Video Game Music for Studying 19

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Reuploading this video because the original VideoGameMusicPlaylists channel was deleted.I plan to continue the videos that were started by this channel, so if you have any suggestions for songs in future videos please let me know! Skyrim, Ancient Stones

Fire Emblem LA Noire Ok... Poly Bridge Professor Layton Relaxing Music Study Music Undertale Video Game Music Xenoblade Chronicles Yoshi's Wooly World

Alex Knudson
Okay but Yoshi's WW \
Alice Bell
Pokemon music made me cry writing my fucking essay because it reminded me of literally all the moments I cherish from my childhood playing and just listening to the beautiful soundtrack. Like no matter what was happening to me in real life I always had this perfect little world to escape into. help
How many more of these before it catches up to where it was left off?
Alvaro B
Just when I thougt I couldn't study another hour and a half
Anthony Lizzie
Bana Bel Bay
stop my emotions
BlazeBlue Art and Gaming Official channel
Can I use this awesome undertale music?
Blue Angel
Professor Layton's songs are the reason why I'm still alive today.
These sound GOOD. Not bad at all. Keep'em coming!
Bruno Dantas
Man, Thanks a lot for your patience creating this content ;). It's awesome.
Cabaret Gamers
A great playlist, thanks for posting!
Canal GeekTube
Really thank you!
Carla del Castillo
Thanks for uploading these kind of videos\u003c33
relieving my headache, thanks for the upload XD
wow Okamiden, The Goryeo is a hidden gem, so beautiful... thank you uploader. I wouldve never found it out if u hadnt put this up, much love :)
Cosmic Taco Cat
What happened to the original channel? And you're the same guy right?
Daniel Fuller
God, the Asgore remix is so powerful and beautiful! I can't focus on work because it's giving me chills!
Darío Palacín Melchor
Thank you so much. It helps me a lot.
David Lebbing
sometimes I want to live in a world where everybody's happy with green grass and parks and tiny speakers out of which the first songs plays all day
Diamond White
😁👍Hello random stranger strolling through the comment section, have a wonderful day!👍
Thank you ! I like it, its very useful when I writing, or converstation with my friends.
Elijah Ben
Hey! Remember #4? that was a great mix too! What was it again? I can't remember the tracks. If only there were some way to bring back #4!
Ema bas
Congratulations, you just advanced your Concentration level.
Enrique Tims
Listen to this while playing Pokemon rom hacks, only so much Fire Red or Emerald OST I can handle
Feliciano Vergas
Okamiden :D
I rarely comment on youtube videos, but I must say that this mix is fantastic! A lot of soundtracks I recognize.. such a nostalgic feeling! Good job.
Flynn Gumshoe
Where's the first fan art the beginning of the video from?
Glace Coco
This professor Layton game was so goooood!
Hannah Judges You
Oh man, I adore that Undertale flute cover of Asgore's theme. It's so different and unique! And so beautiful!
Harley Saunders
Emotion rage county bus when aide advanced pollution conduct.
Harrison Marsh
Was working at a solid rate, then Last of Us came on and hit me with all the feels. I am broken now.
J Li
Like your vid because it’s a MIX of everything! Love it keep it up!!!!
Jessie Cheng
my heart feels so happy listening to this!
Jonathan Stark
That Undertale Remix !! Man, Undertale's music is so good that you can almost do anything with it. The foundation is so strong that almost any remix is bound to be good. I never thought about doing the song this way, what a great conversion. The only other game that I know of whose music hits this hard is Earthbound (appropriate, since the one influenced the other). Not that I don't have other favorite scores (Chrono Trigger, Illusion of Gaia, Donkey Kong Country, etc) but these two are just so damn consistent.
Juan Huarte
image credits?
Knee Maker
Waiting for this, Yeaaah!
Kristian Utomo Tobing
exam in two hours
L Charqui
I don't play video games but I just know I will like this
L.K Manning
You put Undertale, Child of Light, and Nintendo music in here? SUBBED
Lemonado Girl
A little disorienting seeing Uneound Future music put over an Azran Legacy backdrop. Those blasted popoños...
Lindsay Warrell
SPOILERS Xenoblade Chronicles X\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI'm so sorry Lao... I never wanted you to go this way... Please Lao don't go.... No! I'm with Lin on this one... What? We don't have a choice? We have to kill him? DANG IT!
When Age of Empire started: THE FEELS
Mark Cruz
Can i put some of the musics here for my game? As a background music.
Martin diaz
great playlists!! , you helped me get thru my studies, thanks !!
Mika Gaphelo Chiusiwa
Thanks so much for this, this is beautiful. I'm studying Japanese and listening to all of these helps me tremendously. Thank you so much.
What's the name of the Poly Bridge song at 50:08? I searched in the Poly Bridge soundtrack and it certainly wasn't the 4th track and actually I couldn't find that song. Can somebody help me?
wallpaper link please?
36:25\nI remember playing the original Sapphire and Emerald on gba, I used to go to Verdanturf town just to listen to the music for awhile. \nThat little touch of nostalgia is nice.\nMakes me happy to hear it in this playlist, thank you. ^^
Nicole Costa
I'm a simple woman. I see Professor Layton, I click.
lol currently studying for making videogames and stumbled upon this play list, I'm loving it. XD btw I think I just know that first background image from what animation is it?
Noora نورة
Where can I find this background?
Overtale- Kid
Asgore was my favorite. It was a great Remix!
