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WATCH BEFORE READING!!!!! You don't wanna spoil the excitement. xPA celebration video for my 90th upload!!!!!!!!! \^-^/Inspired by my good friend Erina (SailorSaturn1994) who did top 10 of Momusu singles, I decided to do my own of w-inds. singles.^^ I really liked doing this video, picking up my favourite songs and clip parts.. Though I have to say that putting the singles in order was hell of a mission.. I LOVE all of them!♥ So these are perhaps the ones that are my timeless favourites. =3Okay.. Little explaining why I chose these singles:#1 Yume no Basho e - This singe was the one that got me, truly got me, into w-inds. though it wasn't the first I heard from them. I really enjoy singing and dancing to it. And of course listening to it. It never gets boring.^^Fav part: Those close-ups of Keita! O.O Wow, he's hot. vv#2 TRIAL - This song is very smooth and though it's very hard to sing it goes right to the top of my list. It's easy-going and I like to listen to it over and over again..♥ And the PV is actually my favourite of w-inds.Fav part: The whole chorus dance. Especially Keita's "no more tears" movement.#3 Kirei da - Ah this song makes me cheer up! ^-^ And it makes ME feel beautiful~ I had a phase when I listened to only Kirei da cause I loved it so so much.♪ And I still do. It's a pick-me-up kinda song. :)Fav part: When they all come to dance when Keita calls! ^^#4 Shiki - The guys are soooo hot in the PV! @[email protected] woah. I still don't understand it very well.. The story of the PV. But I think that's partly the thing that fascinates about me in this single. x3 And I love the idea of it! I ♥ the seasons! Fav part: Keita's expression when he notices his own name on the boy's shirt. ^0^#5 CAN'T GET BACK - The clip I chose is a little long (explains later).. But I love the idea of it. (again...) It never gets boring because there's always something new you have not noticed. *-* And Keita walking in the room.. I don't have to say anything but - WOW! And the song is clearly my fave of the new ones. It's got a nice feeling to it. ~Fav part: Sure the "aitai" phrase. Wonderful! That's why the clip needed to be that long.. so I could get it there. =P#6 Paradox - The first w-inds. song I heard! So no doubt it has to be on the list.^^ They all look so cutee in the PV♥ This song is veryyy catchy. It takes time to learn it but it's worth the practice. This song is funny, it puts a smile on my face every time! =DDFav part: The hand slide thing-y with the words "lookin' for my place".#7 Love is message - This PV is such an adorable one! *^-^* w-inds. are still so young and innocent and I love Keita helping RyoRyu out~ This song is like one of the easiest but it sure is one of those sweet ones.♥ It is a piece of candy for my ears. =3Fav part: Keita singing "one is love" and smiling so sweetly. *faints*#8 Forever Memories - Sure the debut single needs to be on the list~ They were so young and too kawaii then!!!! I love that it seems they're just having fun and not thinking how popular they're gonna be. Like, "Hey this is fun, we could do this more often!" XD This is the feeling I get from the PV. The song is of course a very good 1st single. Hayama Hiroaki totally knew what he was doing. ^_^v And Keichan's high-pitch voice! aw.. (His blue-orange hair is a little weird, though..^^;;)Fav part: Keita singing "arigatou".#9 Izayoi no Tsuki - I had to pick one ballad. And this one is so pretty! It is really hard to sing since Keita has such a wide vocal range.. But that's why I love it. And I love the PV!! ♫ They all look mature and stunning! There's not much to explain.. I like to listen to Keita's vocal abilities.^^Fav part: The beginning of the chorus when Ryo and Ryu follow Kei in the dance. :)#10 HYBRID DREAM - The last one! But still not any less valuable than the other ones. No way. This song is calming.. I know some don't think that way but this song immediately touched my heart. # Pretty.. And the PV is cool as it is black and white first and turns colourful in the end! Luvs it.♥Fav part: Keita pointing to the ceiling and then about twenty seconds later spreading his arms over the screen~So that was it. The clips I used were my fave parts of the PV with the chorus in them.^^And I still wanna point out that this was really hard (but fun) to make since I love all of the singles very very VERY much. This is just one point of view. Do make a video of your own too!^-^Hope you enjoyed! =DPVs from: super-lover.net(Woah. A looooong description..^^;;)

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