Hozier - Take Me To Church (Official Video)

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2 bits
Vim pelo programa do Silvio Santos
Adam Quintana
I'm heterosexual, but I still think all people should all be open, hetero, homo. I'm glad that politicians, music videos, soldiers, etc have become open with their sexuality.
Aiden Bane
Anyone else still listening in 2019?
Alfie Bellxx123
I get bullied\n\n\n\n\n\nSo it started when I had just became friends with the “cool kids” but this boy called peter didn’t like me his got jealous so he tried beating up the gang leader didn’t go so well he broke his leg XD anyway they then became best friends and peter asked him to bully me he agreed to bully me so they did Peter done boxing and Ethan done Karate blue belt but my best friend was a brown and a stripe belt and at first peter tried to beat him up with Ethan but they got their asses kicked so they did it behind his back But then... \n \nAqeel left the school I got bullied every day then I thought I should learn karate so I did Ethan and me were good friends so he betrayed peter but peter hated me for over reasons 1: because his crush admitted she had a crush on her last day of school before she left.
Annonymus Concrats
This is really sad... i can‘t hear ist without crying😔
Ashley Demma
We should all be free to love who we choose. People can love love people. We are all people here. So let's act like it. Bless all!
Asriel Dreemurr
Who's listening in 2019 ?
Нашол такой годную песню а тут 0:55 чуть не упал со стула
Big Gorl
i am a christian and personally don’t agree that being a christian you should be a gay, but in no way shape or form u should ever hurt someone for being gay. we shouldnt make fun of, beat up, or even be mean to gay people!!! they are just people like all of us. true christians shouldn’t hurt anyone.
Bu şarkıyı dinleyen bi türk varmı ya (instagram bırakırmısınız aşşağıya)
Charli Day
Poignant, beautiful and horrifying. No to homophobia, no to racism, no to sexism- JUST NO!
Christopher Damien
More than a song: pure savage poetry about the evils of ignorance, hate, fear and violence. The only religion: love, lightness and serenity.
Cord McNab
At first i was like \
Crazy Squad
*This video deserves a billion views than freaking nonsense Despacito*
Creative Kid
They cut the kissing scene on tv
Curious Llama Lol
I don't really respect gays, but they are people too. *We all are people and we all deserve an equal life*
Cutie_ Danielseavey
4 years ago i had no idea what this meant i was just scared at the fact people could come to my house and drag me out. But 4 years later almost 5 years later i get the whole meaning. Its okay it like people the same sex as you every one is equal no matter what.
I think I have figured what's in the box. You see the dude burying it a couple times in the video. Then he is scared shitless when the angry mob arrives. I think him burying the box represents him hiding his sexuality. The box is his real identity, but in order to survive he needs to hide his true self. Also something I noticed, at the end when they burn it, they don't open it. I think this represents the bigotry of the mob. They disregarded his identity for the sake of it, without even attempting to open it. They killed him without bothering to even attempt to understand him. I know its a bit of a stretch but do tell me your theory. And no its not a condom, because like who burries condoms lol
Eclipse Madness
I'm here after seeing Marilyn Manson :(
Elijah Young
How do people still to this day think it's right to hurt people that have interest in their own gender
F B I !
I’m catholic and I just realized what the meaning of the lyrics are 👀
Fandi l فاندي
2018? ❤️😻
Gary Val
It’s funny when I first heard this song. It was a bunch of Victoria secret models walking down the runway like harasses. And that’s how I felt listening to this song. Then when I saw what this song was really about I was even further drawn to the euphoric feeling this song brings.
Hey my Dude
This song was powerful 5 years ago\n\n\n\n\n\nStill as powerful now
Holly Elizabeth
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019..🎶🎶🎻🎤🔊🔊\nANYONE HERE......??\n\n\n\n\nthis song touch my soul..
Inès Bouazizi
*I see humans but don't see humanity*
Irina's Vlogs
I can't believe that 71k people disliked this video:(
Its just Me
Still watching this..4 years later and can’t stop crying at the thought that people are capable of doing this bullshit! People are people no matter your religion, sexuality, race, etc. *stay strong* 🤧
The lyrics of this song are some of the most beautiful ever written. More than a song, this is poetry. I just love it.
September 2018?
Jacob Caswell
Notice how this song is about being gay but yet the lyrics say he is actually a she?
