones
Next Time do a Decathlon but do a Pizza Decathlon with Wes, Flitz, MattRaub, and Joven
Shred the Gnars
Make this a monthly series. Just so we don’t kill them by food overload
Sly Gale
MUK RAUB MATT BANG\nMUK BANG MATT RAUB.\nWes needs his sugar water and jelly beans.\n\nSmosh Games presents. WORTH EAT.\n\
Smi tty
Why do both Asians of Smosh LOVE Churros?!
Joven: What else should we decathlon but not really decathlon?\nMe: Tacooooooosss!!!!\nMari: Tacos please, tacoooosss\nWes: I do want tacos, can we get tacos now?\nMe: Whhaaaaaaaat!?!
Spikey Beldravaine
Guys Guys Guys! Please do a Doughnut Decathlon!?!?!? Wes I know you Matt Rob and Mari are up for it. Now all you need is to blind fold Joven so that he does it.
Stripe The_fox :3
Slushy decathlon
Super Gold
Toca decathlon
Sydney Schenian
I am convinced Wes has the sweet tooth of a 5 year old. \nI love it.
The Jovenshire
I loved this video. I couldn't help but smile the whole time. You can just tell how good friends we are.\n\nOh and my posture sucks
Hahaha It was funny how Joven acted like a 6 year old for some of the video XD also do more of theses please
Goodbye Anthony, Lasercorn, Sohinki, and now FLitz, what is happening?!
I love how mari said muck bang wrong.
chicken decathalon
Tyler Holberry
do pringles please
UltraheadWizard LV
NOICE PS: joven probably died after
Vandal Savage
That Japanese churro look like the bread Alladin split wit the kids
Violet Hope
Can you guys do a burger decathlon
Every time I watch this I want more churros....
Will Feiten
Wes is such a happy person he just like seems like the person who would be like on christmas morning just Wes: \
Will Ramsay
Indian food decathlon??
WolfBoy Everything
French fries
_prince mt_
Un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf dix
ang pange
You guys are forgetting Smosh Winter Games come on guys if you noticed like this comment
dragon star fang
do a pizza decathlon
jenna wells
Do more decathlon’s
mustafa baksh
Decathlon either Pizzas or burgers
can we just appreciate Wes's little smile and laugh when he said he loved rainbow sprinkles
Mari and Joven make every video more entertaining
robin rodman
I would love to see you do taco maraton.
Do a decathlon decathlon XD
worldwar 42
i feel sad for joven