I hear professor layton and I'm already beaming
PikaPlays Roblox and more
1:14:29 AND 17:44 are both awesome!
Pill Dust
Ahhhh my heart
RCK Gaiden
Professor Layton
Reenen Vorster
Nostalgia when examined etymologically can mean remembering an old wound fondly. Pokemon OR&AS, Verdanturf Town I'm looking squarely at you, the good times that were had in the days of my youth when life was brighter. Though I do not truly yearn for a return to the past the heartwarming memories I will cherish as glittering gold.
Calming video game music and nothing from the Swapper OST. Shame.
René Torres
the first picture is so good
Rodrigo Silva
Must say: beautiful selection. Made me read, write and sigh a lot more. Thank you.
Rom Mastro
I'm not studying either...I'm actually doing the opposite: grading papers! And this music is good for that as well!
Ryan Brady
OK. So I've listened to all of these mixes MANY times over. And I've got to say-- that Triforce Heroes \
who's the art by?
S Link
Curious Globox!! Soo amazing! Turned the volume +20% in the first 2 seconds
Samantha Jay
Thanks SuperRedGames, this is helping me go through an all-nighter on an 8 page paper!
San B
This is it. This is the kind of quality studying playlist I have been looking for. Thank you so much!
Socks McCox
where's all this art coming from? I love it
StarioHD [ Mon-Ark ]
Xenovlade Chronicles X\nNo matter what others say, I will always love you and the times we spent together😢😢😢😢
Ste Lo
I'm not studying... This just make me feel like I'm contemplating what overpriced items I'm looking to buy next =_+
Finally i found a homework soundtrack that doesn't make me sleepy 😍👌🏻Kudos to you
The Great Hadoken
How come so many lists like these are made up of music from Japanese games, often from Nintendo consoles? \n\nThat's not my disapproving of Japanese games, or Nintendo, that's me honestly wondering why a presumably predominantly western audience playing predominantly western games on predominantly western systems nevertheless seemingly finds more memorable music from the Japanese releases on Nintendo consoles. \n\nIs there a certain talent in Japanese developing that the West lacks? Are the kind of people predisposed to game soundtracks more inclined towards Nintendo for some reason? \n\nAnother question I have about these lists is how rare it is to see (or rather hear) a song from a commonly accepted bad game. The vast majority of such lists contain almost exclusively songs from good games, a very high number from all time classic games. So my question would be why? Does a bad game disqualify it's music from being good in some way? Is a good game's music at an advantage because the player is much likelier to find positivity in it, than one of a poor game, which despite possibly being just as good of a score, just doesn't SOUND as good when set to a bad game?\n\nAgain, not taking any particular tone, just asking the question.
The draw looks like a paradise, someone who recognizes it can tell where it comes from?
What is the name of the game and track at 17:49? It is so beautiful!
Anyone notice that the picture used for the thumbnail has no people in it and the one in the video does have people?
Tim Matthews
Studying? HA! I'm playing Overwatch to this fantastic playlist! Good work SuperRedGames!
Ulen Grau
Thank you for doing this. I know it can be hard with all the little algos constantly looking for channels like these in order to delete stuff... which is really silly, as, oftentimes, these soundtracks aren't available in the places most people buy their music these days, like iTunes.\n\nNot to mention, plenty of people on iTunes make profit off simply making covers of tracks like these due to these hardheaded industry people not putting the legitimate ones on there. :sigh:
Vale C.
this playlist is tooo good\nasgore theme :)
Vi per
the best comes at end ♥
I didn't realize I need this in my life so badly until this moment. Thank you based SRG.
Everyone's talking about Finals and the such... and I'm sitting over here almost 30 years old working my butt off trying to solve an issue that one of my customers caused on their own server...
Hey, SuperRedGames . . . nice.
Watarero Gamer
Will Dyke
It's been so long since I played any video games. These tunes bring me back to my childhood. :)
Xefox Music
Love it man
This hits the spot
you don't know how often ive listened to that skyrim soundtrack XD
ezio facundo santana
exelente disco
frank iero or get the fuck out
First song is Professor Layton. I know it'll be a good list.
graham cracker
thanks for uploading!😄 This playlist always makes me hum along. 😊
AOE2... yes!!!!
I'm not studying anything. I just want good music while I do stuff and chat on the internet.
This one is my go-to for my online school classes, especially classes that I don't like as much, because how can you not like something if calm music is playing in the background? Thank you so much! \u003c3
I didn't expect Asgore's theme to come on. I was happily surprised.
Anyone else think the first song sounds very similar to the kind of music you got in dark chronicle?!? Great game if you haven't played it btw
thatone guy
*We can make a religion out of this*
Just when i thought i wasn't gonna be able to bust another nut :) Thank you :)
I can't study when half the time I'm crying from either nostalgia, or because I remembered certain moments in the game. I just wasted 80 minutes _not_ studying. Thanks a bunch.\n\nNo really, thanks.I kinda needed to take a break.
wasabi baby
this gives me so much motivation to do other things
わー!!最初っからいい曲!!🎵🎵\n海外ではテレビゲームはDSのゲームも含むのですね!\n日本ではテレビゲームと言ったら、テレビでやるゲームのことだけを指すんですよ〜!\n面白いですね!\n(≧∇≦)ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ ¨̮