Angry Video Game Nerd - Season Four

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AVGN Season 4 (Atari Jaguar to Pong Consoles)March 2009 - March 2010 AVGN X Blu-Ray ►

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Best compilations aside from popshots.
Amber Trixie
Where did you learn to fly?\nWhere did you learn to fly?\nWhere did you learn to fly?\nWhere did you learn to fly?
Andrew Purvis
Avgn should play \
Antonio Leon
I love your channel
Armaggedon 117
your jaguar cat is awesome.
I don't know what it is about this series, maybe the camera quality, maybe the comfy audio, or maybe Mike's rad as hell room that is literally a blast from the past-but this series really makes me feel nostalgic for my younger years. Especially the Christmas and Halloween specials...makes me miss the way things used to be. Keep up the amazing work Cinemassacare, I love you guys!
Ben Latham
That thumbnail is glorious.
where did u learn to fly
Bob Jones
It's extremely rare to find a show, online or on TV, that retains its high quality through repeat viewings and continues to be entertaining. AVGN is one of those shows. What James has created is like classic TV here, it will last forever through a million re-runs
Brandon Pelley
Great series guys, just finished the whole thing
To me, this was the best AVGN Season. Most of my favorite episodes came out this year & I don't think it was or ever will be better than this. But that's just me, I still love everything in between, but this is my most fond season of Nerd
144p the only way to watch this :^)
you guys should do a whole season marathon on twitch tv sometime
Yay finished watching
Cube Central
Dan Rim
is that mike as bugs bunny? LOL
Daniel Ruiz
Talk about working for the fans!
Man AVGN is the greatest gaming YouTuber ever.
Finally, the next one is out. I like these, as they are a great way to run through the episodes again.
Epic Super Mario Bros!
Nice mike! Great job!
James and Mike, hardest working guys on Youtube! Thanks for the marathon friendly video!
that lazer pointer though
Doom whitout music? sound more like half-life to me
Gil B
Dammit, I got work in the morning!
I love how Classic Doom is still hands down the best FPS ever created. I say classic Doom to group Doom, Doom II and Final Doom together 'cause I actually consider Final Doom to be the best but they're all amazing.
Oh yeah, its been about 3 months since I had an AVGN marathon, Im sure as hell ready for another. Bless you James!!!
Hank Hill
23 people already watched the whole video a decided to dislike it.
The Angry Video Game Nerd bringing amazing entertainment since the mid 2000's!
aww good memory when people fight over graphics not like not day..............oh wait
i missed this shit bro come back with more :(
Anyone else think the terminator in SNES terminator 2 looks like Hank Hill in a leather jacket?
Jesse Augustine Walker
gonna watch this until I fall asleep. every. single. night.
Jonas King
Thanks for this. I appreciate your hard work, and have been watching your stuff since about 2007 or so. It was a big help when I was deployed in the Army. That you are willing to put it out there for us, for free, speaks volumes for your character and confidence in your work.
Time for an AVGN binge!
r they going to continue angry nerd?
Knights and Hunters
The Cartridges were friction indestructible, You could Drop a Car on an N64 cartridge and it would probably work better
Lawrence Reyna
Guess I'm going to be up night. 👍👍👍👍
Matt Tent.
Max Russell
Would be AMAZING if you had the episode time stamps in the description :D
Man nostalgia for me. These vids helped me get through my college years when I needed some breaks. Good stuff.
Molly Anderson
Monk Onyx
i get jealous when i think about mike squeezing one homo
Mouse Trap
I know this is a lot of editing work for maybe not much of a return, but I really appreciate that you post these.
Does anyone else sing along during the intro?
Mystic Vee
Mike gives us the quality AVGN stuff in a marathon of awesome additive magical majesty. Kicking names and taking ass.
I dont Need to go to School today. I think im warching this :D\nIf something is wrong sorry im german
Nova Spider
this is badass
Mike this is amazing thanks a lot man
I love that you guys do these compilations! It makes it very convenient to marathon.
