Winter Games - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 84

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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 84)Winter GamesWinter Games was developed by Epyx in an attempt to bring the fun of the Winter Olympics into the hands of gamers. It was first released for the Commodore 64 in 1985 and was soon ported to other systems such as the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Commodore Amiga and PC to name a few. It proved to mildly satisfy gamers and lived up to the successes of Epyx's previous sports titles, Summer Games, World Games and California Games.However when the game was released later on the NES, gamers expected an improvement due to the advanced capabilities of the console, but were instead given a broken-down embarrassment to the NES library. You wouldn't think that a game re-released for a next generation console would get its ass kicked by an older system, but everything about the NES version was a total failure including something as simple as a menu screen!It's going to be a cold, rotten Christmas for The Nerd this year as he endures bleak, depressing graphics, glitch resembling animation and atrocious music. To top it all off he will attempt to make sense of some of the worst controls in video game history while the game lets him know how much he sucks the whole way through.It's one of those games that deserves a good beating, in reality of course! Find out what The Nerd has in store for this terrible game in this episode of Angry Video Game Nerd!Visit our website!

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3 Frag Jag
Cat tit bingo!
Still better than anything LJN made.
Winter Games was great on the Apple IIGS and Commodore 64. I don't know how they butchered the NES version so much.
Anthony Oliva
Who's else is watching this during the Winter Olympics?
This game is worse than Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
aaaa was always the strongest player in arcade games. aaa was good too. but i've never met them in person.
Austin L.
I lost my shit when he said \
Brendan King
In sports hot dog refers to somebody who shows off. In football when somebody has a break away run for a touch down and they hold the ball out to the defender before entering the end zone it is referred to as \
Britton Yeatter
1:08 Literally me.
did he really BURN a nes cartridge?
Cameron Bigley
Gotta love how he takes EVERY warning as a challenge.
I want to play Cat Tit Bingo.
Hear me out, but what if pressing B makes the figure skater actually do something?
Cipher Strife
The reason it was called hotdog aerials is because if you hotdog when you should of pizza'd then you're going to have a bad time. South Park.
Conor Wakeham
Play ps1 demo CD and tell AJ Show play with you
Daft Hands
That jacket is so badass!!!
Daniel S
Deats By Doctor Bre
The ending was priceless.
happy everyone...if u have a problem then happy stfu it love it
Dirk The Daring
Happy STFU Everyone!
Dr. Erik Kennedy
those carts were tough as shit. it was probably fine right up until the whole fire thing, and even then it could have survived right up until it was completely aflame
Maybe it was Fred Fucks, LMAO that cracks me up every time
Drakkenmensch Silverflare
I was kind of expecting it not to burn, but instead to start glowing with evil runes with mordor black speech whispering in the background.
E.S. Emcee Suspense
That shit needed to burn!!! Word up !
Caution:  Do not eat while watching this video or you will spit your food out on your screen from laughing too hard.\n\n**grabs paper towel for screen**
Just imagine the neighbours complaining because of the smell of shitty games.
Eric the Sage
So would he rather play Winter Games or something from Tiger Electronics?
This is a blizzard of BAAAALLS!
So this is where the \
Georgy Ramone
For people still wondering, hot dogging means showing off... lol
The phrase \
I ride around and stuff
I like how he made her jump and spin without looking at 08:35
John Groves
Isn't inhaling the air from the burnt plastic bad?
Kev Ken
Notice on the screen when he turns and says ever played winter games when he pressed the button she done lots of tricks
LeamTRAP the humantronic
dying sqeals of electronic goats and diarrhoea bubbling from a cyounies butthole I CANT STOP LAUGHING
james has a nice house
randomly hits buttons in a skill based game, wonders why he can't win.
Luke Skywalker
Mal c.H
Damn it, his jacket is exquisite
Marie Carie
8:35 - Look at the screen, AVGN! You're pulling off a trick! Turn around!!!! Turn a--ah, you missed it.