Jennifer Mateo
2019 who still watching.....
Jonas da Silva
I'm been searching this song for 2 years and finally I found it.
Justin Jensen
Such a powerful song. Who's still here in 2018?
January 2019?
2019 and still listening...💕
Kate Troy
January 2019 anyone?
Kuba Reszka
Nothing wrong with being gay.
I’m bi and I’m dating a girl. *im a girl* I really felt this song good.
2019 anyone?
Daughter: dad\n\nDad: yes\n\nDaughter: I'm lesbian\n\nDad: ok\n\nDaugher 2: I'm lesbian too\n\nDad: does anyone around here like boys???\n\nSon: i do
Liamtain Cat
Лол, там тип по телеку гейпарад в рашке ХЬ
I donno why but this song makes me feel better, not that its about the racism but his voice is just amazing. 2019 anyone?
Luv_ Shannon
This brings back memories from when i was 6yrs and I’m crying now cause I looked at my self in my mirror just now and told myself “wow I’m proud of you Shannon look how far wouve come”
It's been sooooo fucking long sice an actually good song hit the mainstream. Oh well, a couple more years of wait for the next one now.
Maria Eduarda
That's so sad this video clip. But it's how things in Brazil are going right now. My college professor who is homosexual was beaten yesterday and now he is in coma. I'm completely devastated.
Markus Niepmann
This Song very Hurts i Love it
Marvelous Clips
It's all fun and games until you realize we literally burn or kill people (Some still do) just for being gay.
Melis Ceren Aydın
THE SONG TOUCH MY SOUL(Is anyone here in 2019?)
Michał K
2019? (:
Mira Belle
*After being on the internet for 3 hours*\n\n\n\n\n\ntaKE mE tO chuRCH
Miracle Langston
What a beautiful voice
Nightmare Love
I first watched this when i was 9, now im 13 and understand what the hells going on
Oof Times7
This made me cry... I have a gay best friend.. and..\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI'm lesbian myself.. :(\n\nEdit : Thanks for all the support guys :)
Panic!AtTheDiscoismylife134 BrendonUrie
I'm a lesbian and I have a gf so this breaks my heart...
Paola Miguel vazquez
Patricia Pinheiro
Janeiro de 2019 e essa música continua mais atual do que nunca. #triste
*witty gay comment relating to video*\n\n\n\n\n“yeah so here’s my coming out story”
Remmy Vantyos
Just like present day Russia. killing the innocent for who they love. I saw a comment about this song being satanic. Grow up and live in 2019. It's about love no matter who it is you love.
Hello from Russia\n*ПРИВЕТ ИЗ РОССИИ*\n =2019=
Shadow Toy Chica
This song really hurts me but inspires me at the same time \nIt’s so sad and horrible to see tat so many people are being hurt for being proud of there identity’s \nThe weird thing is my dad was watching this when i was 6 and he is against lgbtq community \nI understand how real and heartbreaking this is\nAnd it hurts seeing people being hurt for this\nI’m gay myself and i think that no mater who you love or not you should always be proud and loved\nThis is such a beautiful song and it makes me cry every time
Shamil Alizada
╭┈┈┈┈╯   ╰┈┈┈╮\n\n ╰┳┳╯    ╰┳┳╯\n 💧        💧\n \n 💧       💧\n     ╰┈┈╯\n 💧 ╭━━━━━╮. 💧\n     ┈\n 💧       💧
When this song was really popular I knew so many hardcore christians who only listened to the title part and none of the other lyrics and thought it was some pro-church song and that's it... Most of these people were also pretty heavy homophobes.
Siar Chan
Jesus, when I turned this on I felt something on my neck, my breath stopped for a minute... This voice is just magic
Stephania Maria
Stephen Barker
Humanity what the hell is happening? It's as if society is regressing back to the dark ages , scary but true , great video ,
Svdrks Channel
Who cried....?
Um Pensador!
Como eu demorei tanto para ver esse clip.o!!!! Caralho!! Travei!
Van Pranks
Геи блят.
