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Reuploading this video because the original VideoGameMusicPlaylists channel was deleted.I plan to continue the videos that were started by this channel, so if you have any suggestions for songs in future videos please let me know! Secret of Evermore, Queen Bluegarden (Remix by audio fidelity_Jenny Fae Davis)

9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors Baiten Kaitos Chrono Trigger Donkey Kong Country Final Fantasy 14 Fire Emblem Fates Harvest Moon Majora's Mask Maple Story Minecraft Pokemon Black and White Rayman Legends Relaxing Music Seiken Densetsu Skyrim Study Music Tower of Heaven Town of Salem Trails in the Sky Unravel Yooka-Laylee Video Game Music

- Zuwugibunny -
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
That Song from Sonic had me grooving!!!
Maybe someone has said this before, but I would find it super helpful if the title of the song and game were displayed during the entirety of it playing. I'm often in the middle of studying and then I go back to look at the song title and it's gone away by then and I have to rewind.
55:22 This version of Haggstrom sounds like it could have ben in HtTYD
Bethany Little
The artwork in this video is equally as stunning as the music.
Are these songs Copyrighted, Like could I use them as backround music in a video?
Black Zephyre
I think you should add some more Black and White themes, like B2W2 Castelia gym, or Lacunosa Town. You should also put in some more Xenoblade Chronicles stuff
Bryan Delmond
I was very sad when your old channel got erased, and I couldn't find the videos anymore until now. Anyway, love your videos, and I have a few suggestions of Tales of Symphonia's soundtrack:\n\nEternal Oath, Judgement of Mana, Shining Dew, Spirits Whispers, Harmony, Floating in the Air, Secret of the Blue Sky, A Snow Light. All excellent calm themes, in my opinion.
Cathy Shepard
That Salem song is so intense, I love it. 45:58
ChildOfThe Ivy
Yay, Trails in the Sky :3
ChromisLPs did you get a Yooka Laylee track in here before release? Am I missing something?
o i am dancin
Daniel Podgorski
Awesome mix, thank you SRG!
Danielle Clark
i played that game that came on at 16.24
David S
Needs some Xenosaga OST added in for good measure. Grandia too.
this was wonderful, thank you.
Frederico Xavier
1:18:26 :( So nostalgic!
My ears just had an orgasm of nostalgia when I heard the last track
Félix Pinchon
Wow! The Starlight Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog sounds a lot like One Piece's second opening: Bon Voyage!
Glad Crowfox
My heart gave a jump at 1:18:26 \nThat game was my first MMORPG.\n \nAnd then, I just died at 1:21:32 \nSonic was the first game I played in my entire life.\n\nMY CHILDHOOD!\nMY FEELS!\nTHANK YOU ♥
Greg Adams
I love your channel ^_^
Greg Butler
This is so good!
Helen Stockton
The 5th song is actually the fall theme from Harvest Moon DS\nLOVE these playlists!!
Infinitely Inspirit
Oh my goodness the thumbnail is so pretty!!! 'o'
James Owens
No Wonder Its Number \
James Phillips
18:21Ahhhhh Majora's mask is my favorite game of the Zelda and seeing those cute little dekus and hearing their palace theme really made my AP Biology homework soooo much better thank you
Jens Tschirpig
Thank you so much for the great music! I used to play Threads of Fate as a child, and the sound track just brought back so many memories.\n\nI distinctively remember that nobody in my sphere of influence knew this game, so it always had a special spot in my heart.
Jessie Tennent
:) thankyou
Jewel Maiden
OMG @1:13:31 That's the song I practice (kLuTz's version) on piano \u003c3 \u003c3
Kaitlin Hoang
Kanai's Nightcore
I played Harvest Moon girl version before\nand I hear this music on Autumn season
Kathren Crickon
I know that that song has words, but could you do one with the opening theme of 'Sonic Colors'? It's just so inspiring and beautiful. It always makes my heart beat really fast . . . ha ha.
