DARK SOULS (Honest Game Trailers)

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Aatrox Sagitarius
I think playing with a mouse and keyboard is harder than using a rockband controller when playing this game...
Alexandre Dumbass
serious talk:\nThe difficulty is really exaggerated by both the community and Bamco's marketing team.\nThe difficulty is not the reason people love the series so much. It's everything else about it.
Woo-hoo! Praise the sun, y'all!
Anon Kek
Keyboard and mouse at 15 to 20 frames per second. That's how I play.
I agree with everyone that DS isn't hard so much as unforgiving - it's tense, relentless, and uncompromising, and you your enemies and your environment with some respect and caution - but it's not without its cheap shots. I mean that in a very literal sense: The Silver Knight Archers, who only need to hit you once to knock you off the ledge; they're placed apart so that you're unable to see and react accurately to both of them once you get close enough; turtling isn't a good option with the damage these Knights can do to you and there's barely any space for dodging; and it's a hell of a slog to get there from the bonfire. Dispatching the Knight blocking your path takes needlepoint precision timing (or being lucky enough for them to fall off the ledge while approaching you), i.e. careful stamina management or managing to parry and riposte in the brief windows when you don't have a six-foot spear being shot in your face. The odds are more than stacked against you; it's rigged for you to fail.\n\nHaving said that, there are very few moments in the game outside of the boss fights (if we're being honest, in any game!) that felt quite as cathartic and relieving as coming around the corner after that particular encounter, landing on the balcony and taking in the view, or anything quite as rewarding as the finding the bonfire right after that (and Solaire!). \
Best Dude23
Bhusta Cap
because when it comes to dark souls, bugs are just features that make the game more EXTREME
1:48 can confirm that i beat Gwyn with a hundred perfectly timed butt pokes in a row.\n\nI also brought JOLLY CO-OPERATION \\[T]/
Carlo Martinez
The one that they called Linsey Lohan should have been called emperor palpatine
Cecile Bousselat
im tired of skyrim-bashing. come on Skyrim is not made to be challenging its an exploration game, that's why its an open world, its made to chill out and its flucking beautiful. some days i just dont want to go home already feeling like shit and waste 2hours on a boss i don't even kill at the end meanwhile i could've killed 5 dragons with a bow haha
Charlie Pruett
these must be really hard, I can only break bricks with a fully erect penis.
I first realized that I'm not ready for this game when Legend of Zelda appeared when he said \
Chino Cocoa
Who else gaffawed at 'fat tank who can't dodge anything'?
Christopher Sheffield
Bosses, that you'll take down, with 100 perfectly timed butt pokes in a row.
Cosmic Worm
Dark Souls: A game that was said to be harder than it was.
Cristian Rios
Hoy to win in Dark Souls in two easy steps:\n\n1. Git\n2. Gud
+1 For the Super Meat Boy reference.
Darrion Alvarado
I can confirm that breaking a brick with your flacide penis is as challenging as dark souls. So I broke that brick first try.kappa
Date Masamune
Someone actually beat this with the guitar controller?
Dimitri Asimov
3:12 \
El very mucho bad Hombre
Greatest game of all time DARK SOULS
Butt pokes!
I legit laughed at \
Excalibur Studios
I've just picked up dark souls: prepare to die, and let me tell you, I wish more games were like this. Gameplay is amazing, it actually takes strategy to play. When people say it's too hard to play, I tell em \
Ezra Alldredge
This is still my favorite of any honest trailers, it kills me every time
Is not that this games are hard, but most other games of this genres are too easy.
Gooby pls
I finished Dark Souls 1 and 2 with a MOUSEPAD!
I don't get all the hate for DS2. The world was huge and immersive. The bosses were quite diverse. Its my personal favourite of the series.
Hitler in Disguise
Howirya Doon
J Dubs
2:26 “Bugs are Just features that make it more EXTREME”\nHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!
Jack E
WHERE is dragon age
Jack TheMan
I swear i had a dark sould switch add
James Collins
Just started dark souls 1 wish me luck
Jason Ringo
Kinda surprised that they didn't make a \
Jason Ross
if you don't get the \
Jaymz Estrada
Do a HGT for dead space atleast one!!!
Joe Lemmon
Here comes the inevitable deluge of defenders. I like challenge but Dark souls just gets boring and repetitive. Doing lots of arbitrary shit all over again when a boss one or two-shots you..That isn't hard, it's tedium. A game has to be fun -and- challenging, you have to want to try again... I suppose it's personal but this just doesn't give me that draw. And the class select is a joke right? As it appears the combat won't drastically change between classes, so that's instantly a ton less interest or replay value.
John Doe
song at 2:30?
John Syzlack
World of Tanks?
1:14 always crack up here Xd
I absolutely adore the Soulsborne games and I agree with 99% of what was said in this video.
1:14 is the baby still alive though?