Maritime Grime
I'm back from last year. Like I said, I debut Christmas greetings with this video:)
Marshal Mathers
The deadpan \
The only good part of this game is that you can play as the USSR.
and the winter of the winter games is AAAA.
5:23 LOL what's up with the text in the bottom?
I wonder if the Nerd knew that Acclaim is involved in Winter Games. To make it worse, Acclaim I believe is a part of LJN.
Miles Beler
I've owned this game forever, never played it, so it put it in. It froze. Then it ran. The whole time, it sucked.
Minority Discharge
Wait, at 8:33 he actually makes the girl do another trick.
Mr. Nipples
Did anyone notice he's burning the cartridge on a book about campfires?
Nathan m
To nerd please I beg you please play darksouls any
Navi, The Real Fairies Queen Former YANG.
What else to do instead watch AVGN in 2018 Kim Jon Un winter war.\nI think burning Hot Dog reflect how Korean eat actual dog meat.
Netty _
Omg that game still has USSR, now that’s a blast from the past
Nicolas Russo
Cat tit bingo xD
I wanna play cat tit bingo 😏
8:33 holy shit he did a thing
Padlock Films
4:34 that's a nice-looking script, James.
That's a lot of Steak Ums in the freezer. I guess a Philly Cheese pairs well with Rolling Rock.
Maybe they give actors Winter Games to play while working on that kind of scenes
Of all the holidays, \
James should make one of those faux fire dvd's with just video games burning in the fireplace
I love how he does a super jump while loocking at the cam, randomly tapping buttons XD
I feel so sad for the 8-bit ice skater each time. She tries so hard, falls straight to her knees and does not get a single point...
I have this game but I'm scared to put it on...
Retro Gaming Guitarist
The kind of game that's more fun to destroy than actually play.
Richard Matchett
8:12 He's not even paying attention and is doing crazy flips and shit
Ryan Reacts
For those unaware, Fred Fuchs has been nominated for three Emmy awards as a producer.
The FDS version is worse. You have to wait while it loads to play this shit. Trust me, I have it.
Watching this instead of the winter Olympics
Scott Velez
Play winter games with the power glove \u003e:D
Scott Williamson
*Insert Sochi Olympic joke here*
Simon Belmont
Correct me if im wrong but wasnt james hospitallized after this episode was finished due to the fumes of burning plastic?
Slashscreen Entertainment
Boy, I love the smell of burnin' shit games in the mornin'.
Did you actually burn the cardridge?I'd love to know!
The Lieutenant
I love how the USSR is still around in this game.
The Philosophical Question
James is one swood guy.
That's a sweet Atari Jacket
Undead Will
10:10 avgn confirmed for satan 
Video Gamers Oasis Play Theatre
5:23 -- \
Who Knows
8:35 she actually did a trick o.o
Wis Dom
Me and my friends back then greatly remember this game by the blisters we would get from rubbing our palms back and forth real fast on the D-pad.
Woolfie McPoshinson
don't you just love listening to vals de fleurs while watching an 8-bit girl falling on her face?
YLW Pyro
I think it's called \
Yoann RE
Blizzard of Balls !!!!
Yunior Gamboa
james, you have a lot of patience
And thus the level \
haha \
Who wants to see him review Rise of the Robots?
fred fuchs
I had nothing to do with this shit game, thank you very much!
where can i get that jacket? its awesome! i want one
That's the Atari jacket Mike outbid Pat the nes punk for on eBay .
If Winter Games had been created today by EA or Activision, the first 4 olympic games would be in the actual disc and the rest would have been sold in $15 DLC.
The Union Jack is all wrong...
I love how he started mashing buttons and she did a trick 
You polluted the air burning that cardridge
I think there needs to be an AVGN  clip episode showing all the games he has destroyed in creative ways
weaboo jones
From 3:15 to 4:25 is the theme from Donkey Kong Country \
this dude funny af 😂
USSR in the winter games has been disappeared. \nWhen will North Korea disappear?\nI hope someday I will see Korea, not South Korea or North Korea, in the Olympic Games.