28:42 \u003c3
Knee Maker
I was waiting for this one, thank you :)
Kylo Wren
Oh, the acoustic Chrono Trigger cover? My day got infinitely better.
you actually included the salem day soundtrack. always loved that one
Lauren Pesceone
12:10 is Harvest Moon: DS Fall Theme :)
Link Faron
Oh yeah zelda boiiiiis
Luis Frontanilla
Lyndsay Vriends
these are so great for easing anxiety and promoting creativity bless
Martin diaz
thank you!
Moses Hamlett
You must have played every game in history lol. Seems like Everyone of these I listen to has a handful of tracks I know from super rare games and then a ton of great stuff I don't know. Thanks for your uploads. I put these on while I play strategy games and I turn the music slider down on the games.
Nancy McEver
Hey, late comment, but if you see this, maybe consider some more chill themes from Xenoblade? I think you've already done things like Vaalak Mountain and gaur plain, but maybe agniratha or eryth sea? I just really love Xenoblade. Just a thought. Keep up the awesome work.
ty!!! now im waiting the second videogame music remix.. loved the liberty prime one :(
Peter S
i really love those playlists \u003c3 amazingly put together! great job!
PikaPlays Roblox and more
thanks to SuperRed for introducing me to tower of heaven. i LOVE THIS SONG
It's 3:10 in the morning and I'm writing my Spanish thesis paper, and that aquatic ambiance acoustic cover came in SO clutch!
Raynaldo Jepe
chrono trigger 600ad really breaks me.. nice dude
Sakura Akatsuki
This playlist helped me with my online quiz! It rid of my nervousness! Thank you! 😍😍❤️❤️
Aerith... god how can a game still effect me so after all this time? *sheds a tear*
Oh damn. A track from FFXIV. And it's my fav, Saint Mocianne's Arboretum Theme. Oh damn \u003c3
Stephen Bonning
Town of Salem tune isn't relaxing for me, I suddenly flooded with feelings of suspicion and anxiousness.
Sushibi9000 New SNES Music
Nongamers miss out such chill music ♡
Tango Kabocha
Oh, aquatic ambience....
Taylor Novak
ay ay ay ay ay..ay ay ay.... ay ay ay ay ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
oh im glad ur stuff is back i always listen to them its when im working on stuff
When I suddenly heard the Salem music I was like \
VGMP Radio
Man, the donkey kong cover was always my favorite in this ^.^ Fed is a master \u003c3
Vaseem Baig
23:39 Seiken Densetsu 3, Angel's Fear (Acoustic Guitar Cover by auriplane)\nAWESOME COVER
I don't think anybody mentioned it, but I am so glad to find some 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors music here. This game is so underrated, yet one of the best visual novels I ever played. You gotta check the entire Zero Escape series guys, it is pretty awesome!!!\nThanks for the memories and all those playlists which are legendary :)
May I suggest \
Yasmen Alsulami
I love the playlists you make ! Thanks a bunch !
cHin ChiN
you the boss super red. keep up the excellent work
cafeteria cat
boi that minecraft song gives me nostalgia, brings me back to 4-3 years ago when i was into minecraft\n(but that orchestra stuff makes it better)
Thanks for reposting! First time I've gotten to this particular playlist, so the Baten Kaitos music was a wonderful surprise.
Oh my goodness! Beautiful as always! This playlist reminded me of how lovely the music and scenery from Pokemon X&Y was, so much so that I replayed it. Thank you so much, my fellow gamer bro/sis; you rock.
i was calculating something... suddenly 31:04 OMG IT'S FFXIV\n:D
frank iero or get the fuck out
Ohnononononono. Not Town of Salem... I can't study now ;~; Too many memories of being (un)fairly lynched...
hotaru sui
wahhh you have Tower of Heaven too! Thank you for making these \u003c3
keyboard warrior
so peaceful! thank you :)
I'm so happy these videos are back VwV. My Chemistry homework just got much more pleasant~
I always find myself coming back to this particular video! 21!!
Have you asked the artists permission to use their work in your videos?
I am studying for the USMLE, and this music playing in the background is pleasing to my heart and it makes studying so much more fun. \nthanks for the upload.