The Real West Coast 1st Annual Car Show

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#SF11 Intro and Outro West Coast Customs big boy car show charger darkside dodge mopar real 92.3 starwars vader

Celina Delgado
I'd be embarrassed to be seen in most of those tbh
Dominic Talarico
This an amazing video I just subscribed I really like how you edited this vid looking forward for some more.
Fran Elas
Esta muy genial fuera muy bonito estar ay en ese lugar para al mirar todos los autos
Boring Af
Janayna Jany
lindo amor esse mundo
Jim Barrett
camera man really sucked on this video.
Nini Diaz
music sucks ruined video
Sai Madhava Rao
old school.... carbon fibre cars are much more lighter and faster, west coast dont use carbon fibre insteat they use sheet metal fabrication which adds more weight to the car hence slower car.
Serge' O.
Worst Camera Work Ever!
Steven Gonzales
Me and the wife r Heading down there tomorrow morning i hope to see Ryan
soteeres Daskas
the music is so annoying
nothing special....
ur mom
We need more videos a list 2 a week big fan