Victor Lin
Ok did he die or just got knocked out? I'd feel a bit better if he just got beat up
William _7
*0:55** When whoes buy me a game*
Yatsel Lopez
I am Christian but that doesn't mean I would EVER make someone feel non-worthy or make them feel any less because of their sexuality, race, or gender. Keep in mind that any \
Ze'Carea Gayton
I love this song watched the video & loved it more WOW 😩💪🏾
__The Dasha__
А что в начале в етой коробочке?
andrea escudero
Take me to church lyrics\n\nMy lover's got humor\nShe's the giggle at a funeral\nKnows everybody's disapproval\nI should've worshiped her sooner\nIf the Heavens ever did speak\nShe is the last true mouthpiece\nEvery Sunday's getting more bleak\nA fresh poison each week\n\
catherine maule
i cant physically watch this video, the song is amazing but i cant watch the video, as someone who hasn't \
Funny story:\nI live in Russia, and I heard this song at an orthodox church festival.
I am gay too.\nI had feelings for a boy. I was scared to tell him that I like him because I thought he would hate me for what I am.\nA year later we went to school camp. The boy came over to me and said: “Please don’t judge me but I have feelings for you”.\nI was so happy. The boy that I liked liked me too.\nWe went to the back of the camp where no-one was.\nI asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend. He said yes.\nWe went back to the rest of the class and immediately a lot of girls came over to us and started to congratulate us. We didn’t know what for because no-one could have heard our conversation. We said: “what for?” and they answered: “We know that you and him are boyfriends.”\nWe both ran away from the other kids because they knew about us. An hour later we went back and a girl from my class came over to me and said: “I heard your conversation so I told everyone!”.\nI was pissed at her. When we went back home we were laughed at by the bus and they screamed things like “freaks”, “kiss him, pig”, etc.\n2 years later my boyfriend couldn’t handle it anymore and committed suicide. Me and my mom were heading to school. We had to pass a railroad to get there. At the railroad there were ambulance, police, firemen and a huge crowd. We stepped out of the car and took a look at what happened. There were dozens of flowers and pictures of him, my boyfriend. I was traumatized. I still think of his brown eyes and beautiful smile.
ibukis bitch
It was \
julka g
Take Me To Church wczułam się👌😎
kornelia deren
July 2018?
so much hate in this world
mika fans
Who's in 2019😢😢?
pi gi
I just dream to live in a world where I can love who I love... the only thing I'm looking for is freedom...
I absolutely loved this song. I still love the protected message it shares. I can't watch the actual video and instead I just listen to it. Watching this hurts my heart to the core.\n\nI'm not a lesbian nor am I bisexual BUT it still hurts me to see such brutality in this video. Why does it hurt even though it's just a video?! Because it still happens in real life.\n\nWe should all respect one another and it's really no one's business in regards to who we love. No one is being hurt except for the people who commit such violent acts all because they misinterpret words in a book that are so incredibly old that don't include such things as what homophobic people say that it does.\n\nMy bottom line is that God loves ALL of his children!!!!! 💖
trashpotato 74
My friend jace was singing this song in class and let me play it out \nMe: you know that song \nJace: yea take me to church? Its a good song\nMe: yea it is a good song I recently found out it was a gay song \nJace: yea WAIT WHAT its a gay song?!?! \nMe: yea you didnt know that ? Hmm \n\nAfter that he stopped singing it hahah😆\n\n\n\nBy the way im not against gay people or lesbians i support them if you love someone go for it😘😘❤❤
HATE is what is wrong with the world...
vetillego cat
Anyone else think that they were gonna burn him insted of the box? Cuz i was not prepared to watch someone burn cuz of being gay
АВА Frank
Отлично взяли русский парад геев. Мне нравится.
Валентин Жабин
I am not gay, but it is cool song)
Дархан Қоралас
На 1:30 - плакат на русском \
Ингиборда Ланкунайте
Кто из России?
Надя Донелевская
Это актуально по сее день \nБля как же ахуенно
Оливковый уют
Там по середине «геи за равноправие без компромиссов» на русском. Прыколна
Hey, just wanted you to know. I'm from Ukraine and I remember how popular was this song when it came out. Nobody really cared about the meaning or even lyrics themselves, it was smth like a echo from the 'western world.' I was a little kid at the time and didn't even like it but since it had such a resonance I told some of seniors when I heard somewhere that the MV has \
временная имашкаа
Как знал что клип не надо смотреть, вот всегда так, слушаю песню \
this song is... masterpiece for me.. Love from Ukraine ❤ We are all people and we must have the right to life