Most hilarious honest game trailer they have
God i miss these old non pc trailers, the honest trailers now is like being on a kids channel
Marin Chapuis
Watching this after DS3 launch like:\n\nONIONBROOOOOO
Max Goof
I played Demon's Souls! It was more unforgiving (less health when not human, dying as a human makes enemies tougher, the only checkpoints are after bosses) but the magic was brokenly overpowered and you had as much healing herbs as you could buy.\nNot to mention the (imo) superior soundtrack, and the boss that literally delevels you, or that boss that literally pivots another player against you. Still my favorite Souls game.
Steve Buscemi HAHAHA xD
Mohammad Bilani
1:13\nThe way he yelled 😂😂
Nathan Barney
Whats the song from 2:30? Sounds epic want it for my boss battles.
Nick Grimes
Praise the Sun!
Oliver Bukor
I think i have to go to the optician, i see a weird \
Pan Z
People are just so stupid. It probably pains Miyazaki that people instantly associate the Souls game with being super difficult, or virtually impossible. They are games with slow combat, but compensate for that with every successful hit being extremely damaging. \nMiyazaki himself said, over and over, that difficult isn't the point in any Souls games (he made). It was just a way to induce a feeling of success in player, or a feeling of fear, ect...\nFor example, Demon's Souls had a boss were a 2nd one joined in halfway through. This was meant to evoke panic in the player, since they're chance of success greatly diminished. Dark Souls had a trap hole in the Catacombs that dropped the player right next to one of the most powerful non-boss enemies in the game.\nDespite being difficult, the Souls games have always been quite fair (except DS2). The challenging difficulty was just a way to bring players into the world, not frustrate them or sell sales (at least that isn't From Soft's intent. Namco has marketed the difficult since Dark Souls).\n\nAlso, the frame rate drops are ought to From Soft not being the most technically accomplished team. The inaccurate hitboxes in DS2 are also a huge problem with the game.
I have always accepted a challenge from video games, enjoying the fact that I must try several times on a boss before making it, surprise ambushes etcetc, all while keeping my calm, happy gamer attitude up. Until I played Dark Souls......... I'm now a screaming loonatic with a hate/love relationship to all inanimate objects within a 20 yard radius of my TV set.
this is def the best honest trailer on this channel
QKamm 20
Just to clarify. Dark Souls isn't that hard. Anybody who says it's \
do dead space
can I get dark souls arrested for rape?
Rish The Fish
The dark souls of honest game trailers
Roope Heikkinen
i actually play dark souls to relax
Saul Ramírez
do the dark souls challenge...10 push-ups every time you die.
Sebastian Durando
''Get lost in beautyful scenery that you will actually get lost in''
Shadow Strider
*baby crying*\nNarrator: Not now! DADDY'S WORKING!!
Shinjuku Phantasma
when you realize dark souls wasnt so memetically hard, just that other games are so stupidly easy.......
Son Goku
Who’s watching this after seeing the dark souls remastered announcement for Switch,ps4 and Xbox one
Sr Chalice
Cat Mario ain't no joke folks. Go play it for yourself or just watch a video on it.
I can appreciate some well thought-out humour and satire - and I thought this was hilarious. There were some moments in this video when I genuinely laughed out loud.\n\
Tear Warrior
Dark Souls in a nut shell:\n\
The Coon
anyone knows the song that starts playing at 2:30?
Tiia Mannix
Full disclaimer, I haven't actually finished the game yet, BUT! Dark Souls is seriously not difficult. What is is, is extremely demanding of you as a player. It requires you to understand and learn from the game, rather than force your way through, like you can do in a lot of other games. (Skyrim comes to mind). I suspect that what makes people call it \
I just beat the first game deprived, no levelling up.\nNOW DO YOU LOVE ME DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????
Ur Šanabi
The game that hates you as much as you love it
Xander PGK
Some people play game to relaxes some play for fun others just what a game to f$*# them till they love it!
dang im a casual coz i always play mage in every game (
I played this game in a hidden extreme hard mode its called Dark Souls PC version
Dark Souls - If Castlevania 3 and The Witcher had a child, and that child kicked you in the nuts every five seconds.
john milligan
Git gud scrub
Do one about warframe
What is name of music from 2:30 to 2:44 ??
might play dark souls today just cause of this
michael jordan
You think using a RockBand guitar is hard? There's a video of a guy playing Dark Souls 3 with DDR dance pad!
ryder mccall
Replaying Dark Souls. Trying to get through Blighttown. Dieing a lot. Yeah, I want this game to f*** me till I love it.
best game ever
wahyu perkasa
I swear i was expecting the Pikachu & Snorlax joke.
william mcadams
zorlox 1123
Praise the sun!
Аlexander Lobach
Hi, can you tell me please, what music did you use in 2:29?
Do Ninja Gaiden!!!!!