boom clap | deniz roman

i was gonna do an angsty video, but then i listened to this song and thought 'why not', so here's a happy, upbeat video for these two. this video sucks a lot, i know, but i'm just so rusty lolsong: "boom clap" by charli xcx

alles was zahlt alles was zählt awz deniz roman deniz öztürk dennis grabosch dero igor dolgatschew roman wild

Claudia Lu
Where did you find an HD version of the show?
Hanane Madhupal
Hello I researched a lot about this series and did not find him Can you help me please😢😢😢
Izzy belle
I haven't yet watched the whole of the DeRo story. I am only at the bit where Deniz has broken up with Vanessa for a while and he's just stopped being a prostitute. At the point I'm at Deniz hasn't ever really cared that much about anyone or anything. So I'm really excited to see what it'll be like when he does really really care about Roman.
Leonardo Moura
Cute \u003c3
these two are unforgettable omg
Sabrina Dallapozza
I miss them so much ;_____;\u003c3. \n\nI hate that they turned Deniz back into a heterolini \u003e_\u003e...
...puppy... love?\n\nthese two are so gentle w/ each other, wah ;A;
cette musique est parfaite et cette vidéo est également excellente je l'adore totalement!