Peter Finaldi
Over 5 hours of nothing but classic angry video game nerd. There is a God.
anyone thought you this was a trailer for a new season lol how many seasons are thier
Pocket Miner
MIKE I LOVE YOU!!!!\nIf you respond I'm gonna quit work and go home and fap to Your videos
Praise the Sun
Cheers for this Mike, really convenient
Randall Kincaid-Shatto
I love these. They fill my time at work in my boring IT job.\n\nThanks Mike.
now i know how many hours spent on all these episodes lol all the seasons are GOLD.
Raygen Brady
I saw the laser pointer on the Atari jaguar episode XD
Road Game
This must take hours of rendering and uploading :S, great job guys!.
Robert Harris
the ps4 is actually 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000\nbits and the Xbox one is only 10000000000000000000000
Ryu Hayabusa
Five hours of avgn? Oh man, I won't sleep tonight. Avgn rocks!
Shoutout to the Doom music at the end of Atari Jaguar part 1.
Sarvis The Buck
Never understood 20XX, 2XXX, or 199X dates. What, were they afraid we'd call them liars if a year passed and we weren't attacked by monsters or killer robots?
Sayayin z
this is awesome
Sean S
3 Compilations in 2015\nso far 1 in 2016\nhopefully there will be 3 others this year
Even though I've watched pretty much all of AVGN, I watch these compilation marathon videos and it always seems that I've managed to miss one or two here and there. Really appreciate all the work that goes into putting these together.
I was gunna go to bed...but nevermind...
I want more avgn
Solid Snack
Atari Jaguar is such a great episode, easily one of my favorites. The compilation episodes are the best IMO.
Classics AVGN!!!!!
Stringer Bell
My favourite collection of episodes. Hard to believe these are so 'old.'
Metal Gear 2 - Erect Cock
You guys should get back on Jaguar in a AVGN episode now that it's working (I know you did a few Jaguar CD games on J&M Mondays, but I there are a lot of games there to play). Highlander, in specific, seemed to be a big request from the fans.
Tarek Akl
Am I The Only One Who See's The Red Laser Dot Right Under The Atari Jaguar Cube?
Tom Riddler
Mike kudos to you for this compilation.
Volvagia´s Blaze
22:00 Solid snake was based on Snake Plisskin from Escape from New York
Was wondering when you were gonna add the 4th season, after having binge watched the other three full season episodes, still, keep up the good work, love AVGN, and just got done watching the movie earlier today as well. Though I love the single episodes, watching them in one long season video without having to manually click on them one at a time is so much easier.
I download these and listen to them at work
for anyone wondering why konami din't released neither simpsons or xmen arcade games to consoles:\n\nlicense to nintendo games for the simpsons at the time was in acclaim's possession, and ljn was in possession with the x-men ones.\n\nafter ljn, sega grabbed the x-men license, and after it came capcom\n\nkonami wasn't allowed to port anything it had in arcades to home consoles besides tmnt, which they had the license.
copper lapislazuli
Where did you learn to fly?
Between this and James & Mike Monday, my Monday is saved.
well gf 5 hours of my life.
dylan defreitas
LJN is EA in the past
flutterpufffrog 36
This made my day 908% better
play some jagggggg
I am gonna have a marathon of nerd vids tonight. Brownies might be on call
I've been waiting so long for this\n\npopcorn is popped\n\nsoda is cold\n\nhand is down pants\n\nlet's do this
magneto calrissian
Thanks for making these marathon videos, Big D Mike
not you
Not sure if it's James or Mike who puts these season collections together but if it would ever be possible to do the same for the older Monster Madness reviews that would be awesome! Love you guys.
sinfull Hubris
I wonder, what is the newest console that the nerd owns?
Guess I got something to do for the next 5 hours! Haha
Why yes, yes I will binge watch season 4 of AVGN.
Anyone else want to see the Nerd take on the haunted version of Godzilla: Monster of Monsters from NES Godzilla and Godzilla Replay?
great vid to just chill out to with a beer
שחר א.
Great job, AVGN, İm impressed